Bones Season 9 Episode 10 – The Mystery In The Meat

Drunk Brennan! What a great episode.

Before we get to that, the start of the episode had some great moments.

Booth: We’re married, Bones. The sun is brighter, the air is crisper, the food tastes better than ever.

Awww. Every moment like this is a precious gem, especially when I have followed them for so long.

Booth: Don’t you feel different now that you’re married?

Bones: My left hand does. I’m very aware of the ring, but I’ll adapt.

Booth: That’s very big of you.

Bones: That’s nothing really, because I love you.

Booth: Right, good answer.

Can’t imagine them have this conversation a few seasons ago.

The case itself was not anything to shout about, but we did have two squinterns working on this case: Daisy and Oliver. Which was a nice bit of development for them both, even if I suspect that they brought Daisy for the headcount of Brennan’s bachelorette party.

Booth (reading a label): Drinkable yogurt box. All natural flavours. What does that even mean?

Bones: It could mean anything. Cat urine is a natural flavour.

My other LOL moment from the case. The main highlight was of course, Brennan’s bachelorette party and the outcome of it – her drunkenness (which was epic), and Booth and Angela burying the hatchet.

I expected them to get back into the routine of cases, but the party was a bit of the surprise. And a really good reason for us to see more of drunk Brennan. When was the last time that happened? (Season 1?)


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