The Pursuit Of Happiness Episode 10

How hilarious was that opening scene? They don’t have to go OTT for the laughs, just a little snippet was enough to crack me up.

In this episode we had Yi Kang and Lei Lei try to figure out each other and how to cross that line from being friends to lovers. To be fair, Yi Kang did most of the crossing the line bit, Lei Lei just didn’t push him back. Which is progress coming from her (she’d say so herself too).

It took some pointing out by Da Kai and Xiao Yun (who are back from their honeymoon) that the change in them is because of the other person. Even then, it was great watching them slowly come to that realisation themselves. Yi Kang wondered when it was that he started to fall for Lei Lei, and I’d say, about 10 episodes ago, bro.

Fortunately, the co-worker’s meddling were kept to a minimum this week, so it didn’t exceed my threshold of annoyance. They got all excited about Lei Lei and Yi Kang’s enbrace which was posted on Fb by meddling sis, and quite adorably got Yi Kang a cake to congratulate them. He downplays it ever so sweetly (which was hilarious), and tries to shush them from bringing it up in front of Lei Lei. Except, it’s a small office. Let’s face it. It wasn’t going to last for 2 seconds.

Lei Lei gets Wei Ting’s blessings to be with Yi Kang, which made me want to throw up a bit. Even when wishing her the best he manages to make it about himself. Lei Lei ponders for a bit about her not-relationship with Yi Kang, but ultimately settles on the thought that she and Wei Ting are back to being normal friends again.

Helen is a lot better with Yi Kang, I think I can tolerate Helen more than Wei Ting only because their dynamics doesn’t come with 15 years of broken promises and heartache. He admits to her that he likes Lei Lei, but he has  no confidence in winning her over. Helen encourages him not to be stuck in status quo as a friend, and basically go get the girl. (I sense more meddling coming up from her.) She even ribs him a bit for waiting to so long to confess to herself that he missed his chance, and asks him not to repeat his own mistake. Awww.

Yi Kang adorably prepares a whole banquet for Lei Lei and gets all antsy when she doesn’t return his calls or messages. Awww, he’s already acting like a clingy boyfriend, which is a bit sad but completely in character. She reminds him that they’re about to break up, and he pouts adorably.He refuses to end their not-relationship. It takes Lei Lei by surprise, and he digs his heels in further by telling her that he likes her. Lei Lei laughs it off, which has to hurt. But she does seem stirred by his confession, despite her saying otherwise.

Lei Lei waffles on about a plausible reason for their impending breakup, which Yi Kang assumes will be a problem stemming from him. She hilariously suggests abuse as a possible cover story. It has to be this ridiculous coming from her, but when she prods him to think of a reason why he would break up with her, he has nothing. Because she’s great, so he doesn’t want to break up. Awww.

She gets her chance to tell him he’s great too, and right in front of the colleagues as well, which is really sweet coming from her. She protects him from the backlash from them because of her own silliness, which has them believing that Yi Kang is a mobster. Suddenly they are all rallying for them to break up, haha.

My heart ached when he asked her to enjoy her girl’s night out and to call him if she needed a ride home. She feels guilty about what happened, of course, but there’s an underlying feeling of something else, because she feels sad to see him so disappointed.

Yi Kang hangs out with the HABs (husbands and boyfriends) while Lei Lei and the girls are on their night out. Their scenes are intercut with each other as they each discuss their not-relationship with the pals. The guys’ conversations are thinly veiled as their ‘friend’s’ problems instead of their own, haha. The girls encourage Lei Lei to be courageous and accept love, and maybe give her a bit of a nudge to acknowledge her own feelings for Yi Kang.

The blokes tell Yi Kang that sometimes love is a gamble, you have to be brave enough to cross the line or you might be forever stuck in the friendzone. Yi Kang thinks to himself if sometimes you need to throw it all away when it comes to love and he has a determined look about him. I like it.

Yi Kang gets the opportunity he needs when he takes Lei Lei to Gao Hsiung for a business meeting. (Yay for Helen’s meddling, for once.) Yi Kang gets the perfect moment when they are in the car, wanting to fall asleep but cannot.

He seizes it and goes in for a kiss, which turns into a passionate makeout. I must be so used to the chasteness in kdramas that this took me by surprise a little. Yi Kang stays true to his character, tentative at first and then just exploding into this ball of passion. Tony Yang is such an amazing actor, and I think Sonia’s acting has inexplicably been elevated due to his influence. A real kudos to the whole production, because that scene was played out very well, the atmosphere that led up to it was good and everything was tastefully done.

I’m a bit behind with the episodes now, which will only get worse as I get overfed and overwatered during the holiday season. Merry Christmas, everyone!


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