Emergency Couple Episode 8

We get some bits from the past revealed this episode, as the show moves up the ratio of rom-com to urggh-cringe. It’s not perfect, because there are plot holes and loads of things that defy logic, but that’s what you get in any medical-based drama anyway.

We continue from last week, where Chang Min can’t get through to Jin Hee, who is on a bus with a sleeping Chun Soo. She gently pulls his head over to rest on her shoulders with a smile on her face. Chang Min’s car pulls up at a traffic light right next to the bus that Jin Hee and Chun Soo are on, but they don’t realise it. When the bus starts moving, Chun Soo is jolted awake and his expression is priceless. He looks over to Jin Hee, who quickly pretends to be asleep, then grumps at her to get off.

They go for a meal where he usually frequents, and Jin Hee marvels at this little gem so close to the hospital. Chun Soo crosses his arms, not ready for idle chatter. He tells her to go work on a small island, that it’s more suitable for her. She doesn’t disagree, but wants to finish the internship programme first. She wonders if she will lose her job, but he leaves it up to her luck now. The lady boss comments on him bringing a pretty lady with him for the first time. Chun Soo’s expression is priceless. More awkwardness ensues when Jin Hee and Chun Soo both reach for the chopsticks and their hands touch. Aww.

Chang Min is doing Young Kyu’s on call shift for him to return a favour, and one of the nurses shimmy up to him, asking him about his background. Instead of answering outright, he goes up close to her face and tells her that he’s going to work. She is absolutely smitten, telling her colleague that she’s got dibbs on Chang Min.

As they eat, Chun Soo adds some rice to Jin Hee’s bowl in his usual grumpy fashion. When she raises her bowl up to finish her soup, he smiles at her so adorably, then looks down quickly once she puts her bowl down. So cute!

They laugh and chat on the way to the hospital, and are seen by Chang Min. Jin Hee leaves because she’s not on duty, and Chang Min goes up to Chun Soo, trying to ask him where he was earlier. Which really translates to, what were you doing with Jin Hee? Chun Soo brushes it off, which of course, only makes him want to know more. He tries again, only for Chun Soo to yell that he doesn’t need to know. Haha.

Jin Hee returns home, and a baby’s toy on the ground reminds her of Jin Ae’s baby and husband. She opens her room door to find Kwang Soo sprawled on the floor, fast asleep, and the baby on her bed. She orders him to speak with her outside. Mummy allowed Kwang Soo to sleep in Jin Hee’s room, but she’s nowhere in the house. He’s had no luck finding Jin Ae either, because of what Jin Hee did at the club Jin Ae didn’t go back. I’d want to kill him if I were Jin Hee too. She tells him to go home tomorrow, but he has nowhere to go because he was kicked out of his last place when he had no money for rent.

Jin Hee finds Mummy in her salon, where she’s sleeping because she doesn’t want to stay in the same house as a stranger, but is too scared to send him away. She took all the important stuff along with her, so there’s nothing worth stealing left in the house. Lol. Kwang Soo is going to show her his certificate of marriage to Jin Ae tomorrow, and Mummy laments that she shouldn’t have had Jin Ae in the first place. Jin Hee asks if she said that to Jin Ae, no wonder Jin Ae ran away from home. Mummy is going to file a missing person’s report tomorrow, and if this baby is really hers, she’s going to break her legs. Not in a wishing you well before a performance kind of way.

We then see Kwang Soo on the phone with Jin Ae, informing her about their sleeping arrangements for the night. So he knew how to find her all along! Gah. Jin Ae instructs him not to leave her home for now, while she does more gigs to earn money.

Jin Hee seems to have managed to persuade Mummy to go home, as she checks on a sleeping Mummy in her room, then Kwang Soo and Guk in the other. She takes the sofa tonight, sighing that her life is sure full of variety lately. “Real life variety – oh my god” Lol, is she channeling Chun Song Yi?

The next morning, Flirty Nurse put a blanket over Chang Min, who has fallen asleep at his table. When she walks away quietly, Chang Min comes to, and asks about a patient he saw last night. She gives him an update, then also hands him something to eat. She also offers to get him a drink. Chang Min is oblivious to her crush on him, but turns back to ask her if Jin Hee has showed up.

Chun Soo goes into his office to see Ji Hye still there, having stayed over night. He grumbles that she should have gone home, but she stops him, asking if he’s more concerned that she spent the night in his uncomfortable office or that someone else might misunderstand. Chun Soo says both. Ji Hye thought something might have happened between him and Jin Hee because he didn’t come back, but he quickly answers that he slept in the on-call room. He wonders why he has to explain himself to her. (Because you like her, you dummy.)

He tells her about the patient they went to see, and she’s glad that Emma is fine. Ji Hye then gives him some socks, which he says he doesn’t need. She looks down and sees that he has proper ones on today with a knowing smile. Hee. She then notices that his shirt is not buttoned up correctly, so she laughs and moves close to redo the buttons for him. Of course that involves undoing a button first. He backs off in surprise, then does it up himself. She grumbles that he made her do all this work for him then forgot about her and went to sleep in the on-call room. She remarks that this happens when he’s focused on something else, and we all know that she means Jin Hee, except for Chun Soo.

Ah Reum finally notices the plant on her desk, but the married intern couple don’t know who left it there. Young Kyu walks in to see Ah Reum admiring the plant and watering it in hilarious slow motion, and he tries to take a selca with her in the background, only to be blocked off by a nosy Sang Hyuk (the male half of the married couple).

On a less entertaining front, Chang Min’s Mum pays her husband a visit. She storms up to him and thrusts divorce letters onto his desk. She taunts him, but his lack of response sends her into a rage. She screams at him for not once calling her when she was in the hospital. He looks at her resignedly, then tells her not to take any more antidepressants, play more golf or go hiking or any other sport. She cries, asking for a divorce.

Chang Min finally runs into Jin Hee at the hospital, but she asks after his mother first. His burning concern is of course her whereabouts last night with Chun Soo. She saw all his calls to her, but thought that he was drunk dialling her again so she didn’t bother returning. He pulls her arm to stop her, but she shakes it off, conscious that they are at work. She asks him what he actually rang her about, and he tells her rather vaguely not to worry about the termination letter.

They get interrupted when Jin Hee gets called back to the ER because one of her patients has been readmitted. Chang Min mumbles to himself that she’s run off again, then worries that she’s gotten herself into trouble. Chun Soo asks Jin Hee about the patient, who was first admitted with vomiting and stomach pains. The blood tests were normal, so the patient was discharged. But she’s back again because the pain has gotten worse and has gone down to the lower abdomen. Jin Hee suspects appendicitis, but Ji Hye rules that out because the tests results were within range.

Jin Hee remembers that the patient was clutching her waist when she first came in, and uses that fact to base her diagnosis on appendicitis. Ji Hye shoots that down immediately, and Chun Soo looks annoyed. If the pain persists for 48 hours then the patient may be in danger if it is appendicitis. Jin Hee supports that argument, but Ji Hye rules it out again, saying that the test results were negative. Chun Soo snaps that since when did she rely solely on test results for a diagnosis? Do they just depend on figures and scores in the US?

Prof An turns up, and calls Chun Soo (who’s only a resident) out for talking to an attending in banmal. He examines the patient and asks for the CT scan, then asks if they tested for pregnancy. Chun Soo reprimands Jin Hee for not doing a pregnancy test on the patient first. Ji Hye agrees with Prof An’s assessment, then calls for an OB/Gyn consult.

Ji Hye goes to see Chun Soo at the rooftop, where she asks him why he embarrassed her in front of the interns by being disrespectful. Even though he was her sunbae, her current position is higher than his. She asks which side is he on, and why he is always looking out for Jin Hee. He tells her that it’s not what she thinks. She presses on, wanting to know if anything happened between him and Jin Hee. When Chun Soo doesn’t respond, she turns to leave, but he stops her.

He tells her that this case hit close to home, since it was so similar to the one in the past. It strikes a chord with Ji Hye, who finally realises why he was in such a horrible mood. We get a flashback to when both of them were still interns and they encountered a similar patient. Chun Soo suspected that it was appendicitis and performed an unauthorised surgery on the patient, despite Ji Hye’s objections. That’s the reason why Chun Soo is only still a resident. Back in the present, Chun Soo apologises to Ji Hye.

In Jin Hee’s home, Mummy looks at Kwang Soo and Jin Ae’s marriage certificate and the reality sinks in for her. She begrudgingly asks for the baby’s name, then holds him, all while saying ‘aigoo’ repeatedly. Guk returns her acceptance by pooping, in his diapers of course. Kwang Soo fawns over Guk proudly like it’s a major achievement. Mummy barks at him to bring a new diaper over.

Min Ki brings a board to the interns to let them decide amongst themselves the on-call rota for the month. He allows them to swap shifts with each other, but only if there is no money involved. Ah Reum asks Chang Min if he wants to do the weekend shifts with her, so that they can go to the gym together during the weekdays. Weekends are a lot busier than usual, but Ah Reum argues that there are more cases on weekends.

Chang Min sneaks a look at Jin Hee, asking her to decide on her days. He covers it up by saying that he wants to avoid being on the same shift as her, even though we know otherwise. He puts his dates down first, and Jin Hee decides to do the other 3 days that he’s not picked. Maybe if you wanted to do some shifts with her, you shouldn’t have said anything in the first place, silly. Everyone marvels at Jin Hee for doing 3 on-call shifts in a week, while Chang Min asks her what her actual intentions are. Young Kyu realises that if Jin Hee leaves, everyone will have to do her shifts. Young Kyu remarks that Chun Soo has even spoken to the hospital chief to try and stop it, so it’s still uncertain.

The head nurse calls them over for CPR training. (Jin Hee has shown her abilities at doing that, no? Isn’t that med school training?) Jin Hee gets to go first, and Chun Soo comments through the process, asking her to use more force, be more accurate. He then gets up and puts him hands over hers to show her, which puts them in close proximity. Chang Min looks on incredulously, and we get a slow-mo blow-by-blow with slightly erotic music, until Chang Min shoves Chun Soo away onto the table, accusing him of misusing his authority.

Except, the shoving bit was all in Chang Min’s head. The head of department joins in to announce that Jin Hee can stay to complete her internship. Everyone is happy for her, if not only because they don’t have to do extra shifts. Jin Hee thanks Chun Soo profusely, and throws herself into his arms for a joyous hug.

Chang Min can only fume as Chun Soo takes credit for saving Jin Hee’s job. He rings his uncle to confirm that he did speak to their chief about keeping Jin Hee, and his uncle reminds him that he owes him a favour. He also says that he’ll keep it a secret from his mother for him too, while his sister listens on curiously.

Meanwhile, Kwang Soo is enjoying a lovely meal prepared by Mummy while she takes care of Guk. Mummy’s friend comes in to find this strange scene, and Kwang Soo introduces himself as the son-in-law. He also offers Mummy’s friend a drumstick (with his bare hands, too), leaving Mummy speechless.

Chang Min’s Mum goes to her sister’s dermatology clinic for a treatment, where she tells them about her impending divorce. Her sister asks her what if he calls her bluff and signs it? Mum insists that she’ll live well, and she can even date Lee Min Ho or Kim Woo Bin (lol at the Heirs reference). Her sisters laugh it off, because Mum’s always hated the label divorcee, and she’d rather be a professor’s wife. One of the sisters tell Mum about overhearing Chang Min’s secret with their brother, and that of course piques Mum’s curiosity.

Chang Min thinks back to Jin Hee’s close encounter with Chun Soo, and how she hugged him. It bothers him that he solved the problem for her, but didn’t get a hug in return, lol. Young Kyu asks Chang Min if he’s joining them for the married interns’ housewarming party, which is doubling as a celebration of Jin Hee’s good news. Chang Min scoffs at it and says that he tired because it’s his on-call shift tonight, and his second night in a row too. Young Kyu asks if he’s not going, then?

Cut to: everyone arriving at the party, with Chang Min bringing up the rear, haha. Couldn’t turn away, after all. Jin Hee takes a call from her mother, and goes away to take it to avoid Chang Min. Or to avoid her Mummy overhearing him, more like. She’s dismayed to hear that Kwang Soo is still at home, and that there’s no news of Jin Ae yet. Sang Hyuk comes in with the wedding portrait and asks where best to hang it. Ah Reum suggests where it’s most noticeable, while Chang Min grunts that there’s no use hanging it up. After a few months when they fight it will be broken. Jin Hee chokes on her drink to hear that, while Ah Reum comments that it’s as if he’s experienced it before.

They toast to Jin Hee and the married couple, then Jin Hee and Chang Min trade barbs about how not everyone can marry, and how the person you marry determines if it’s heaven or hell. Chang Min argues that you need to marry someone with similar taste who can enjoy the same things together, while Jin Hee remarks that a man needs 5 women –  an actress, a maid, a chef, a therapist and a nurse. Chang Min snipes that even one of those is enough. The sniping goes on, and everyone notices the tension between the two.

Chun Soo checks his mail, and pumps his fist in joy because they have donations. He reaches for his phone to tell Ji Hye the good news, then gets up to go tell her in person. And aww, he’s got a pair of the socks on already. Yay!

Chang Min pulls a tipsy Jin Hee into a room to warn her not to reveal their relationship. Jin Hee replies that they are not in a relationship, don’t worry. She asks if he’s worried that he’ll lose the minister’s daughter (Ah Reum). Chang Min is surprised that she knows who Ah Reum is. Jin Hee realises that Ah Reum doesn’t know that Chang Min is divorced, and threatens to tell her so she won’t be a victim too. Hahaha. She wants to leave, but Chang Min won’t let her. She fake screams twice (haha) and he gives in. That devious drunken smile on her face is priceless.

Soon, the only ones left conscious in the house are Chang Min, Jin Hee and Ah Reum. Ah Reum pours another drink for Jin Hee, but Chang Min reminds her of Jin Hee’s first day at work. Jin Hee says the only reason she got that drunk was that one person, and she points towards Chang Min, who quickly cuts her off by putting a bottle opener into her hand instead. He wants to leave, but she slams the bottle opener down and says she’ll leave first. *glares* Haha.

Chun Soo turns up at a dance studio, where Ji Hye is doing some hot ballroom dancing. He smiles at her as he imagines himself dancing with her. Man, they look so good together. And he actually looks happy. When Ji Hye finishes, he applauds them happily. She can tell that he has good news for her, so he informs her about the donation. She’s overjoyed too, and amazed that he couldn’t wait to tell her. She invites him for a dance, but he shyly turns her down. Ji Hye is still happy though, and their happiness makes me happy.

Jin Hee rambles as she walks along, and by the time Chang Min comes down to hail a taxi, she’s slumped by a lamp post. She gets into the same taxi as Chang Min, who tells her to get off. She sees him and tell him to get off instead. The taxi driver is stuck with the two of them, but he at least has got some entertainment when they bicker adorably along the way. She yells at him for always telling her to get lost, while he grumps that she’s trying to get ahead by being chummy with Chun Soo. She barks that Chun Soo is a real man (I agree), and Chang Min isn’t even half the man he is.

The driver comments that they both had a lot to drink, and Chang Min asks for some chewing gum. He pops a few in, and when they reach the hospital he has to bring Jin Hee with him, since he doesn’t know where she stays. He tries waking her up, but the gum in his hand gets stuck to her hair instead. Lol. He pulls her out of the taxi and carries her on his back. He is extra careful not to be seen, which means hiding around corners suspiciously.

Meanwhile, little Guk isn’t doing so well at home. He’s running a temperature and has been sick. Kwang Soo takes him urgently to the hospital and tries to ring Jin Ae. He has to leave a message when she doesn’t answer.

Chang Min has to take the stairs to avoid being seen, and finally he finds an empty on-call room. He lets Jin Hee down on to the bed, and puts a hand over her mouth when she mumbles. She comes to and he motions her to be silent, so she ends up going back to drunken sleep. He carries on looking at her tenderly, and strokes her hair.


Yet another good episode. I’m glad the show has finally settled onto a good feel, and balancing out the romantic angst and work angst with some cute and happy. We have seen many hints that our OTP is still not over each other, but my only gripe is that we have yet to see any flashbacks for our OTP. I know they fought and had money problems, but how did they meet and fall in love? What did they like about each other in the first place? How are you going to rekindle a relationship if you don’t show us the contrast to what they were before to what they are now?

On another note, Chun Soo and Ji Hye being happy and smiley at each other was amazing. I love them together, and even though they are not the main leads, at times it feels like they are. There’s great sexual tension between them (more so than in that CPR scene hah, only Chang Min will disagree with me on this), and I’m genuinely rooting for them to be with each other. You have no idea. I will tell Jin Hee to butt off any day, take her on myself.

Or….maybe later.

Thankfully, we had some flashback into Chun Soo’s past, which explains why he’s punishing himself and why he’s been a resident in the ER forever. It fits in with his character, how his guilt came in the way of his career. I hope he can move on and move up, because when he has them babies with Ji Hye, they’re gonna need money to bring them up.


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