Emergency Couple Episode 5

There is ever so little progress this episode for the OTP, it’s as if they have inch forward so slowly as we let the setup take place. But for them to even stand a chance of reconciliation, they’d have to go through what broke them in the first place.


Enter Mum. She’s overdosed on benzodiazepines and still manages to insist to go to the hospital that Chang Min works at. Jin Hee gets a call to help out in the ER since all the other doctors are at the crisis meeting.

She freezes in horror as she realises who the patient is. Jin Hee does an initial examination of Mum, but her shaky hands betray her nerves. The sister asks for Ji Hye to be called over to the ER, since Mum is a VIP patient after all.

Chang Min goes to Chun Soo, saying that he’ll take responsibility for what happened in the lift, only to be told to stop acting like a child. He’s a intern and a nobody, so he has no right to take any responsibility for anything.

Chun Soo presents the case to a full room of attendings and residents to prove that the tracheotomy in the lift was inevitable and that, if not performed, would have sped up the patient’s demise. The pesky Professor An (the guy with the big ego from Episode 3) asks which doctor assessed that the tracheotomy was a success, and Chun Soo admits to it. Although in actual fact, it was Ji Hye who did. So pot, meet kettle. Prof An scathingly remarks that another specialist’s opinion is that the damage to the blood vessels around the trachea due to the emergency procedure could have also led to the patient’s death. Chun Soo insists that there was no damage after the procedure, but is forced to reveal that an intern did the tracheotomy. He can only clench his teeth as Prof An demands for the intern in question to be called in.

Ji Hye leaves the meeting to check on the VIP patient, and prods Jin Hee for an initial diagnosis. Jin Hee is unsure, but her logic is sound so Ji Hye lets her call the shots on the next plan of action.

Jin Hee is summoned to the meeting, while Chang Min finds out that the family of the dead patient wants to sue the hospital. He beats her to the podium at the meeting, where he announces that he was the one who cut open the patient’s throat. He is prepared to take responsibility, even if it means he’ll be fired. Chun Soo can only clutch his head in despair. Yep, you and me both, pal.

Jin Hee can’t let Chang Min be the noble idiot, so she intervenes with the truth. The head of ER stands up at this, saying that the department will bear the brunt of any legal action the patient’s family takes, and walks out with a sigh. Boy, am I glad this nonsense meeting is over.

Outside the meeting room, the surgeon who operated on the dead patient thanks Prof An for his support (pffftt), and informs An that Chang Min comes from a powerful lineage of doctors. An wonders if he’s picked on the wrong doctor now, so he tells the surgeon to make Jin Hee the scapegoat.

Chun Soo fumes at Chang Min and Jin Hee, and kicks Chang Min in the shins (although he missed it the first time). He shouts at them for not listening to him and causing a scene. He punishes them by knocking their heads together, haha. Jin Hee still doesn’t get why Chang Min is taking the blame for her. He’s sounding a bit delusional as he tries to convince her that he did the surgery – she’s just the puppet doing it for him. Plus, the patient’s death is not their fault at all.

Their bicker session gets interrupted by Ah Reum dropping in to tell Chang Min about his mum being in the ER. Jin Hee has an “oh, shit” expression on her face as she runs behind them. Mum has been moved to the VIP ward, and Jin Hee has to update Chang Min on her situation, her overdose, and the head and bone injuries. The nurse wonders how Ah Reum knows Chang Min’s mother, and Jin Hee perks up expectantly, only we don’t hear the answer.

Chun Soo wonders why there’s all the hoo-ha over Mum – if she’s related to the chief of hospital why isn’t she with him, as opposed to being in the ER? I don’t know how this hospital works, but well. Chang Min comes rushing into the room, to Chun Soo’s surprise.

The interns gossip over the reason Chang Min took credit for the lift patient, and come to a conclusion that there’s some hanky-panky going on between Chang Min and Jin Hee. Their gossip session is cut short by an angry (and more senior) resident yelling at their resident Min Ki, who in turn passes on the rage to the interns.

Chang Min stays by his mum’s side while she is still unconscious. When he goes out to get water, Jin Hee enters the room. She tucks Mum in, dims the light and even adjusts her slippers to face outwards. Chang Min sees it all, but tries to hide when Jin Hee leaves. She spots him, of course, but shrugs off her visit as just a follow up, since Mum is her patient. Chang Min manages to make himself sound like he was suspicious of Jin Hee’s intentions, despite being touched at her gesture.

Jin Hee goes home to find the place ransacked, but the only thing missing is her wedding ring. It’s her sister, Jin Ae who took it. She’s down to the last dime having run away from home, and returned home to steal the ring for some extra cash. We see her at the pawn shop, exchanging the ring for a swanky new electric guitar. Jin Ae rings her sister a few times but hangs up without saying a word, until Jin Hee finally clues on to it. Jin Ae isn’t at the least sorry about what she’s done, and she’s just telling her sis about the ring out of courtesy. The ring wasn’t worth a lot, so she puts her sister down for marrying over such a puny ring, then asks her for more money, since Jin Hee’s a doctor now. Gosh.

Chun Soo and Ji Hye find out from the department head that the ER’s budget is cut, no thanks to the lift incident. This creates tension in the department, as the nurses fear that they will lose their jobs, since it’s always their heads on the line first, even if it’s the interns who mess up. Jin Hee gets a harsh treatment from one of the nurses, which makes her feel bad. She goes to Chun Soo, offering to resign instead of having to lose one of the nurses over her mistake. It’s noble, but Chun Soo eyes her suspiciously, asking why she’s so readily giving up her dream job.

He laments that it would make things simpler, but he’d have to discuss it with the head first. He then assigns her to be the Mum’s doctor, warning her that it’ll be tough, but it’s good experience. He doesn’t really give her a choice, since he’s assigned Chang Min elsewhere and she did Mum’s initial exam.

When Mum comes to, she sees Jin Hee with a tray of food. She looks at her in disbelief as she asks why Jin Hee is here. She pushes the tray of food out of Jin Hee’s hands. Chang Min comes to calm her down, while Mum wonders if she’s dead and if Jin Hee is a ghost. Jin Hee informs her that she’s an intern here like her son. Mum reacts as though Jin Hee just said she was the Queen of England.

Jin Hee refuses to leave Mum because she’s Mum’s doctor, but in the end she loses that battle. Mum wants to ring up the head of the hospital (ah, so it’s not her brother’s hospital) to get Jin Hee fired, but changes her mind because everyone will know about Chang Min’s divorce. Mum wants Ah Reum to be her doctor instead. She’s actually fit enough to be discharged, but she wants to stick around to get rid of Jin Hee.

Chang Min warns Jin Hee to stay away from his mum, and she doesn’t want to be near her either, except, uh, she’s her doctor? They run into Ji Hye, who asks Jin Hee to take her work seriously but stay out of trouble. Ji Hye tells Chang Min that his privileged background meant that he got lucky this time, which leaves him puzzled. We get the answer soon enough, as Chun Soo reads what seems to be a termination letter for Jin Hee. He protests to the Dr Go, the ER head, but they get interrupted when Dr Go receives a phone call from Mum demanding for a new intern.

Once she hangs up, Mum is startled to find Jin Hee by her bed, holding up a syringe. She’s there to prep Mum for a test, so Mum overreacts again by throwing everything in arm’s reach at Jin Hee. She accuses Jin Hee of trying to kill her, and warns that she’ll get Jin Hee fired.

Jin Hee says resignedly that there’s nothing the Mum can’t do, and primes the syringe, haha. She just wants to get the job done. Mum goes batshit crazy on Jin Hee, who grabs her wrist to try and calm her down. Mum struggles to break free, then slaps Jin Hee, just as Chun Soo and Chang Min step into the room.


I’m a bit annoyed at the lack of pace this episode, partly because we spent so much time on batshit crazy Mum, but forgot all about Dad. I thought there were going to be more sparks if Dad turned up, too. The hijinks might have been funnier. Right?

Okay, I’ll try and focus on what I like so far – Ji Hye. She is turning out to be a pretty decent character. She’s a good teacher, and she’s very calm. I hope things go well for her and she has a chance at romance with Chun Soo, whom she obviously likes. Based on the tension and history they have, they might even overshadow the OTP. Ji Hye also seems to be softening up on Jin Hee, because she sees potential in her, and may be the first one to do so.


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