Emergency Couple Episode 11

Our hero may have finally decided to start over with the heroine, but she still needs some time getting there. Like it or not, she seems to have had the short end of the stick after the divorce whereas he just went back to his old, comfortable life. And, Ji Hye’s big secret is revealed. There might be hope in the world.

Chang Min kisses Jin Hee in her sleep, and she smiles, because she’s dreaming of happier times with him, back when they were married. I don’t think smiling is the appropriate response to creepy sleep kissing someone, but whatever. Her dream is of them having a pillow fight, which leads to sexy times. Alright, at least we got some proper kissing.

Jin Hee wakes up to see Chun Soo, who asks how she is. She tries to remove her drip, only for him to stop her with a wrist grab. He tells her to get better if she wants to come back to work. He gives her the big ‘ol lecture on how doctors need to be healthy because it won’t be fair on patients who come from far away if she isn’t well.

Chang Min feels guilty about the accident, and blames it on Chun Soo’s phone call for distracting him, since he’s usually the best driver. Pffft. Young Kyu asks if he likes Jin Hee, because it’s written all over his face. Lol. He also points out Chang Min’s new hairstyle, if he changed it to impress Jin Hee. Boy, did Chang Min have a lot of free time to undo his perm overnight. He probably wanted to revert to the old Chang Min look to remind Jin Hee, I guess. Young Kyu asks whose jacket it is in his bag, and Chang Min freaks out a bit. He makes Young Kyu keep it in the mean time, and I just hope it won’t get him into trouble. Poor boy’s got enough on his plate.

Chun Soo checks on Jin Hee’s condition, also commenting on how Chang Min was up all night. (So when did he have time to sort his hair out?!) He shows her X-ray to her, and Chang Min sees them discussing her condition. After Chun Soo leaves, Jin Hee reaches for Chang Min’s handwritten notes by her bed, but grimaces in pain. Chang Min jumps in, and quickly grabs it away from her while nagging at her to stop. He wonders how she found his note. She is mad at him for throwing it away instead of giving it to her. He hands it back to her begrudgingly. She softens a little, thanking him. Aww.

Meanwhile, Kwang Soo finds out about Chang Min’s past relationship with Jin Hee, and is rightfully surprised. Their conversation is cut short when Mummy joins the table, announcing that she’s going to buy baby Guk an astronaut outfit today. Jin Ae would rather she not spend money on baby clothes as he’ll outgrow it soon, and asks Mummy to give her the money instead. Kwang Soo cutely offers to be the breadwinner of the family, only for Mummy to say that she cringes at the sound of the word son-in-law. This earns comparisons to how Mummy treated Chang Min, and Kwang Soo almost gives away the fact that he has met Chang Min. Close call.

Chang Min has taken Jin Hee to the canteen, and proceeds to feed her like a child, much to her mortification. She insists on using her left hand to eat, but Chang Min takes the chopsticks away, nagging at her not to lift her arm. She is annoyed at his glee in this whole situation, but he reminds her about the time that she injured her arm during a pillow fight. (Oh, like in her dream? Haha) He had to feed her for days, and even took her to the toilet. Jin Hee is horrified at the memory of that, and reminds him that it was his fault she was injured. Aww, this is cute.

Jin Hee points out that Chang Min isn’t eating. He dismissively says that he has no appetite, probably since he was up all night. Jin Hee asks if it was because of her, to which he unconvincingly denies, and quickly goes to get water right after.

Jin Hee insists on going to work, while Chang Min thinks she needs more rest. They bicker a bit about that till Ah Reum turns up to greet Chang Min. She goes off to the locker room, and Jin Hee asks him what to tell Ah Reum about their relationship. Chang Min looks conflicted, and doesn’t answer.

Jin Hee goes on to say that they are compatible, so if they date she will be fine with it. Chang Min responds with a question of his own – what is her relationship with Chun Soo? He uses the exact same lines she did about Ah Reum back at her; she could date him if she wants, he’ll be fine with it. Even though, obviously, he’s not.

Their bickering is cut short when their patient from yesterday needs an emergency procedure. They join Chun Soo in the treatment room, where they learn that the patient needs a kidney transplant. His wife’s is a suitable donor, but they have separated. Jin Hee decides to contact his ex-wife to persuade her to save the patient, since with her own condition she can’t do much to care for the patient.

Chun Soo confronts Ji Hye about her blood test results. He’s worried about the reason she needs to send her blood test results to the US. He’s being awfully wrist-grabby this episode, because he does it to her too when she tries to take her test results back. She comes clean, telling him that the result are needed for a growth hormone test, because it’s for her child. He’s shocked, but they continue that conversation over coffee, where she admits that she got pregnant while dating this guy. He wanted her to have an abortion, and she realised that he didn’t want to marry her after all. She broke things off with him and kept the baby. It’s a girl, and she’s four now.

Kwang Soo looks for Chang Min when he’s at the hospital for Guk’s antibiotics, and calls him hyung-nim. He apologises again for hitting him, then asks Chang Min to speak to him in banmal. Chang Min says that he’s no longer his brother-in-law (and therefore no need for the closeness), and Kwang Soo just ignores that. He invites Chang Min to have a drink some time, which Chang Min tries to politely decline at first, but Kwang Soo insists. Chang Min just sighs as he agrees to it.

Aww, Baby Guk is bored

Ji Hye rings her daughter Ji Min to ask after her, and after hanging up, she realises in shock that someone else was also in the room. Jin Hee looks embarrassed at being found out, but Ji Hye’s straightforward nature means that she quite coolly tells Jin Hee that she’s a single mum. She then offers to put on the shoulder support for Jin Hee. Ji Hye tells Jin Hee that Chun Soo is worried about her, and he’s even asked Ji Hye not to give Jin Hee any jobs.

Chun Soo mulls over the newfound information about Ji Hye while staring at an old polaroid of him with Ji Hye celebrating his birthday. Chang Min enters his office, and offers to take on Jin Hee’s workload so that she can recover. Chang Min asks about their patient, since he has no other family apart from his ex-wife. Chun Soo is surprised at his concern for the patient, but Chang Min honestly admits that Jin Hee is more concerned for the patient. Chun Soo is intrigued that Chang Min is trying to alleviate Jin Hee’s worries, and once again asks how long Chang Min and Jin Hee have known each other.

Young Kyu brings Ah Reum some yoghurt, and asks if she went on a blind date with Chang Min. Ah Reum responds vaguely, so Young Kyu goes on to aks why she hasn’t replied his apology text (for the confession video that was sent to everyone). She is cool about that, because everyone makes mistakes. Young Kyu is hurt, because that’s his feelings, not a mistake. Ah Reum admits to having feelings for Chang Min, then sends Young Kyu to the friendzone. Poor Young Kyu.

Chang Min’s Dad receives a phone call from another hospital, but he just sticks the card up on his board. He rings Chang Min instead to ask how he is, which surprises Chang Min. He brings up Jin Hee, but Chang Min tells Dad he’s okay working with Jin Hee now. He also tries to ask Dad to not sign the divorce papers. He knows it’s between Dad and Mum, but his Dad interjects, informing him that Mum only wants to divorce after Chang Min is married. Dad is curious at Chang Min’s change in opinion, since he’s always advised them to split. Dad even invites Chang Min to come fishing, much to Chang Min’s surprise (again). God, I hope Dad isn’t dying or seriously ill.

Jin Hee rings her patient’s wife, but she hangs up on Jin Hee, despite knowing his condition. Chun Soo and a resident run past her to the patient’s room, and she follows. He’s flatlined, and they try to revive him. Chang Min does CPR, while Jin Hee informs Chun Soo about her phone call to his wife. Chang Min tells her not to say things like that aloud, because the patient can hear them. His condition worsens, while Chang Min urges him not to give up, his wife will come to see him. His emotional outburst stuns everyone and brings tears to Jin Hee’s eyes. Of course, the patient does miraculously come back to life.

Ji Hye and resident Min Ki search for some results in Chun Soo’s office, and she comes across the polaroid he was looking at earlier.

Jin Hee checks on Chang Min, who admits that this is the first time he’s wanted so badly to save a patient. He thinks back to his previous patients, including the one in the lift where he choked before doing the procedure. He worries that the patient’s wife won’t turn up. Jin Hee laments that it helps with recovery if there is someone by their side, like a lifeline. People don’t appreciate what they have till they lose it. When you are ill, you will know who truly cares for you. Jin Hee shoots him this meaningful glance as she agrees with him.

Chun Soo checks on Jin Hee again, and tells her to use her holiday allowance to have the next few days off. Chang Min forces Jin Hee to get on his car to take her home, reminding her that she’s not fit to drive now. He asks where she lives now, and when she hesitates to answer, wonders if he’s being burdensome. Jin Hee tries to play it cool by saying that they are just colleagues, so it’s fine.

Chang Min comments that she really did move out quick after the divorce, and asks if their last fight was all that she remembers, because he remembers the happy times in the house too.

They arrive home at the same time as Jin Ae and Kwang Soo, who happily invite hyung-nim to join them for a drink, since Mummy is still at the salon with baby Guk. Despite Jin Hee’s reservations, the kids each grab an arm to pull him inside. Chang Min finds out that Kwang Soo is also living here with Jin Ae. Before they start drinking, Jin Hee gets the kids to stop calling him brother-in-law, so they call him hyung and oppa instead.

Both Chang Min and Jin Hee are not actually drinking, since Jin Hee has an injury and he has to drive home. Kwang Soo asks how he proposed to Jin Hee, and the ladies stare at him disapprovingly. Chang Min is good-natured about it though. He asks if Jin Hee remembers, then proceeds to tell the story. It brings back good memories, and even Jin Hee is smiling as he goes on. We don’t hear much about it, apart from the fact that it happened on a snowy day.

They are interrupted by the doorbell – surely it isn’t Mummy coming home already. Jin Hee panics, but Jin Ae doesn’t think it’s time for Mummy to finish work yet. It’s actually the movers, bringing Jin Ae and Kwang Soo’s stuff from their old place. Jin Ae sheepishly lets them in, with boxes and boxes of their belongings.

Chun Soo joins Ji Hye for a drink. She clocks his heavy mood, and laments that this is why she didn’t want to tell him in the first place. He asks for her daughter’s name, and Ji Hye goes one better, showing him photos of a really cute little Ji Min. Ji Hye admits to seeing their old photo on his desk, but Chun Soo says that just because they broke up, it doesn’t mean that he threw away everything related to her. He doesn’t want to forget their happy times. Ji Hye jokes that he still dumped her anyway. He apologises, and is clearly still feeling guilty for ending things with her. He’s only ever had one relationship, and he declares that he can’t even date properly, let alone marry.

Jin Hee is mad at Jin Ae for all the things she’s brought back. Chang Min speaks up for Jin Ae, much to her delight, but their discussion/argument ends when Mummy’s voice is heard. Jin Ae and Kwang Soo try to stop Mummy from getting in, while Jin Hee and Chang Min hide in her room. Jin Ae can’t hold Mummy off for longer before she barges into Jin Hee’s room looking for her. Chang Min is nowhere to be seen, until she asks one of the movers to shift something. It’s Chang Min, who’s borrowed the mover’s jacket and cap. Haha.

Mummy thankfully doesn’t notice him with his cap pushed down, and he manages to make a smooth exit. Once the coast is clear, Jin Hee joins Chang Min in his car. They’re both a bit shocked from Mummy’s sudden appearance. Jin Hee apologises, but there was no other way, since he can’t be seen by Mummy. Then, Chang Min puts the seatbelt on Jin Hee and drives off, much to Jin Hee’s surprise.

Back to Ji Hye and Chun Soo, who asks about Ji Min’s father. She’s not contacted him since they broke up, and she laments that she must have been blind to think that he was a decent guy. Chun Soo asks if she just picked anyone to date after he broke up with her. She agrees that she was trying to get over him. Chun Soo feels that he’s ruined her life. She corrects him, saying that it may affect her daughter because she doesn’t have a father, but she is fine in herself. Chun Soo doesn’t think so, doesn’t she want to get married? Ji Hye doesn’t want to just find some guy to marry, she wants to marry someone she truly loves and whom she will want to have kids with. Aww. She’s glad that she’s met him again under these circumstances. Even though they are not as close as before, she can still see him every day, and she’s happy with that.

Meanwhile, Chang Min takes Jin Hee to his place, not with naughty intentions. He saw the situation at home, and realised that being there is not the best thing given her injury. She comments that his place is a lot more swanky than hers and he looks sheepish at that. He does note that there’s only 2 rooms in her house, and with Jin Ae and Kwang Soo there where does Jin Hee sleep? She sleeps on the sofa some nights, and others she sleeps with Mummy on her bed. He stresses that she should take care of herself for the sake of her patients, but she bites back that he was the one who got her injured in the first place. He speaks up to defend himself, and she tells him that once they are with each other they fight, so it’s impossible for her to stay till she’s recovered.

She gets up to leave, but he stops her, asking her to treat this as a favour from a colleague. He throws back her words at her from earlier, about how having someone by your side when you are ill is better than seeing a doctor. She insists that she is fine, so Chang Min’s final resort is to grab her in a backhug. He’s the one who is ill, so will she stay by his side?


I’m glad that Jin Hee is also starting to show some signs of wanting to rekindle the flame with Chang Min. I feel that Chang Min’s problem the first time around was his lack of confidence in himself – he was forced to leave med school and abandon his ambitions to be a doctor, taking on a job he didn’t want nor have any passion for. That’s enough to break a lot of people. Now he’s at least doing what he wants to do and slowly gaining the confidence in his job. Him going the extra mile for the patient this episode (even if he credited it to Jin Hee’s concern) was admirable.

Jin Hee’s got a lot more to lose if she goes back to Chang Min, in my opinion. When they divorced, she got the short end of the stick, as with most divorced women. Somehow the same stigma is less applied to men than it is to women. The world is unfair. Jin Hee has more reason to reject Chang Min, yet she’s dreaming about their happy past and being a bit sentimental. I don’t mind if she comes to realise her feelings later.

My great relief this episode was Ji Hye’s backstory – I thought there’d be some birth secret trope once her daughter was revealed, but thankfully the drama dealt with that swiftly. Ji Hye’s character stays true to her straightforward nature (and hopefully they keep her that way) by being honest about her past. I also like how frank she is about being close to Chun Soo – the girl cannot be more open about her feelings for him. I wish he’d have more drive and courage to accept Ji Hye and be with her. And not waste time waffling over his budding feelings for Jin Hee, because there’s such an awesome woman who is still in love with him.


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