The Pursuit Of Happiness Episode 8

I didn’t care much about anything else this episode, I was too busy savouring every minute of Sonia and Tony onscreen. I think they are beginning to feel something for the other person, and the fluttery feelings of a budding romance are starting to show.

Yi Kang is starting to see the vulnerable side of Lei Lei that she tries so hard to keep hidden. He’s nice enough to stick around and take care of her like any decent guy would, but I think his connection with her is growing. Thanks to some meddling from Helen, Yi Kang ends up doing a shoot with Lei Lei. To her credit, Helen has the best intentions, because she is also decent enough to feel bad for being with Wei Ting. (Although I would argue it’s Wei Ting’s choice and no fault of hers.)

Lei Lei’s best buds try to coerce her to find a man, so that Wei Ting would grow jealous and realise what he’s missing. Now them I don’t get. Why push your best friend to reconcile with a man who’s hurt her 3 times? His wishy-washyness is the main reason why he keeps in contact with her and it gave Lei Lei so much false hope over the years. Tiffany suggests Yi Kang as her toy boy, but thankfully Lei Lei is sane enough to shoot down that idea.

Wei Ting isn’t blind to Lei Lei’s pain, and he sees right through her lie that she and Yi Kang are dating. He encourages her to be happy, and tells her that he can’t be happy if she isn’t. It’s sweet but also heartbreaking at the same time, especially coming from the guy she is trying to get over.

I love that Yi Kang is starting to fall for Lei Lei first, since technically he only had a little crush to get over as opposed to Lei Lei’s on-off relationship of 15 years. He’s starting to have little pangs of longing for her. What I also like is how different he is to Wei Ting – while Wei Ting was content with living out Lei Lei’s dreams for her, Yi Kang takes her hands and encourages her to live them out.

He would guide her through what she has never dared to try, instead of coddling her. We had seen that in the previous episode, where he tricked her into eating carrots and accepting them. In this one she asks him to accompany her on a ferris wheel, as she has never been on one due to her fear of heights. It’s a big jump for her, in my opinion, and a huge step into her letting Wei Ting go. It’s time for her to live her life for herself.

The ferris wheel was a great scene for them, and it was a lovely little moment for the two of them. Lei Lei realising that she can overcome her fears, Yi Kang realising that Lei Lei’s preeettty. (Yeah, guys are simple.) And that moment may lead to something more, like a kiss. Oh yeah, it’s about time, baby. I want Lei Lei out of mopey mode and into something more.

My only trouble so far is with some of Lei Lei’s characterisation. She is supposed to be a workaholic and professional, yet she has called in sick twice since the show started – one in protest after Helen’s appointment as GM, another due to a hangover. Not really very in character of her, but I will overlook this minor detail.

I have no trouble in following the OTP and while the pacing of the story is quite relaxed, I’m enjoying this. Looking forward to the weekend again!


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