The Pursuit Of Happiness Episode 9

After a really hectic week, it was really comforting to sit back and watch The Pursuit of Happiness. Even though it hasn’t got a blazing pace in terms of development, it has a nice relaxing vibe about it. The drama seems to know the story it wants to tell, and it’s letting the relationship between our leads simmer along, rather than having it sparkle at first then fizzle out and die. (Much like Love Around.)

Episode 9 was really more about Yi Kang’s feelings for Lei Lei, and him coming to terms with it. I’d like to think that this is the episode where he realises that he likes her as a woman. Lei Lei still has a bit of time till she comes to that realisation, because she seems to be actively dismissing any tiny butterfly flutters for him. And making him ‘delete’ any notions of feelings for her. But like Yi Kang says, you can’t really delete your feelings for someone.

The episode took the drama away from the office a bit and away from Wei Ting and Helen (they weren’t sorely missed). Lei Lei’s parents have a bit of turmoil, which brings Lei Lei and Yi Kang over to try and help them reconcile. To be fair, the moment Yi Kang showed up, Ji Mama more or less got over her anger for Ji Baba and shifted all her focus onto Lei Lei’s budding relationship. I love Ji Mama, she’s a seasoned Taiwanese actress and an awesome comedian.

Obviously all of Lei Lei’s family think that Lei Lei and Yi Kang are in a relationship, no thanks to her sister. Yi Kang also helpfully suggests a bit of family time for Lei Lei and her family away from home, and gets dragged along as well to the getaway. Whatever the excuse is, what I love about the drama is that it shows us how they get to know one another. Yi Kang finds out that Lei Lei’s ideal type is someone like her dad, which leads him to question why she fell for Wei Ting in the first place. (Because Yi Kang is so much more like her dad, too.) Wei Ting couldn’t be more different from Lei Lei’s dad, with his free spirit and stickler for his principles. I love how Lei Lei fumbles for an explanation, as if it’s only striking her now, and coming from the person she least wants to hear it from too, haha. But she turns it back to him quickly, which makes for a really adorable bicker session.

Lei Lei and Yi Kang are forced to play along with the couple facade to avoid upsetting Mum further. Lei Lei tells Yi Kang that once they return to Taipei, she’ll tell them about their ‘break-up’. Her family was really upset and worried for her when she last broke up with Wei Ting, and she doesn’t want to let them have false hope that she and Yi Kang are in a serious relationship. Aww, no. There was some real hurt in Yi Kang’s face as she tries to explain why, and Lei Lei friendzones Yi Kang (or tries to, anyway).  He accepts it with resignation.

There is the usual meddling from family as well, with Dad assigning Lei Lei and Yi Kang to one room. Yi Kang tries to play it down, but Lei Lei refuses to sleep in the same room as him, so he relocates to the living room, very visibly disappointed. Awww. This is what makes him realise that he is so into playing the part of boyfriend that he might have real feelings for her.

Mum notices it, and more meddling ensues. This leads to this hug, which was perfect. It was such a great moment, and acted out so well by Tony and Sonia. It meant different things to both of them, but it was so simple, so beautiful.

I can’t wait for the next one, because things are really going to step up, now that Yi Kang is fully aware of his heart. And pretty soon Lei Lei will, too. Let me leave everyone with a…

Family photo!


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