Bones Season 9 Episode 6 – The Woman In White


The Bones Wedding episode. Yes, my dear friends, Bones is now married to Booth. And they lived happily ever after.

Wait, what do you mean there are more episodes in the season? They took long enough to get to the bloody wedding! 8 seasons already, and you make them spend 5 more episodes on other stuff?

And to think you spent all that time on the Pela-lalalalalala-Idon’twanttohearhisname story arc, too. It’s okay, writers, I forgive you. Only because the wedding was beautiful. True to the essence of the characters. Even if I knew from the beginning of the episode that things weren’t going to go as Booth/Brennan had planned. It was going to be right, anyhow.

We knew it from the start, Angela knew it from the start, Max knew it when he first met Booth – that they both do belong together. I’m going to take any other arc they throw at us like a champ now that this ultimate OTP of mine has finally sealed the deal. Gushy fangirly post, over.


4 thoughts on “Bones Season 9 Episode 6 – The Woman In White

  1. HOMG! They got married??! REALLY? Bones??! In a white dress??! I stopped watching when they got together, but awwww they are so good together these two. Wow. I wonder what the wedding was like. The possibilities seem…hysterical.

    • A lot of good and bad things have happened since they got together! This is the OTP that I truly care about haha, and for all it’s worth I’m glad to have stuck by for 9 seasons to reach this moment. Plus, I do love the other characters and their quirks, so it’s not all that difficult. Pick it up again if you have time!

      • I just can’t imagine Bones doing marriage and stuff. She’s always been so no nonsense about love and relationships, or maybe Booth melted her heart? Awww I’ve always loved the two of them together! Wow, 9 seasons and still going strong. Crazy.

      • She does change her opinion on that (obviously) but she is still very much Bones in her way, except that she loves Booth openly now. Open enough to marry him lol. Booth always seemed like a perfect knight in FBI-standard-issue armour to me, so it’s perfect. Am still all swoony over the wedding!

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