Emergency Couple Episode 10

Yay! Finally got caught up with Emergency Couple! It’s been a bit crazy this week after my lovely weekend away, but I have my Emergency Couple fix now and I’m happy. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next episode. (And I refuse to watch Episode 11 before writing this, else I’d never get to blog about poor lonely Episode 10.)

So Chang Min and Jin Hee’s confrontation on the roof meant that he’s made his rekindled feelings known to her, but Jin Hee refuses to acknowledge it. She reminds him that they are divorced and he has no right to care if she likes Chun Soo or not. And she sure as hell doesn’t care if he dates Ah Reum. Well, if you put it that way…

She’s just really coming to terms with the bomb he’s just dropped on her, basically. We also see the rest of the conversation between her and Chun Soo after he told her about Chang Min being the one to save her job. She insists that he keeps the jacket she got him anyway, as a sign of respect and to thank him for everything he’s done for her so far. Any excuse, really.

Chang Min writes up some notes on Baby Guk’s condition and gets pills for everyone in the family to prevent them from getting ill too. He tells Young Kyu that it’s for his nephew, but then corrects himself. Young Kyu ribs him for not printing out the information, but old-school Chang Min prefers written notes which are more sincere. Well, handwritten notes takes time to produce, which means Chun Soo beats Chang Min to the punch. Chang Min stews in jealousy and bins his hard work. Awww.

Jin Hee returns home to find her house in a state, with the two youngsters and a baby leaving a total mess. She also gets burned (literallyyy!) when Jin Ae drops a hot baby bottle on her foot. Haha. Jin Hee goes to Mummy’s salon, where Mummy is hiding working overtime to earn money for the extra mouths in the house.

Mummy seems to have resigned to the fate that they have to put up with having 2 extra human beings in the house. When she gets the meds from Jin Hee, she gushes over Chun Soo and how kind he is (if only she knew what a grumps he actually is), and urges Jin Hee to get along with him. She’s on to something here.

Jin Hee interrupts the hot blooded youngsters in love by summoning Jin Ae over to question her about her plans for the future. Jin Ae stops her only by threatening to tell Mummy about Chang Min working at the hospital too. Smart girl. She tries to delay having Mummy and Jin Hee meet Kwang Soo’s parents, and insists that having a baby was not an accident, but was out of love. Or maybe someone forgot a condom.

Chang Min and Jin Hee both have dreams about how they met – yay, flashback, finally! It was in university, and then-med school student Chang Min runs into a girl who is having breathing difficulties. He suspects that she’s having an asthma attack, so he tells her friends to search for an inhaler in her bag. Jin Hee also witnesses the incident, and asks if the girl had lunch at the cafeteria. She finds a rash on the girl, and wonders if she might be having an allergic reaction to wheat in the noodles served for lunch. Chang Min adjusts the girl’s position and elevates her feet. Jin Hee was right; the girl was in anaphylactic shock.

Chang Min notices Jin Hee’s name badge and tells her that they have the same surname. They share a little laugh over that, then he thanks her for helping him. She smiles, and that look was what attracted him to her, as Chang Min tells us in voiceover. In their second encounter, Jin Hee chances upon him puking outside class during a practical session. She gives him some dried fish and cabbage to get rid of his nausea. Just then, a cadaver is wheeled out of the class past them, and the hand of the cadaver brushes against Jin Hee, sending her straight into Chang Min’s arms. Awww. In her voiceover, Jin Hee wonders if she hadn’t had the dried fish and cabbage in hand that day, and if it weren’t for that cadaver, would their fate have ended at their first encounter? Tellingly, they both smile in their sleep.

They run into each other outside the lift, and Chang Min gets into the lift after some prompting from Jin Hee. As more people enter the lift on the next floor, the lift is more crowded, and both of them shuffle to the side of the lift. Chang Min gets shoved by someone as they leave, which means he’s pressed up close to Jin Hee. We hear their hearts thumping, and Chang Min walks out of the lift bent over. OMG, this would never happen on a big 3 network drama, hahaha.

Chang Min runs into Ah Reum, who notices the lipstick mark on his coat (but thankfully she didn’t look lower down lol). She’s curious, but just ends up playing it off as a joke. Meanwhile, Jin Hee discovers the handwritten notes and pills in the trash, and Young Kyu helpfully tells her it was Chang Min’s handiwork. When she sees Ah Reum getting up close to Chang Min to remove the lipstick stain, she walks past between them, you know, because she’s not jealous or anything.

Chang Min runs after her, and she points out that his expression was as if he was caught cheating, only for him to ask teasingly why she suddenly cares. He smiles happily at her jealousy.

In other less interesting development, Chang Min’s Mum confronts his Dad about his relationship with Jin Hee. I feel that Dad is intentionally being evasive about the extent of the help he gave Jin Hee, possibly to avoid Mum erupting in rage at him again. Mum tells him that they’ll go ahead with the divorce once Chang Min marries Ah Reum. Wow, she’s trying to replace her doctor husband with a doctor daughter-in-law, it’s a bit like an obsession now. The less of her, the better really.

Chang Min gets Jin Hee to eat with him, thanks to a bit of aegyo. (I wouldn’t be able to resist it either.) He tells her not to eat too fast or she’ll get indigestion like she used to. She’s surprised that he remembers. He fawns over her a bit when she chokes on her food, and their closeness doesn’t escape Smitten Nurse.

We finally get some proper Chun Soo scenes, where he tries on the jacket Jin Hee gave him, only to have Ji Hye walk in on him. She jokes that she really should have knocked before she came in, and turns to leave. Chun Soo grumps for her to stay and gets teased when he takes off the jacket. Haha.

Ah Reum notices Jin Hee’s lipstick colour, and asks if she was in the lift with Chang Min today. She points out that colour of her lipstick matches what was on Chang Min’s coat, which takes Jin Hee by surprise. Me too, because I’m not the kind of person to tell between lipstick shades. Ah Reum asks what happened between them in the lift, but Jin Hee asks Ah Reum first what she likes about Chang Min. Ah Reum says that he’s manly, but has a cute side, and she sees pain and sadness in his eyes. Pffft.

She gushes about their first meeting, but Jin Hee bites back, saying that things went well between them because she’s a minister’s daughter. Ah Reum goes a bit batshit crazy at that, pushing up close to Jin Hee and spouting out a few sentences in English. Jin Hee is of course taken aback. Ah Reum once again questions Jin Hee’s relationship with Chang Min, but Jin Hee takes offence to Ah Reum’s use of banmal. This scene just got a bit weird there.

Meanwhile, Young Kyu confides in Chang Min about how Ah Reum might be married, because he overheard her calling someone ‘omonim’ over the phone. Poor Chang Min tries to console Young Kyu, while racking his brain to remember how to attract a woman. He gets distracted when Chun Soo shows up at the club with Ji Hye, wearing his swanky new jacket. (Lol, this silly jacket and the problems it has caused.) Chang Min goes over and gets all spiteful and silly with the jacket by spilling a drink over it and  later stealing it.

Ji Hye tries to tell Chun Soo something big, but gets interrupted by a phone call requesting for some blood tests from her. Oh no, is it something from her dark past? Chun Soo gets all grumpy after she leaves because he realised that his jacket is now missing, and Chang Min’s mischievous smile practically gives him away. Chun Soo gets called back to the hospital when his patient that Jin Hee was seeing to earlier gets seizures.

Chang Min picks Jin Hee up outside the hospital and offers her a ride. She asks where they are going, but he tells her he’s kidnapping her. He wants a chance to speak to her in private away from all the prying eyes and ears at the hospital. However, she gets a phone call from Chun Soo about the patient and immediately wants to get back to the hospital, despite being told she doesn’t have to. Chang Min pitches a hissy fit, and in the heat of the argument misses the red light, braking suddenly. Jin Hee gets thrown forward and grimaces in pain after.

Chang Min pulls over and looks at her shoulder. He berates himself, but thinks that she broke her collarbone. He fashions an arm sling for her out of the gear he has in the car, then takes her back to the hospital. Chun Soo spots them both and goes over to check on Jin Hee immediately. She tells him she’s hurt, and he yells back in his grumpy manner that he can see that. He sends Chang Min for some pain meds first. Then he yells some more at her for worrying about the patient at her current state before examining her injury. He comes to the same conclusion as Chang Min, and orders him to get some X-rays done. Chang Min takes this all in with an annoyed expression, and grumbles as though it’s Chun Soo’s fault Jin Hee is injured.

They have a cute moment as he wraps her shoulders up and she gets all tickly. Chun Soo comes over to show some grumpy concern for her, which annoys Chang Min again. When Jin Hee is asleep, Chun Soo checks on her again, telling Chang Min to stop the pain meds. Chang Min disagrees, and Chun Soo gets mad at him for getting her injured in the first place. Chang Min asks if he cares about Jin Hee that much.

Chun Soo shifts their conversation from Jin Hee’s bedside to the ever wonderful stairwell, where he admits that he cares about Jin Hee. This surprises Chang Min, who tells Chun Soo not to, because he likes Jin Hee. And let the stare-off commence.

Chun Soo mulls over this new information, while also finding out about Ji Hye’s urgent blood tests. He offers to fax it over to the hospital in the States, which adds another thought to his list of worries.


Meanwhile, Chang Min stays by Jin Hee’s side, and we get another flashback. This time they seem to be dating already, and Jin Hee drops by a lecture to see Chang Min. She brings him coffee, which is a bit too hot so he scalds himself trying to drink it. She fawns over him, and he takes the opportunity to kiss her.

Chang Min in the present day spots his note in Jin Hee’s bag and looks at her meaningfully. In a voiceover, he asks Jin Hee what he should do – should he start over? Then he moves in to kiss her.


Did he really have to kiss her at the end? There were some things that worked for me this episode and some that didn’t, and the kiss at the end falls into the latter category. While I like that he’s the first to realise that he still has feelings for Jin Hee, I don’t really get how different he is to 6 years ago. His main issue was that he didn’t respect Jin Hee at all, which was evident in how condescending he was to her in the first few episodes. Just because he’s nice to her now and trying to keep her around doesn’t necessarily mean that their relationship will work magically now – I think they have a long way to go still.

We’ve been given hints that Jin Hee is still not over Chang Min too, though understandably her denial is stronger, because I feel that she’s been given the tougher draw in the divorce. She’s trying her best to prove herself as a doctor, yet in this episode she seems to have taken a bit of a backseat while Chun Soo and Chang Min squabble over her.

What I did enjoy was the flashback, way way overdue. We finally have some insight to how to met and a bit about how they fell for each other, cheesy as it may sound. Fundamentally, if we had that in the first episode instead of just the fighting and breakdown, it would have helped me root for the OTP much earlier on.


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