Emergency Couple Episode 6

Just a quickie on Episode 6, not wanting to dwell too much as there are other matters weighing in on me in RL. For a medical rom-com, Emergency Couple has been a bit of a bipolar one. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it tries too hard to be funny.

I had a few realisations after this episode. The main one being that Chun Soo has somehow overshadowed Chang Min in terms of character development. I am more invested in Chun Soo’s character than in Chang Min’s, who has a great big chip on his shoulder. It’s been increasingly apparent to me, that Chun Soo is more compelling – we know he has some skeletons in his closet, he is burdened by something that happened in the past, possibly a patient’s death that he feels responsible for. He’s snarky but a great big softie on the inside.


He accepts Jin Hee’s resignation letter at first, because as he admitted, it’s the easiest way out for him and the hospital. But he takes it back when he sees that spark in her, that spark that made her steal an ultrasound machine and risk getting caught. Maybe he sees a bit of himself in her. From what Ji Hye said, he’d have done so himself. I cheered for him when he asked Ji Hye out for a meal at the end of the episode. Although all signs point (for now) to him falling for Jin Hee, I don’t care who he actually ends up with, he just needs to be happy. He can be a happy grumpypants. I can’t express how glad I am for Lee Pil Mo playing his character to a T.

A little highlight of the episode for me was Gary’s cameo appearance as Jin Hee’s designated driver. It’s an awesome bit of meta for people who watch Running Man and absolutely adore the Monday couple. He of course, throws in a line about meeting her on a Monday as well. While I love Song Ji Hyo and her persona on Running Man, I struggle a bit to love Jin Hee as much. It’s not the first time I found Ji Hyo a bit lacking in acting; I didn’t really connect with her in Mandate of Heaven either. She didn’t have much spark with Lee Dong Wook there, but thankfully there was that cute little girl to distract everyone. Nothing else here to distract me, sadly.

Jin Hee is quite a likeable character though, not quite a straight-up goody-two-shoes heroine, even if she’s always in trouble. She just doesn’t really connect with Chang Min enough to warrant any fervent shipping. Or maybe things just need to start happening between them for me to want to root for them. Real things, not just conversations or arguments in the bloody stairwell.

Chang Min is real frustrating. As I have said before, I want to like him so much, but he’s such an arrogant jerk. I know he’s slowly coming to, but it really doesn’t help that he’s related to his mother, who is a royal pain in the ass. I thought we were going to be done with her after the first half of the episode. I was wrong. Of course, she contributed by needing her life saving (yet another job done by electric paddles, the all-cure), which was Jin Hee’s initiative. It’s nice to have both mother and son owe her one after everything that’s happened, and thankfully Chun Soo reminds Chang Min of that all too happily. I’m disappointed that Choi Jin Hyuk hasn’t elevated his character to something more, I expected more of him.

I’m going to carry on watching with some cautious optimism while I gather my crushed expectations up from the ground. Till next week!


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