Emergency Couple Episode 3

So what happens when you put some charged paddles on to one man who’s in contact with another? They both get electrocuted, is what happens. Yep electricity does not discriminate, it just goes from one end to another.

Everyone rushes over as Chang Min and the drunkard fall to the ground. Chun Soo sees to Chang Min, which makes me wonder if anyone at all is attending to the poor Drunkard. Yes, he might have held a person at gunpoint, but medically he’s in need of help too. Not just him, another security guard seems to have suffered a gunshot wound as well.

Chun Soo asks Jin Hee how much she charged the paddles to, and calls her crazy for setting it so high. Young Kyu mumbles some words in her defense, but also gets a glare of death from Chun Soo. Chang Min flatlines, and Chun Soo yells at someone to start CPR. Jin Hee volunteers straight away, giving it her all. Everyone is amazed at her dedication, as she refuses to let anyone else take over, even when Chun Soo asks her to. Young Kyu has to shove the oxygen bag into her hands and take over.

There’s still no pulse, so Jin Hee decides to do mouth-to-mouth. Not that any of this seems even the teeniest bit medically feasible, mind. So, Chang Min’s heart miraculously starts up again. Ugh, I hate it when they use mouth-to-mouth in rom-coms.

Ji Hye sees to the guard with the gunshot wound, and is annoyed when the attending on call is not actually in the hospital. Even the head of department arrives before the attending, An Young Pil. He’s not familiar with gunshot wounds, and fails to find the bullet in the wound.

Chun Soo has come over after tending to Chang Min, and he suggests using ultrasound to determine if the bullet has travelled through the blood stream elsewhere. His opinion is undermined by Dr An, but Ji Hye supports Chun Soo. The bullet is found somewhere near the man’s heart, and he has to be rushed in to surgery.

Jin Hee is still reeling from the entire incident, and the nurse tells her that it’s okay to leave Chang Min’s side as he’s stable. She hits herself for being so stupid, and Chun Soo walks in on her. He seems to be suppressing a smile as he asks after her. He wonders what’s going on between her and Chang Min, and tells her that Chang Min had asked for her to be transferred. They are interrupted when the nurse announces that Chang Min has regained consciousness.

Chang Min is told that he has been electrocuted, and that Jin Hee did it to save him from the drunkard. The drunkard has been discharged as he was also fine (and did he need some mouth-to-mouth too?). Chun Soo kicks Chang Min out of the treatment room to make way for another patient. Chang Min finally recalls what had happened, and curses at Jin Hee for being an idiot, which surprises the other interns.

Jin Hee comes to check on him too, and he pulls her aside to speak privately. What he really does is yell at her for trying to kill him. He’d rather be shot by the drunkard than be saved by her. He really knows how to stomp all over her, but thankfully a full-blown fight is prevented by the entrance of the newlywed couple.

Young Kyu wonders if Jin Hee likes Chang Min as he describes how hard Jin Hee tried to revive him. Chang Min seems to soften a bit at that, as he perhaps is coming to the realisation that he was too harsh on her.

Jin Hee goes home to find that the authorities are taking away an expensive piece of her mum’s equipment because they need a medical license to operate it. Mummy shows off her daughter’s badge as proof. Jin Hee wonders if she should quit her job at the hospital and use her medical license to help Mummy out at the salon, but gets a smack for even thinking about it after all the years she put into med school. Jin Hee gets up to leave, but Mummy demands payment for the stone massage, hah.

Jin Hee thinks back to the drunkard shooting incident at the hospital and how Chang Min had looked out for her when the drunkard’s attention was drawn to them. I’d say it was not so much a gesture of affection much more than a need to lay low in that situation. Jin Hee quickly snaps out of it when she remembers how he’d rather be shot than be saved by her.

The next morning, she takes some test results to Ji Hye. Ji Hye recognises her as the intern Chun Soo calls Jjang-dol, and comments that thanks to Jin Hee, she had a long day at work yesterday. Jin Hee apologises, then tells Ji Hye about the test results. Ji Hye asks her not to just regurgitate the results, but to interpret them to produce a diagnosis, like what a doctor should do. Jin Hee thinks it’s cancer, and Ji Hye seems mildly impressed.

Chang Min buys a drink for himself, and when he catches sight of Jin Hee, he seems to soften a bit and gets another one for her too. Only when he walks over, it doesn’t go down well as she’s abrasive after their previous encounter (and I don’t blame her, he’s been every bit the jerk he is).

Jin Hee is asked to stitch up a patient’s forehead and send him for a CT scan after. When she starts disinfecting the wound, the patient grabs her hand. He seems to be unaware that he’s in the ER, and is disoriented, wanting to go home. He shoves Jin Hee aside when she tries to stop him.

Chang Min goes over to help, but the man collapses. Chang Min finds another wound at the top of his head, and thinks that he might have hurt his brain and also his spine, which was why he was acting weird. The resident, Min Ki, gets chewed off by Chun Soo for not picking up the symptoms during his initial examination.

Chang Min is using his lunch hour to go on a blind date set up by his mother. The date is a difficult one, but Mum boasted to his aunts that Chang Min will impress her in 10 minutes. She reminds him not to breathe a word about his past marriage. Chang Min turns up at the art gallery, and his blind date turns out to be Jung Ju Ri, in a cameo appearance. I love this woman.

They walk around the art gallery, and Ju Ri calls Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo DiCaprio instead, lol. She also pretends to know more about that art than she actually does, but Chang Min politely pretends not to notice. He tries to excuse himself to get back to work, but Ju Ri stops him to go over to another table. She throws a glass of water in a man’s face for leaving their blind date without paying. The man is awfully rude about it, and Chang Min sticks up for Ju Ri, insisting that he apologise to her. Ju Ri swoons. She then comes clean to him, saying that she’s only on the blind date on behalf of her friend.

Ah Reum eats with Jin Hee because she noticed that she always eats alone. But her use of banmal rubs Jin Hee the wrong way, so Ah Reum switches over to jondaemal with a little pout.

She then leans forward to remove some cotton stuck on Jin Hee’s robe, commenting about how Jin Hee has no make up on and is always unkempt. If she’s not trying to pretend that she’s busy, she must either not know how to groom herself or is mentally ill. Haha.

There’s more sniping between them as they put their dishes away, but the other interns rush over to say that Chun Soo has called them over urgently. They still have 20 minutes to go on their break, but when you’re an intern, having a lunch break is a luxury. The interns rush to the ER, and the rest wonder where Chang Min is, and Young Kyu says that he’s on a blind date.

Chun Soo is not pleased to see Chang Min missing, but Jin Hee says that he’s at the toilet. Chun Soo tasks them to treat a patient in pairs, and they have 30 minutes till the patient dies. If the patient dies, the interns die too. I love his delivery.

The interns scramble to partner up, leaving Jin Hee alone. She struggles to remove the abscess on her own, so she rings him to shout at him. Chun Soo overhears her on the telephone, so he knows that she’s covering for him. Chang Min rushes back, but the patient is already dead. Based on how calm Chun Soo is, it has to be a cadaver or dummy.

Jin Hee sits next to her dummy and decides to sew it up properly. She then drags it over to Chun Soo’s office, but when she tries to go through the door, Chun Soo comes out of the office. She ends up falling into his arms. Along with the dummy.

It is a really odd sight, and Chang Min looks with a strange expression. Is it a tinge of jealousy? Chun Soo warns Chang Min not to sneak out on his lunch break again, or he’ll be fired.

Just for another laugh

Ah Reum is on the phone, and from the sounds of it, she is Ju Ri’s friend. Ju Ri tells her that this date went well, and that he’s an intern in the same hospital, Oh Chang Min. Jin Hee and Chang Min exchange jealousy-tinged barbs at each other again, her about his blind date, him about her embrace with Chun Soo. Haha, they are so petty.

Chang Min tells Mum about how his blind date sent a stand-in, which sends Mum stomping her way to crash in on dinner at her family’s. She then finds out that the blind date is also a doctor, and that changes her mind, because her greatest dream is for Chang Min to marry a doctor. Gosh, she’s a huge joke in herself, isn’t she?

Chun Soo sends for Dr Oh, but doesn’t say which one, so both Chang Min and Jin Hee turn up. He is tending to a patient with cancer, who has refused to get treatment since being diagnosed. He gets Chang Min to transfer the patient while Jin Hee helps with the oxygen. They bicker even in the lift, which stops midway, like in all rom-coms. Hah.

Except this is a medical rom-com, so of course, the patient starts sputtering blood, and his stats plummet. They have to intubate him to help him breathe, but there’s that much blood in his mouth that it’s impossible. There’s no suction to remove the blood, so Jin Hee rings Chun Soo for help.

Chang Min has to perform a tracheotomy to insert a tube, and Chun Soo asks to switch to a video call instead. But when Chang Min passes the phone back to Jin Hee, it slips and the phone hits the ground with the battery fallen out. Chang Min is nervous, having only watched it being done once, while Jin Hee hasn’t.

His hand shaking, he holds the scalpel to the patient’s throat. Jin Hee places her hand on his, and gives him a reassuring nod.


Now that’s more like it! We’re finally starting to see some stirring of human emotion that’s not anger between the OTP, which means that they are warming up a little to me. It’s not rainbows and roses yet, but they’ll get there.

This show is starting to remind me of Narita Rikon in terms of feeling – there was so much crazy in there but I never doubted that they loved each other. I hope Emergency Couple gives me the same feeling, if it’s the only thing it could do.

I loved having Jung Ju Ri’s cameo, she’s pure comedy, no wonder Choi Jin Hyuk couldn’t keep a straight face with her. I laughed so hard through her scenes.

And she swoons…

Let’s not forget that this is a rom-com first and a medical drama second, I had to remind myself many times through the episode to grit my teeth through the medicine bits of it, especially the mouth-to-mouth bit.


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