The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 5 – Hitting The Fan

The title says it all. The build-up from the previous season, plus the big reveal from the last episode all comes to boil in this episode. Which was so awesome. I love how bold the writers are, pitting the characters against each other in a way that we don’t hate them, because we know that they are fighting for different things.

[Gif credit: tumblr]

Let’s start with Will and Alicia. That explosive scene where he confronts her about leaving might just earn Josh Charles an Emmy nomination. All that intensity! His feeling of betrayal is so powerfully portrayed, and coupled with his flashbacks to happier sneaky times with Alicia, it was just heartbreaking.

Alicia is hurt, although she did make the choice herself, she never wanted it to turn this ugly. And let’s face it, this is television. The uglier it gets, the more enjoyment we get.

Cary and Diane get their own face-off as well, because as much as Will was Alicia’s mentor, Diane was Cary’s. Cary obviously still resents Will and Diane for firing him from the firm the first time around. Despite Diane being on the verge of leaving the firm herself, she still values loyalty above anything else. So Cary’s betrayal pisses her off as much as it does the other partners, if not more.

Diane: And Cary, you’re fired.

Cary: For a second time?

Diane: Yes, a second time. Get the hell out.

Even Kalinda’s loyalties get put to the test, but thankfully we don’t spend a whole lot of time on it. She picks Will, but as we know with Kalinda her intentions are painted in shades of grey. I would say her reaction mirrors more of what us as viewers feel, as she tells Will that Alicia is not the enemy.

[Gif credit: tumblr]

There’s a lot of petty fighting over stealing clients, and Neil Gross in particular. The fighting was good, but in the end Peter wins it for Alicia by pulling a bit of power play. And she lets him. I hate it even more that Peter throws his power around and considers taking away the supreme court judgeship for Diane. After all that Diane’s been through. I feel sorry for her – she’s messed up her relationship with Will and the other partners, now she’s lost the reason to leave as well? That’s tough.


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