Emergency Couple Episode 9

We’re getting somewhere with our OTP, but there are bumps and turns along the way. It’s going to be a tough one for both of them, and if they are going to just regress to their past selves, then I would be disappointed.

After setting Jin Hee down in an empty on-call room, Chang Min returns to the chaos of the ER to treat baby Guk. Of course, Kwang Soo doesn’t know who Chang Min is and vice versa, so this could get interesting. After checking that Kwang Soo hadn’t given any medicine to Guk, Chang Min sends him home with some meds for his fever.

Chun Soo sends Ji Hye home, and Chun Soo is envious that she’s able to pursue a hobby unlike him. She encourages him to specialise like her, and if he needs to do things over it means he’ll do it better this time around. She uses love and marriage as an example. If she could start over with him, she thinks they’ll be happy. He dismisses that, saying that the problem was with him, not her. Well, what’s changed then?

Ji Hye then answers a phone call in English, and rather evasively ends the call. After she gets out of the car, she rings her mother, asking after Ji Min, who seems to be in a hospital. Oh no, is Ji Min her child? Or do they deliberately want us to think so?

Chun Soo returns to get some sleep. After he lies down and pulls over the blanket, it’s Jin Hee laid right next to him. Haha, so Chang Min brought her to the men’s on-call room? This makes for some superb sleep Olympics on Jin Hee’s end, which should make things interesting the next morning. Hee.

Sure enough, Chun Soo and Jin Hee are horrified to see each other the next morning. They scream in unison at the sight of each other, and they are soon joined by Chang Min not a moment later as he checks in on Jin Hee. Jin Hee is absolutely mortified as she recalls the events of the previous night, while Chang Min gets a telling-off for not knowing that was Chun Soo’s bed he left Jin Hee on.

Chun Soo is quite nonchalant about it considering his usual character, and even keeps Jin Hee’s sock in his pocket, presumably to return it to her (nothing weird here, you weirdos). Chang Min also spots the wad of gum from Jin Hee’s hair stuck to Chun Soo’s trousers – now how did that get there? I want evidence of transfer!

Jin Hee experiences a second round of mortification as she realises that her lost sock might still be with Chun Soo. The other lady interns join her in the locker room, and quite quickly comment on the obvious fact that she didn’t go home. Jin Hee gets summoned to see Ji Hye, and she panics, thinking Ji Hye already knows about her sleeping with Chun Soo. Before Ji Hye can finish her sentence, Jin Hee blurts out that she didn’t sleep with Chun Soo on purpose. That’s not what Ji Hye wanted to say at all – she just wanted to advise Jin Hee to make the best out of her second chance to stay at the hospital. Haha.

After Round 3 of mortification, Jin Hee runs into Chun Soo at the lift. She tries to avoid him, but fails. He ends up yelling at her at the lift for getting drunk, and while she bows to apologise, she notices the wad of gum stuck to his trousers. Haha, little does she know it was from her hair. Despite just yelling at her, Chun Soo wears a silly smile on his face once his back is turned. Aww, you softie. You are totally loving it.

Jin Hee tries to point out the gum, and he practically twirls around just trying to find it. Haha. Jin Hee squats to remove, which has Chun Soo awkwardly try to get her to stop. Why is it that he always has a wardrobe malfunction for the leading ladies to fix? Ji Hye and Chang Min come round to witness this, resulting in more awkwardness.

Chang Min drags Jin Hee to the roof, mostly to find out if Jin Hee likes Chun Soo. Jin Hee says yes, but more out of anger than anything else. It has nothing to do with him, but he sputters that it’s uncomfortable for him to see his ex with someone else. Of course, said in his 3-year-old jerk tone, it just sounds grating to Jin Hee, who stresses that their relationship ended a long time ago.

Meanwhile, baby Guk’s condition worsens, and Kwang Soo rushes him back to the hospital again. He shouts for yesterday’s doctor in a rage, and Ji Hye rushes over to see to the baby. She finds a strange rash on Guk’s arms, and immediately calls for Chun Soo to help. Chang Min comes over, and Ji Hye lists Guk’s symptoms, pressing for a diagnosis. Chang Min hangs his head, knowing he’s made a mistake. Guk is suspected to have meningitis, and it can be dangerous. Ji Hye inserts a needle into Guk’s forehead to allow for a drip.

With Guk in so much distress, Kwang Soo blames Chang Min for his error and throws a punch at his face. Jin Hee notices the commotion and comes over to intervene. Kwang Soo is surprised to see her, and Jin Hee seems more concerned about Chang Min at the moment. Chang Min gets another scolding by Chun Soo when he turns up, while Jin Hee tries to comfort Kwang Soo a bit. She explains what’s going on with Guk, and reasons that she’s an intern just like Chang Min, so she’s just as likely to have made the same mistake.

Jin Ae turns up at the hospital, and the first person she runs into is Chang Min. She calls him brother-in-law loudly, several times, before Jin Hee comes over to drag her off. She goes off on Jin Ae for well, everything, and Chang Min steps in. He stops Jin Hee so that Jin Ae can go see her baby. Not that she seemed very concerned about it in the first place.

Jin Ae has to wear sterile robes and a cap (Why? Not that anyone else is…) to enter the treatment room. She helps hold Guk while Chun Soo does a lumbar puncture. The screams are heartbreaking, and Jin Ae breaks down in tears by the end of the procedure. Watching from the outside with Kwang Soo, Jin Hee realised that he could have contacted Jin Ae all along, but lets it slide for now. Jin Hee nods a thank you at Chang Min, and there is some emotional connection between them, finally.

Chun Soo observes Ji Hye’s expertise at dealing with toddler patients and their family, and she just says that if a child is ill, the parent can get upset. He comments that she sure knows a lot even without being a mother. Well, it’s not that difficult, but I’m not sure she’s never been a mother.

The other interns gossip about hearing some call Chang Min ‘brother-in-law’, and Ah Reum fidgets a little at that. She excuses herself, but Young Kyu asks her out for a meal after work. She turns him down with an excuse that she’s busy.

Kwang Soo goes up to Chang Min to apologise for hitting him, and gives him a mix CD as a token of apology. Chang Min plays the CD on his way home. The first two tracks are dance and electro kind of music, which he quickly skips past. The third track, however, brings back memories of him and Jin Hee, from 6 years ago, and since they met again at the hospital, bringing him to tears.

Ji Hye asks Chun Soo what’s going on between him and Jin Hee, but then stops herself from finishing the question, because she doesn’t have the right to ask. She does, however, tell him that it wasn’t because of him that Jin Hee’s termination was rescinded.

Chang Min can’t sleep from all the emo thoughts, so he’s at the gym trying to work it off. Ah Reum runs into him there, and gets herself invited over to look at reference books for her work. Chang Min helps her get one from the top shelf, which has them in close proximity. It clearly affects Ah Reum, who asks him again about her offer to date. He remains firm on his ground that he’s not interested in dating or marriage now. Ah Reum takes it like a champ, to her credit. She asks casually about the gossip regarding him being someone’s brother-in-law. Chang Min hesitates at first, but when he wants to tell her about his divorce, his phone rings and Ah Reum excuses herself.

It’s Mum, who’s ever so meddly, trying to find out the secret that he and his uncle are keeping from her. Chang Min completely glazes over it like there’s nothing at all (that was skillful) and hangs up. Mum stops him to tells him about her handing divorce papers to his Dad, but Chang Min tells her to reconsider. She’s surprised, because he’s always asked her to just file for divorce.

Jin Hee pulls Jin Ae out for a confrontation, mainly to get Jin Ae to keep her mouth shut about Chang Min working with her. Jin Hee finds out about Jin Ae’s many part-time jobs, but Jin Ae is still not above asking for money. Sigh. Mummy turns up at the hospital, and rushes over to grab Jin Ae by the hair. It causes a great scene, and Jin Hee pulls her away to remind her that she’s here to see Guk. Mummy turns into doting grandma in 2 seconds, cooing over her little Gukie.

The next morning, everyone in the hospital receives a video of Young Gyu’s song-confession to Ah Reum, which he has sent accidentally. Hahaha, everyone’s reactions are hilarious. He receives a response from Chang Min first, then belatedly realises he’s sent it to everyone, haha. Poor Young Kyu.

Jin Hee gives a present to Chun Soo to thank him for helping her keep her job, and also in apology for the incident the other night, heh. He throws her sock back at her, which brings her to Round 4 of mortification. She runs into Ji Hye on her way out, and notices Jin Hee’s present. She teases Chun Soo that she might have to knock before she comes in next time.

Ah Reum turns up at work to the amusement of everyone. She’s oblivious to everyone’s attention though, because her phone is being fixed, so she hadn’t a clue about Young Kyu’s confession. She also finds out he gave her the plant, much to his surprise. Aww, poor Young Kyu.

Chun Soo goes to see the department chief, where he finds out about Chang Min’s uncle being the person to vouch for Jin Hee. The chief is chuffed, and wonders if they should treat Chang Min better. Chun Soo looks disappointed.

Chang Min’s Mum bugs her brother instead to find out about the secret, because her curiosity is killing her. Her brother refuses to budge either, telling her to mind her own business and it’s for her own good that she doesn’t know about it. Haha, like that’s going to stop her. She pays a visit next to Dad to satisfy her curiosity. He’s not in today (probably to avoid her), so she rummages around his desk to see if he’s signed the divorce papers yet. She finds Jin Hee’s gift to him in a drawer, and reading the card brings a frown upon her face. Uh-oh.

Guk is all ready to be discharged, and Chang Min checks in on him again. Jin Ae comments that it looks good, them two with a baby. Kwang Soo butts in, trying to matchmake them both, which, if only he knew. He rattles on about how even though Jin Hee is divorced she’s still a catch, while Jin Ae tries to shut him up. None of them correct him, being in earshot of everyone in the ER. Chang Min thanks him for the CD, and there’s good family feeling going on here. Haha. Jin Ae tells Kwang Soo he’ll be shocked when he finds out who Chang Min really is.

Jin Hee gives Chun Soo an update on Guk, and asks if he likes the jacket she bought him. He tells her he’s not satisfied with it, so she can take it back. She should get Chang Min a present instead, because he’s the one who saved her job. Meanwhile, Chang Min thanks Ji Hye for intervening on Guk’s case. She laments that she only gets thanked verbally, while some people get thank-you presents. Chang Min finds out that Jin Hee bought something for Chun Soo.

This gets him down, as he ponders over the signs that Jin Hee likes Chun Soo. He gets a text off her asking to meet on the roof. She confronts him for using his family connections to help her, because it’s like a slap to the face for her, as if she cannot succeed on her own. He’s angry that she treats him and Chun Soo differently, even though they both tried to help her keep her job. He grabs her hand first, then both her arms, urgggh. He warns her not to smile at him (meaning Chun Soo), not to hug him and not to look at him with moony eyes.


This episode felt really disjointed to me. I felt like there were too many bits and bobs here and there, too many smatterings of side characters just to make the leads find out something. My main issue though, is still Chang Min. There was a level of emotional connection at beginning between him and Jin Hee, but towards the end when jealous angry Chang Min reared his head it was horrible. I suspect it’s the delivery and directing that’s making it unbearable. Those same lines can be less cringeworthy if there’s no aggressive arm-grabbing and wrist-grabbing. What gives him any right to be grabby with her anyway? I think he’s realised he’s still got feelings for her now, thank you very much, you’ve shown that plenty.

Another little niggle is how possibly Ji Hye might have a big secret of her own. I don’t mind that she has a kid, but what if she’s already married? Maybe she ‘s divorced too, which means Chun Soo and her can still have a future. Which also means that Chun Soo is inevitably attracted to divorced women, haha.


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