The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 13 – Bad

My first post of 2014 is a bit of a blast from the past. I love The Good Wife, and reliving an old episode with familiar recurring characters just brings it for me. In this one, we are presented with 2 new faces at the time.

Meet Colin Sweeney and Nancy Crozier.

Colin Sweeney is a terrible man, to say the least. When we first meet him here, he’s being sued in civil court by his stepdaughter over the right to his wife’s estate. He was suspected of killing his wife, but was acquitted, because her body was never found. Diane is concerned about taking him on as a client as it may deter her clients, Will only sees dollar bills in Sweeney’s business. Never mind that he’s a murderer. There’s a sinister glint in Sweeney as he jokes about killing his wife, and messes Alicia and Will about during the case.

Sweeney and Alicia shake hands when they first meet, and he says, “Don’t worry, I killed her with my other hand.” It was definitely played for laughs, which is why The Good Wife is awesome. Why, despite Sweeney being a grand ass, he is still a colourful recurring character that can send chills down your spine one minute, and laugh out another.

The great thing about Alicia is that she isn’t afraid to call him out, and half the fun is to watch her reaction to Sweeney’s games. It’s maybe why he fancies her, too.

Alicia: Oh, don’t even try it.
Sweeney: What?
Alicia: To patronise me with your tears.

That’s Nancy Crozier, and her reaction when the judge rules in favour of Nancy to bring a jury to the trial.

Will: What happened?
Alicia: Cute, perky, 26 just happened.

Nancy first comes across as a lawyer fresh out of law school, a bit timid and unsure of herself. But really, as we and the Lockhart Gardner bunch find out, she’s a beast of a lawyer. She plays the fresh card to gain the judge’s sympathy and to lead with her questioning. As Alicia puts it, she knows exactly what she’s doing. Nancy is one of the unique side characters that The Good Wife has churned out. In my memory, she does evolve a little in the later appearances, but retains most of her sneakiness. Ha.

In other more interesting moments, Kalinda teaches Diane how to shoot a gun, and gives her some advice.

“You pick up a gun; you shoot to kill, or you don’t pick up a gun.”

This episode also reminded me of how awesome Kalinda used to be. She’s still quite awesome now, but after she was poorly written last season, she has never really recovered. Perhaps what’s more interesting is Diane’s encounter with guns – she’s anti-guns but after learning that a violent man is out on parole and may be out to get her, she panics. Kalinda decides that Diane definitely needs a gun, so she takes her out to practice. Diane eventually gives the gun back to Kalinda, saying that she may be liking it too much. It’s nice for me to look back at these little moments that build up to what the characters are like now.

I am also reminded of how ugly Glenn Childs is. (Joking.) I really didn’t like the whole battle between Childs and Peter, and I still don’t like it now. In the earlier seasons, I didn’t really like Peter at all, and now my feeling is more of an indifference. If anything, I mostly see Peter (and Childs) as plot devices for Alicia’s development.

Alicia: Peter, I’ve been hurt deeply. I imagine I will heal someday, but for now, we need a plan, okay?

Sometimes I feel as conflicted as I imagine Alicia might be when it comes to choosing between Peter or Will, but I think that’s just Juliana Margulies’s great acting pulling me in.


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