The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 14 – A Few Words

You know it’s time for a Good Wife post when Elsbeth Tascioni makes an appearance. This time everyone is at a posh ABA conference in New York, and Alicia has to make a keynote speech.

What’s great about this episode is how we went back to how Alicia got her job at Stern, Lockhart and Gardner, kind of like the in-between events in the pilot, after Peter’s scandal and before Alicia worked at L/G. While we all want to think that the workplace (and in lawyerland) is kind towards a mother who had a 13-year hiatus, it obviously isn’t. For starters, we see that Alicia wasn’t exactly Saint Alicia either – she knew how to work her way to get Will to hire her. Even if she wasn’t entirely comfortable with it, she had mouths to feed and impending financial problems. The show even presents her conscience in the form of Jackie (haha) who in devil-mode brands Alicia a ‘whore’.

Present-day Will has problems of his own as he’s being chased down by Nelson Dubeck, from the Office of Public Integrity, for the stuffed ballot boxes related to Peter’s election. He turns to Elsbeth for help in fending the guy off. Elsbeth does her amazing lawyering, as usual, and if there was a drinking game for every time you wanted to punch Dubeck, I’d be wasted.

There’s some more pettiness between Florrick/Agos and Lockhart/Gardner as they both try to score a massive client. Clarke and Cary both pile the stress on Alicia to do well in her keynote speech to impress her. Alicia delivers a good speech, but is overshadowed. The only positive outcome of it is that Will and Alicia come to a bit of an acceptance of their current relationship as competitors, and even shake hands to acknowledge that. It was one of the better Will-Alicia moments since she left the firm, which reminded me how much I miss them working together.

Waitress plonks a beer down on the table loudly.
Alicia: (sarcastically) Thanks a lot.
Will: You wanna say bitch, say bitch.
Alicia: Bitch.

Alicia meets with the prospective client even after she’s had a few to drink. She’s impressed with Alicia after her speech, maybe even a little intrigued, and it feels similar to how Maddie Hayward was with Alicia. And we finally know what Alicia wants – a happy life, and to control her own fate. Clarke’s reaction is exactly how everyone feels:

Was that a good thing? How were you supposed to answer?

That’s probably how everyone feels after a job interview, eh?

We get treated to some not-so-great singing from Elsbeth, accompanied by Clarke on the piano. He very politely tells her that her voice is awful. But she’s happy because she’s had a good day – she scored a new partner, who is starting up a two-woman firm with her. Guess who? The woman whom they and L/G were looking to impress. You go, girl!

Gif credit: tumblr


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