Emergency Couple Episode 7

I’m starting to see some light, thank goodness. Chang Min redeems himself a little in my eyes this episode, and I’m beginning to feel that all is not lost on him. Even if it took a while to get here, but it seems like his heart is taking him back towards Jin Hee.


Jin Hee takes a great big tumble to the ground after failing to hold on to Jin Ae. She flops over, only to see many familiar faces staring back at her. She shields her face from them at first, as if in disbelief. Chang Min moves to pull her up, only to be beaten to it by Chun Soo. Chun Soo also steps in to diffuse the situation when the manager comes over to tell Jin Hee off for disrupting the performance, pulling him aside.

Everyone sits down and looks at Jin Hee in wonder. And I wonder why the manager hasn’t thrown Jin Hee out yet (maybe it’s Chun Soo and his magical powers of persuasion). Jin Hee explains that the person she was after owed her money. Chun Soo shifts his discerning glance to the other interns, and Young Kyu quickly explains that they were just there for a drink.

Chang Min turns the question back to Chun Soo and Ji Hye, and Ji Hye says quite nonchalantly that they are on a date. Everyone, including Chun Soo seem a bit surprised. He recovers quick enough to snipe at Young Kyu that they have to be at work at 6, so drink less and get home early. He leaves with Ji Hye, but agrees to pay for the bill in his usual grumpy way. Aww.

Jin Hee also takes the opportunity to leave, but Chang Min holds her back by tugging at her arm. She mouths ‘why’ at him, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by the others.

Meanwhile, Ji Hye sends Chun Soo back to the hospital (gosh does the man even have a home?), and hands him some side dishes and supper. He wonders if she has a lot of free time on her hands to bother with cooking. She’s busy, but she made time to do this especially for him, so he’d better finish it. He’s used to having his meals at the hospital, but she suggests that he could come over to eat at her place, since she cooks better food. I love how forward she is, which has even Chun Soo taken aback.

She grumbles that he doesn’t even know where she lives, but he correctly guesses that she must live somewhere near the hospital. She teasingly offers him the keys to her place to let him sleep over if he’s tired. In his grumpy ahjusshi manner he tells her that’s enough and gets off. Haha this is so cute, I’m so rooting for them now.

The interns have another round of drinks, and Young Kyu asks why Chang Min turned up when he said he couldn’t make it at first. Ah Reum gripes that he sent someone to replace him on their date, and asks if this is his way of getting revenge. Jin Hee’s face falls a little, and Chang Min notices it. I love how he keeps looking at her but turns away once she looks back. Chang Min also sees that Jin Hee got some nasty scratches from her fall, and she accidentally spills some of her drink on him when he tries to look closer.

It’s a bit of a change in tone in his response as he’s not nearly as mad as he would be a few episodes ago, but his concern for Jin Hee seems to take precedent here. Young Kyu and Ah Reum note his concern with interest, while Jin Hee tries to brush it off, saying she’s fine. Chang Min wraps his handkerchief around her wrist, and asks if she’s really okay. Jin Hee excuses herself to go to the ladies’ room, but first goes to the manager to ask him for Jin Ae’s contact information. The manager shames her for embarrassing Jin Ae, and retorts that with her stunt Jin Ae won’t be back tomorrow.

Chang Min checks on her when she comes out of the ladies’, and he asks her if she really handed in her resignation. She wonders why he’s interested, since he wanted her to leave. He thinks that she shouldn’t resign because of the incident, because they did nothing wrong. Jin Hee snipes that she’s powerless in this case, whereas he has the backing of his family. She returns his handkerchief to him and tells him to go make it up to Ah Reum for their ruined date.

Ah Reum decides to leave with Jin Hee, too. Once outside, she comments on how close Jin Hee and Chang Min seem to be. She suspects that they are seeing each other outside of the hospital, and Jin Hee quite rightly says that she doesn’t have to answer to Ah Reum. Ah Reum admits that she’s interested in Chang Min. She wonders why Chang Min speaks to Jin Hee in banmal but uses jondaemal with everyone else, and Jin Hee makes another remark that betrays how well she knows Chang Min. Before she can say anything else, a taxi comes, but the driver picks Ah Reum up despite Jin Hee flagging it down first, leaving Jin Hee infuriated.

Chang Min is left with Young Kyu, who asks if he’s feeling horrible because Jin Hee was the one who operated on the patient and not him. Chang Min berates himself for not being able to do the tracheotomy. He also blames himself for not being able to do anything to save his mum, while Jin Hee was the one who did. Poor Young Kyu is still full of admiration for his hyung no matter what. He helps Chang Min get into a taxi, and asks what he wants to do about Ah Reum, bro code and everything. Chang Min just waves him off in his drunken state.

He then drunk dials Jin Hee to thank her for saving his mum. This wakes Jin Hee up, as he carries on, saying that it’s not in his mum’s nature to say thank you either, as Jin Hee would also know. He then sighs and says sorry before hanging up. What a shame, he probably won’t remember this when he wakes up.

The next morning, Chang Min spots Young Kyu at the charity stall in the hospital. Chang Min puts some money into the donation box and hurries Young Kyu along. Young Kyu hesitates some more before finally donating some money and getting a potted plant as a result. We see why later, as he waits for Ah Reum to leave her desk. He leaves the plant on her desk, with a bit of ribbon and a note.

Chang Min runs into Jin Hee, and asks if he really rang her in the early hours of the morning. Jin Hee looks at him incredulously. She tells him he wanted her back and he loved her to death, but she said he was crazy and hung up on him. Haha.

Chun Soo and Ji Hye are in his office, discussing the plan of action now that he’s not firing Jin Hee. In line with the budget cuts, they won’t have enough money to run the ER. Chun Soo plans to email as many organisations as possible to ask for donations. The department head comes in, asking if Chun Soo has fired Jin Hee yet. Chun Soo wants to go straight to the hospital chief, and asks him not to interfere, so he wouldn’t get into trouble. Ji Hye just wears this worried expression on her face.

Chang Min treats a diabetic patient who is slightly deaf. The nurse leaves him to it, and Chang Min struggles until Jin Hee comes along. She puts her stethoscope on the patient’s ears and speaks through it, using it as her microphone. Ooh, smart. She asks him what’s wrong, and he drops his pants, but only to show them a spot on his thigh. (Also, I can’t believe how shocked both of them were. They’re medical professionals! If he’s got a problem with his privates they need to look anyway to diagnose. Gosh.)

Jin Hee suspects cellulitis, to which Chang Min asks if she knows what cellulitis is at all. I hate how he always tries to belittle her at work, but his tone is noticeably a lot less harsh. Maybe it’s the background music softening me up. Even when he tells her to go back to what she’s doing since it’s his patient, Chang Min’s tone is more gentle and even a bit caring. She tells him to run a test to determine what sort of infection the patient has. After she leaves, he looks a bit dumbstruck, like he’s in awe of what a good doctor she is. About time, boyfriend.

He goes to visit Mum, who pretends to be asleep once she hears the door knock, thinking it’s Dad. She complains about the food at the hospital, only for Chang Min to point out that she’s finished the whole lot anyway. Mum prods about his date with Ah Reum, but is disappointed to hear that he ended up just having drinks with the other interns. Mum wonders if Jin Hee has been fired, and Chang Min realises that Mum might have a part to play in getting Jin Hee fired. He storms out in a huff.

Ah Reum’s patient faints when he has breathing difficulties, and all the staff come over to help out, including Jin Hee and Chang Min. Ah Reum asks the nurse to page Ji Hye, who gets Chang Min to do chest compressions. Intubation is pointless for this patient, so Ji Hye decides to do an ECMO. Jin Hee asks a question that impresses Ji Hye, so she allows Jin Hee to connect the tubes for the ECMO.

Ah Reum later confesses to Chang Min that she was a bit jealous that Ji Hye keeps giving Jin Hee chances to perform, which leads to Chang Min asking her why she wanted to be doctor. She was always sick as a kid, so she decided to be a doctor when she grows up. Chang Min remarks that it’s a world of difference compared to someone else. I wonder if he means Jin Hee, or himself. He chokes on his drink when Ah Reum asks him what his relationship is with Jin Hee. She asks if he wants to go out with her if he’s not in a relationship with Jin Hee.

Jin Hee walks past the VIP room, and curiously decides to pop in to check on Mum when she sees the door open. As she opens the door to leave, she sees Mum’s sisters down the hallway, here to visit Mum. Oops, time to hide! And in the bathroom it is.

Ji Hye catches Chun Soo and asks how his meeting with the chief of hospital went. They have to wait, but Chun Soo blames himself for letting things get to this point. Ji Hye reassures him that he’s done all he can.

Meanwhile, the aunts gossip about Jin Hee working in the hospital, and also about Ah Reum. One of the aunts muse that things must be exciting for Chang Min now, and he might even get back together with Jin Hee. Mum winces in pain after trying to hit the aunt. Oh, the drama queen. Jin Hee realises that it was Ah Reum who was supposed to go on the blind date with Chang Min. She then lets out a fart, which is loud enough to draw attention from Mum and the aunts. Mum mouths at one of them to check the bathroom, which is locked. They are all freaked out, so they scream out loud. Hahaha, so not the appropriate response.

Jin Hee makes the most of the situation she’s in by emptying her bowel (to the most apt background music ever, lol). All the ladies outside scream again when she flushes the toilet. Hahaha. Jin Hee makes her exit with her robe pulled over her head, but the aunt at the door recognises her. Jin Hee apologises, then scurries away.

Meanwhile, Min Ki the junior resident knocks over Young Kyu’s note to Ah Reum and decides to read it. God, don’t they respect privacy in Korea? In the note, Young Kyu asks Ah Reum to tie the ribbon around the plant if she reciprocates his feelings, so Min Ki does that as a prank, and the note falls under her desk afterwards. Oh noes, poor Young Kyu.

Jin Hee gets an SOS call from Mummy after work. After she hangs up, we see why – Jin Ae’s boyfriend, Kwang Soo has turned up at their house with a baby boy. Mummy is infuriated as he keeps calling her mother-in-law. He doesn’t know where Jin Ae is either, and Mummy can only clutch her chest as she seethes.

The other Mum is being wrestled to the car by her sisters, as she is refusing to go home till her husband comes to visit her. If she wanted him to turn up so badly, would it have killed her to be nice to him in the first place? I don’t get it. The aunts report to their brother that Mummy has gone home now, and when he hangs up we see Chang Min in his uncle’s office. He’s come to his uncle for help to keep Jin Hee’s job. Uncle is surprised, as Chang Min has always refused help from him, even when he was going through his divorce, or when he went to the States.

Chang Min says it won’t happen again, and Uncle thinks he shouldn’t be so sure. He wonders why Chang Min is going out of his way to help someone he divorced – does he like her again now? Chang Min has always felt powerless in facing his problems, but this one he’s able to take care of, after all, he’s got a powerful family.

Young Kyu is delighted to find the pretty ribbon around the plant, and even pinches himself to make sure. His sudden outburst of joy has the married interns thinking he’s nuts.

Jin Hee is speechless at first when she comes home to find the baby and Kwang Soo, who rambles on about being sick and needing a doctor. She tells him to get out immediately, and gives him the address of the bar where she last saw Jin Ae, asking him to find her. He leaves the ladies with some basic information about the baby – it’s a boy, he’s 6 months old, and his name is Guk (soup) because Jin Ae had a craving for seaweed soup after she gave birth.

Jin Hee gets a call from the patient she treated in the previous episode, Emma, in what sounds like an emergency. She asks Mummy to look after the baby first, and to let Kwang Soo stay for now, because she thinks he’s Jin Ae’s husband. Oh, my. Turns out Emma is very ill and unresponsive, in what Jin Hee suspects to be an overdose in painkillers. Her husband insists they can’t go to the hospital, so Jin Hee rings Chun Soo for help.

Chun Soo is busy drafting emails (in badly worded English) for financial help. He asks her to call for an ambulance, but she begs for him to help. He asks if he’s that easy, and she just apologises and texts him the address. Ji Hye calls Jin Hee naive, while Chun Soo goes back to his emails. He’s unsettled though, glancing at his phone for the text.

Then he stops and rings for someone to prepare an emergency kit and naloxone. He rushes off, leaving Ji Hye to finish writing his emails for him. Which is a better choice, considering she lived abroad and will possibly have better English.

He turns up at Emma’s place with naloxone and more, and they manage to save Emma’s life again. The couple are very grateful. Jin Hee and Chun Soo leave, and he refuses her offer to carry the kit for him in his usual grumpy manner. She surprises him by giving him a big thank-you sidehug. He doesn’t betray any emotion, but I think he might have melted a little.

Chang Min tries to ring Jin Hee (her number is saved as Ddukbokki on his phone, ha) on the way home, but her phone battery dies.

She’s on the bus with Chun soo, who is adorably asleep, with his head hung to his left really uncomfortably. So the bus jolts him to the right, and his head rests on Jin Hee’s shoulder instead. Aww, that’s more like it. Jin Hee smiles and even moves his head back to rest on her shoulder again when he jolts back the other way.


And there we have it – our main love triangle. I would love for Chun Soo and Ji Hye to be together, don’t get me wrong, but it wouldn’t be too bad to have Chang Min realise that he might lose Jin Hee to Chun Soo to have him put up a fight. Plus, Ji Hye is a great woman, and from how cool she is, she’d probably put up a fight for her man, too. I loved her scene with Chun Soo in the car, where she teased him about crashing at her place, and it was funny to see how Chun Soo is the one embarrassed. He’s all grumpypants, but I think that’s his way of showing affection.

We see how Chang Min finally put down his pride and ask his family for help, which is a growth in his character. I think his feeling of being inadequate was something that led to their divorce, because even now he’s blaming himself constantly. For not being good enough to do the tracheotomy, not being powerful enough to help Jin Hee himself. At least now he acknowledges that his family has sufficient influence, but what’s important is that he’s using it to help Jin Hee, as opposed to just using it as a free pass for himself. I respect that.

The show’s finally got me a bit happy, but we’re having just one episode this week. I don’t know what the reason is, so it will be a treacherously long wait till next week.


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