Emergency Couple Episode 12

Our main couple seem to be headed towards reconciliation, but someone throws a spanner in the works. It is annoying, but seeing that we’re in the middle of the drama’s run, something has to crop up to make things as difficult as possible for our OTP. I’m firmly on Jin Hee’s side since the first episode, and that means Chang Min’s gotta start respecting her and listening to what she wants, even if it means not being with her.

Chang Min basically manhandles Jin Hee into staying over, despite her objections. They fight over it some more, but in the end she relents. She agrees to staying over for 24 hours, and they both exchange cute text messages, while still in the same house. He checks on her after a while, and finally sleeps when he sees her asleep.

In the morning, Chang Min wakes her up and wraps her up in the blanket so she can’t run away. He helps her brush her teeth and wash her face and she allows it even if she’s annoyed. He then makes her breakfast. She laments that although they are happy now, it won’t last longer than a few days, because they are too familiar with each other. When he gives her toast with half-boiled eggs (her favourite), she eats up happily, saying that sometimes familiarity isn’t so bad after all. She then frees herself to eat breakfast, which she obviously could have done all along.

He gets ready to go to work, and him leaving for work is reminiscent to when they were newlyweds. It’s his day off, but he’s working her shift so she can rest. He asks the Smitten Nurse for all of Jin Hee’s patients so he can take care of them while she’s gone. Young Kyu teases him about the power of love, and despite Chang Min shushing him, both the Smitten Nurse and catch on to the fact that Chang Min likes Jin Hee.

He meets a lady in the ER, who turns out to be the wife of the patient with the kidney problem. She’s finally decided to turn up after receiving multiple phone calls from Jin Hee. It’s a tough decision for her to come to since they are going through a divorce, but Chang Min is thankful for her choice.

Back at home, Jin Hee looks at a copy of Chang Min’s human anatomy book and finds some doodles in it, captioned with my heart belongs to Jin Hee. She thinks back to his concern over her after the accident, and the good time they had over drinks at her home. Chang Min looks over all of Jin Hee’s patients’ files, and once he’s done, he calls to check on her. (He also changes her name on his phone from a more horrible one to her name with a heart after. Aww.) Jin Hee is on her way to the hospital, having heard that her Mummy is going to the hospital with Kwang Soo and Guk for Guk’s check up.

Chang Min leaves as Ah Reum comes over, and she sees all of Jin Hee’s files on his desk. Jin Hee runs into Chun Soo when she arrives at the hospital, and he asks after her. Mummy and Kwang Soo spot Jin Hee, who introduces him to them as her chief. Chun Soo kindly tells Mummy that Jin Hee is an indispensable member of the team with a huge smile on his face. Mummy beams with pride, as she gushes over Chun Soo and thanks him for all his help with Guk. After Chun Soo excuses himself, she gushes over him some more to Jin Hee, clearly wanting them to be an item.


Chang Min overhears this, but he only comes up to Jin Hee after they leave. She starts to panic a little when she sees him so close to showing himself to Mummy, but he honestly admits that he wanted to greet Mummy, that’s why he turned up. He regrets leaving without greeting her the previous time, because he thinks that they can’t keep secret the fact that they are working together. He updates her on the kidney patient, and Jin Hee is relieved and happy that the ex-wife has turned up. He smiles at her, then says, “Jin Hee-ah, Oh Jin Hee, I want to start over with you.” He doesn’t want to wait till the chance is lost or any regrets, so he wants to start over.

Young Kyu  is weeping over his potted plant that he gave to Ah Reum, clearly still upset at his rejection. Aww, poor puppy. Resident Min Ki catches on, and admits that he was the one who tied the ribbon around the plant. He feels bad for his prank, so he encourages Young Kyu to love her more, until there is no love left. Haha, it’s weird advice, but at least Young Kyu isn’t crying anymore, just puzzled.

In other unimportant intern news, it seems that the married intern couple are pregnant. She’s devastated that she’ll be held back for a year to have a baby and her husband will proceed to become a resident first, but he’s absolutely thrilled about having a baby.

Chang Min sends Jin Hee off, with Jin Hee promising to stay till he comes home, as she has something to say to him. Chang Min then updates Ji Hye about the kidney patient’s wife turning up finally. He asks her if it’s possible to fall in love again with someone you don’t love anymore. She wonders if he’s broke up and then got back together with his girlfriend, and he says yes. He tells her that they broke up for many reasons, but mainly because they didn’t understand each other enough. Ji Hye thinks that they’ll end up loving more deeply the second time around, but also points out that he seems to like her more than she does him, which makes him the more vulnerable one in the relationship. She thinks the more vulnerable party is the happier one.

Chang Min then decides to return Chun Soo’s jacket to him. He admits that he took the jacket because he was unhappy to see Jin Hee giving him presents. Chun Soo asks if he’s a child, to which Chang Min retorts that a child would be insulted. Haha. He admits that he becomes childish when he likes someone, and he doesn’t know how to be as cool and mature as Chun Soo. If he could, he would like to duke it out with Chun Soo, with no regards to their chief-intern status. He asks Chun Soo to stop liking Jin Hee, and for him to just be their chief.

Ji Hye notices the jacket on Chun Soo’s desk, and finds out that Chang Min took it. Ji Hye puts two and two together and figures that the girlfriend Chang Min was referring to was Jin Hee. She laments that it had to be Jin Hee, because it’s so difficult for Chun Soo to like someone, and teases him for keeping his feelings for Jin Hee to himself. She tickles his chest, asking him if he doesn’t feel anything there. I love how she can tease him openly about his feelings for another woman, yet it pains me that they can’t be together. Sigh.

Chang Min’s Dad asks his Mum and her siblings out for a meal, which is a great surprise to everyone. He’s especially nice to her over lunch, despite Mum’s frequent jibes which are rightfully shot down by her siblings. Dad is respectful and polite to his in-laws, and when the topic of Chang Min’s marriage comes up, he points out that he will let Chang Min do what he wants.

Chang Min is on the way out, and he runs into Chun Soo, who is wearing the jacket he got from Jin Hee. Chun Soo commends him on doing well today in the intern assessment, and asks him why was there such a difference in his scores from the morning and afternoon sessions. Chang Min says that in the morning he treated the illness, but in the afternoon he treated patients. Chun Soo tells him that Jin Hee should rest for two more days, coming from his position as their chief. He then refers to Chang Min’s conversation earlier in his office, saying that he’s not the kind of person who gives up just because Chang Min wants him to. He smiles and gives Chang Min a pat on his chest. Oh, not going down without a fight, this one, I like.

Chang Min goes to buy dinner for Jin Hee, but is sidetracked by a call from Mum to meet for dinner. He doesn’t get the chance to say no, but he’s annoyed that Jin Hee’s dinner will get cold. Mum’s also invited Ah Reum, and Chang Min’s face turns sour when he sees her. He’s too polite to say anything, but he sits down and avoids eye contact with Ah Reum. He rams the food down his throat when it is served, his body language clearly implying that he doesn’t want to be there. Ah Reum isn’t blind or stupid, and she’s embarrassed enough to excuse herself without taking a bite. After she leaves, Chang Min leaves his Mum too, stating clearly that he wouldn’t have turned up if Mum wasn’t here.

He returns home to find Jin Hee in the toilet, desperately trying to unblock it. Haha. He pulls her out to have dinner, and he’s bought soup. She’s surprised that he’s bought enough for two, since he doesn’t like that. He’s being awfully nice when he could have bought something else for himself. He has to eat even more despite already eating earlier, and he doesn’t tell her about that, for obvious reasons.

Chun Soo is still wearing the jacket even though he’s just in his office (haha), and tries to ask after Jin Hee in a text, but keeps deleting his messages without sending them. After dinner, Jin Hee tries to address his earlier remarks about wanting to start over. Chang Min asks her to think it over, instead of answering right now. Jin Hee doesn’t want to consider it anymore – she went through a lot of pain when they separated. He’s just having the budding feelings of falling in love again now. Chang Min insists that he thought so too at first, but after many attempts he’s reaffirmed his feelings and come to this decision.

They are interrupted briefly when Jin Hee receives a text from Chun Soo asking her not to fall sick again. Jin Hee finally says that she doesn’t want to start over, and it’s for the sake of both of them. She excuses herself, but he pulls her back with a wrist grab. She reminds him that the 24 hours is up, but he apologises as he can’t let her go. She asks him what he means, and he swoops in to kiss her. Argggghhh.


I’m really annoyed that they had to make Chang Min force another kiss on a conscious Jin Hee this time. While I’m rooting for Jin Hee to be happy, I realised that I can’t say the same for Chang Min, especially not after his behaviour in this episode. Sure, he did some sweet things for Jin Hee, but he also forced her into staying over and made her do a whole lot of other things. I know he didn’t mean any harm, but no means no, and enough means enough. She clearly stated that she didn’t want to start over, what would kissing her do to change her mind?

I don’t get Chang Min’s reasons to do what he’s doing, which is why it’s frustrating for me as a viewer. Since Episode 1 I had wanted to like him, but he keeps being a jerk or acting extremely childish. It’s funny sometimes but also absolutely cringeworthy at others.

On the other hand, I’m all for Ji Hye and Chun Soo being happy, whether it’s with each other or not. I admire Ji Hye’s character greatly for being so awesome and funny. Chun Soo’s character deserves to be the male lead based on his maturity and charisma, and I’m not surprised why Jin Hee would fall for him either.

I don’t know how this drama is going to recover from this, but I hope they’d realise that Chang Min needs to learn a lesson in respecting what Jin Hee wants for a change. Not just what he thinks she wants, but he needs to listen to what she wants and find a way for them to be happy together.


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