Emergency Couple Episode 2

This one kicks off with Jin Hee taking a shower, recollecting the events in the past 24 hours. She is frustrated at the turn of events, especially ending up at the same rotation as Chang Min. On the rooftop, Chang Min has a similar breakdown.

In the ladies’ locker room, Ah Reum cringes at the smell of Jin Hee’s dress, and also at the dated fashion. Jin Hee finds her white coat and ID badge in her locker, and looks at it in amazement, the fact that she’s a doctor now finally sinking in. She kisses her ID badge. Then she realises that she now has nothing to wear, and has to borrow some clothes off Ah Reum, who in the last episode was seen strutting into the hospital with a suitcase.

Jin Hee gets called to see Chun Soo, who tells her off for her behaviour in the ER last night. She doesn’t remember, of course, but he spares no detail in reminding her what she did. He asks her why she wants to be a doctor, but the question gets interrupted when a resident comes in to report on a patient. Chun Soo puts her on the spot when he asks what test should be done next.

She barely stammers a reply, and he presses on again about why she wants to be a doctor. When she doesn’t respond, he tells her to get out.

All the other interns have their ears pressed to the door trying to eavesdrop, and Chang Min stumbles upon them and sends them away. He then sneaks a peek into the room and sees Jin Hee get down on her knees to ask for another chance.

Chun Soo calls her unqualified and inept, which brings Jin Hee to tears. He tells her to get out again, but she toughens up, and tells him that she’s worked hard to get this internship. If he wants to get rid of her, he should fire her properly, because she ain’t quitting on her own. Just when I thought she was still a shrinking violet like 6 years ago, she’s proved me wrong.

Chun Soo softens and asks her to get up. She loses her balance when she does, grabbing his trousers as she falls. Hahaha way to undercut a serious moment there. He warns her to get her act together or she’ll be fired. I love it.

Jin Hee pretends not to know Chang Min in front of the other staff, but he pulls her into a stairwell to speak privately. They bicker again, him wanting her to quit the job but she doesn’t see why she has to quit for his sake (and rightfully so). She hates it as much as he does, but refuses to give up the job. Chang Min then tries to undermine her by saying that she was rubbish at doing chores and cooking, how is she to care for the ill and make them better? He’s so horrible, and not much different from 6 years ago, really. (And is it just me, or is the cat in the painting eerily 3D?)

They both get a call from the ER and rush back. Jin Hee pauses to take in all the chaos in the ER in wide-eyed wonder, which is a bit of a weird interlude, but I’ll take it as it’s a moment where Ji Hyo looks awfully pretty.

All the interns crowd around the patient, and Chang Min gets roped in to help with the patient. Jin Hee volunteers to take the blood sample. Chun Soo then walks in and sends the rest of them away to do proper work elsewhere.

Chang Min is tasked to get the blood tested. While waiting for the blood results, Chang Min spots his mum in the corridor, and right the other way, Jin Hee is walking toward their direction with a catheter bag in her hand. He quickly pushes her into the janitor’s closet to hide away from mum. Jin Hee seems to be a bit affected by his hand on her face. But it may be because there’s urine on his hand from the catheter bag. Oops.

Jin Hee is still affected by his mother’s presence, because her breathing becomes quicker. Chang Min continues to wind her up, and she ends up emptying the contents of the catheter bag at him. She insists that she has no reason to avoid his mother, because they are now no more than strangers to each other

Chang Min swears at her non-stop as he washes urine off his face. Mum rings him to ask him to see the head of hospital, who is related to them. Chang Min returns with the blood test, and gets told off by Chun Soo for having time to wash his face but not the time to double check the results. Turns out Jin Hee took blood from the wrong blood vessels, and they have to redo the test. They both get a telling off from Chun Soo, unsurprisingly.

The rest of the interns worry about Jin Hee dragging their grades down. Chang Min is determined to make her quit, and they entrust that job to him. He flirts with Ah Reum while waiting in line for lunch, and Ah Reum tells Jin Hee to pull up her socks so that she doesn’t bring down the team. I don’t think Ah Reum is being bitchy, but she seems to have a more western upbringing (what with her frequent use of English terms) and so is more straightforward with feedback.

Chang Min makes a comment about Ah Reum liking her veg, and she tells him that she’s a vegetarian. He says that he doesn’t like meat either, but once Ah Reum leaves, Jin Hee scoffs that for a vegetarian, someone sure likes to have samgyupsal in the middle of the night.

Chang Min goes to see Chun Soo about having Jin Hee transferred to another department, but gets turned down flatly. Chang Min asks if he can be transferred instead, and Chun Soo asks curiously if they used to date. Ooh, nail on the head!

Jin Hee returns home at the end of her shift to find Mum and her friends in the middle of a drinking session. Mummy is proud of her daughter for being a doctor, and refuses when her friend tries to set her up with a man with a child from a previous marriage. Her friend says that Jin Hee is a divorced woman after all, to which Mum argues she was only married for a year.

Chang Min’s mum is at a facial session with her sisters, and she is also trying to set him up with a suitable lady. She is determined to hide the fact that Chang Min was married for a year from the prospective lady and her family, to which her sisters scoff to say that it’s a fact, not something you can just sweep under a rug.

The next morning, Chang Min treats a lady, Shim Ji Hye, who complains of abdominal pain. She tells him that it’s not gallstones, so he offers her pain relief. She refuses all regular pain relief and asks for Demerol instead, which is a strong opioid drug. He insists on sending her for more tests first, but she tells him she’s in a rush and winces in pain, asking for a resident or attending to see to her. He relents. This can’t be good.

Meanwhile, Jin Hee has a patient with pain when breathing, and she diagnoses him correctly from the X-ray. Chun Soo seems mildly impressed. After carrying out the procedure, he tells her to finish off, but she points out that the patient is still not feeling better despite the procedure being a success. He asks her to monitor him, and he’s rushed to see to another patient.

Chang Min tries to interject with his concern about the Demerol patient, but barely gets a word in edgewise as Chun Soo snaps at him. Chun Soo’s attention is diverted when the patient flatlines and has to have CPR.

Jin Hee’s patient deteriorates rapidly, and she runs off to find Chun Soo, only to be told that he’s urgently rescuing another patient and all the other residents are at a meeting. She reluctantly asks Chang Min for help, and from her bed, Chang Min’s patient notes this with interest.

Chang Min and Jin Hee argue over what to do with her patient, while their nurse can’t stand them any longer and runs for help. Chang Min’s patient Ji Hye storms into the room and examines the patient. Ji Hye demands for a scalpel, and both of them try to stop her, but she just glares at them like they’re stupid. Okay, so she might be an undercover patient.

She tells them that if they don’t act now, the patient will die. Jin Hee insists that they need to use anaesthesia first, but Ji Hye just goes for it with the scalpel. Poor boy. She drains the blood from his chest and Chun Soo comes in, and when he sees her, she says, ‘Long time no see.’ Oh, so they have history. Might be of the romantic kind too, especially when he just gulps in response.

Ji Hye tells him that she was here pretending to be a patient under the chief’s orders, and she’s going to join the ER team from tomorrow. She asks him if that’s going to be a problem, even after all this time. Ooh, more gulping – definitely romantic history.

Two policemen are bringing in a drunk man to the ER, and it seems one of the policemen is hurt by the drunkard. He was trying to commit suicide after his girlfriend left him. Jin Hee goes forward to help the hurt policeman to a bed, while Chang Min is trying his best to ignore all of them. Chun Soo tells him to deal with the drunkard, and tells him off for leaving a lady doctor to see to him on her own.

Drunkard asks Chang Min if he knows the feeling of being dumped, and if it drove him crazy. Chang Min says that if it doesn’t drive you crazy it won’t be called love. While Jin Hee tends to the policeman, the nurse removes his belt and gun holster and puts it at the end of the bed. Oh no, I see where this is going.

Two seconds later, the drunkard fires the gun into the ceiling. And another. He demands that his girlfriend be brought here. Chun Soo tries to calm him down.

Jin Hee notices that the policeman is losing more blood, and when she tries to do something, Chang Min stops her, but ends up drawing attention to themselves. The drunkard orders Chang Min over, taking him hostage.

In the midst of the furore, Jin Hee creeps away from the bedside. Chun Soo catches on, and tries to distract the drunkard. Jin Hee inches closer to the drunkard with the crash cart and once she’s close enough, jolts him and Chang Min.


From doing the recap I was able to pick up more bits compared to the first watch, and I feel that in this episode, we got a little more insight into what life was like for Jin Hee after the divorce. She moved back in with her mother, and basically studied her arse off to get through med school. Like she said, her grades were not spectacular, but be damned if she won’t give it her hardest try. I suspect she doesn’t know why she chose to do medicine herself, but hopefully they’ll give some meaning to that later on.

I am trying to find a reason to root for Chang Min, and to root for the OTP, but I’m just not seeing or feeling it yet. He’s such a jerk, not just to Jin Hee but just in general. I hope Choi Jin Hyuk tones it down a little and plays his character with more heart, because I need to see him do well in a role, really.

I really like Chun Soo as a character so far, because he’s the only one who seems to act within reason of his character. Yes, he is a grumpypants but he’s also in charge of these hapless interns, who do need some tough love. Coddling isn’t going to do much good to them if they want to be good doctors.



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