Bu Bu Jing Qing’s Main Theme – Bu Bu

Just as the C-ent world is exploding with news of Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi going public with their relationship, Mayday has released the full-length main theme to Bu Bu Jing Qing. No doubt there will be a bit of a frenzy (all that free positive publicity!) about the couple and the upcoming drama thanks to the news, but it doesn’t take any shine away from this awesome song.

I posted a quickie about the shorter version of the song a few months earlier, and now that the whole song is released, it has been on replay for a bit. The lyrics are about the longing for a lost love and the memories shared together. The theme fits in with Bu Bu Jing Qing’s overall premise about Ruo Xi and #4’s unfulfilled love story brought forward to another time. And framed so beautifully with the music and AShin’s vocals.


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