A Lovely Liebster Award

Thank you, DDee for nominating me for a Liebster Award. It’s the first time I’ve heard of this award, and after doing some reading, I’m really honoured. And not worthy of this at all. Thanks again DDee, I’ve also discovered some other great blogs while reading your Liebster post. It also reminded me of how much I’ve slacked off with blogging, and I will try to pick up my pace a little bit more.

As I have borrowed from DDee’s post, the word “liebster” has several definitions: dearest, sweetest, kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. Not quite me, but close. Haha.

Let’s get it started with the questions:

1. If you could be an extra in any scene in any drama, what scene and in which drama would it be?
In The Young Warriors of Yang, the scene where the General and his sons leave for war, not knowing that only #6 was coming back. Every time I think of that scene coupled with Anson Hu’s theme song, it just gets me. A little longer and I might blubber.

2.  Complete this sentence: Kim Woo Bin is….
HOTNESS! *sizzles*

Kim Woo Bin

3.  Japan, Korea or Taiwan?
Hmm, realistically, Taiwan. Because I can at least manage the language and parts of the culture. I’d love to go to any of them for a holiday though, Korea in particular, to eat and see all the stuff from the dramas. More eating and drinking would be absolutely fine.

4.  Money or love?
Love. Ooh, I’m sound romantic, but being lonely and friendless with a lot of money just sounds too miserable.

5. Who is your favourite drama hero of all time?
Oh, this is hard. I had to rack my brain quite a bit to think of a favourite, which for me is tough. For the whole package, Kim Boong Do from Queen In Hyun’s Man. Smart, gutsy and a perfect gentleman. (Plus he stayed alive, else it would be Original Sun Woo from Nine.)

Boong Do

6. List 11 random facts about yourself.

  • I am left-handed. Yay, lefties!
  • I love food, and anything as much as watching someone cook steak on telly will make me feel hungry. Which is why I look forward to visiting Korea and tasting all the food I see all the time in dramas. Deokbokki! Jajangmyun, samgyupsal, kalbi, and all those yummy stews…*stomach growls*
  • My mum is fond of reminding me of how picky I was with food when I was younger, even though I would shove any odd junk down my throat now. Hang on, that didn’t really come out right…
  • I used to swim when I was a teenager, but stopped after a few years. And all the muscle has now turned to flab as I struggle to lose them off my legs. I know I won’t ever get no legs like Sonia Sui, but less chunky calves mean I can actually wear knee high boots.
  • I love reading crime thrillers, and I’m currently in the middle of a Jack Reacher novel. I read on my daily commute, but if I get too engrossed (usually towards the end of the novel) even dramas get pushed aside.
  • I have too many shoes.
  • I collect fridge magnets , among other useless stuff.
  • My favourite Disney movie is Peter Pan, and I have watched all other movies associated with it, like Hook and Finding Neverland.
  • I have a soft spot for K-actor So Ji Sub, despite all the fashion faux pas and some of the horrible duds he’s starred in. After sitting snoozing through Ghost I was so relieved that he chose Master’s Sun and gave me Joo Joong Won.
  • My first ever star sighting was at a fan meet with TVB stars Bobby Au Yeung and Flora Chan. I actually got to shake Flora’s hand and she was really nice!
  • I am short sighted, which isn’t helped with all the hours I spend watching tv and dramas.

Now, I don’t really know how this works exactly, but I will choose (like a Pokemon?):
Leya’s Chamber
My Drama Tea

To all you lovelies, I would like to nominate you for a Liebster award too. I’m not too much of a rule-follower (but I do try to abide by the law, ahem), so I won’t leave you any questions, as all I ask from yourselves is to carry on blogging and leave me with your precious gems of thoughts.


2 thoughts on “A Lovely Liebster Award

    • Yes! When I first watched the drama I was bowled over at how perfect he was. Then came the disappointment that Boong Do is of course, a fictional character.

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