Emergency Couple Episode 13

I’ll be honest, coming back from my holiday and catching up to Emergency Couple with this episode was not great. It felt like a bit of a filler episode at times, but it does highlight how Jin Hee has grown since the divorce, while Chang Min is only just starting to grow. There’s also a yummy but short shower scene to enjoy, and some great moments with the side characters.

Chang Min forces a kiss on Jin Hee, who pushes him away and leaves. But she runs into Chang Min’s Mum, and Mum reels in shock for a moment. She demands to know what Jin Hee is doing in Chang Min’s apartment. Thankfully Chang Min jumps right in to stop her from getting nasty, insisting on sending Mum away first before Jin Hee. When Mum doesn’t budge, he tells her not to come barging into his place in future, then pulls Jin Hee away to take her home. While I’m still not Chang Min’s biggest fan, it was satisfying to see Mum being taken down a notch.

Chang Min rejects her call while driving Jin Hee home, and Jin Hee breaks the silence by asking him why he had treated his Mum like that. He puts his hand over hers as he reassures her that he won’t let Mum treat her horribly like she did before. He’ll make it up to her for all the abuse she had to endure while they were married. What about the horrible things you said to her? He admits that he wasn’t considerate enough about her feelings while they were married, and this time he’ll do it right by her. Jin Hee doesn’t say anything, but when they arrive at her home, she finally tells him not to think about starting over with her. She’s finally found a life for herself, and she likes it.

He understands how difficult life must have been for her after the divorce, more than what he had to endure. Jin Hee asks if he likes her because of that, but he says that he’s the one who has changed, not her. He didn’t see the good in her before, or he did, but forgot after they got married, just like a fool. She tells him to reconsider, because she’s not as good as he thinks.

Mummy suspects Jin Hee is seeing someone, and asks where she spent the night before. Jin Hee insists she stayed with a friend, but it doesn’t kill Mummy’s suspicion at all. Mummy hopes that she’ll meet someone nice and start over.

In other Mum-related issues, Chang Min is home and predictably, listening to Mum’s questioning. He shoots her down by admitting that he wants to start over with Jin Hee, so she should stay out of his way. She’s furious that he’s chosen Jin Hee over Ah Reum, but Chang Min yells that not even the President’s daughter or a minister’s daughter is better than Jin Hee. Mum reminds him that this is exactly how it was the first time around when he married Jin Hee despite her objections, but Chang Min firmly tells her that if he fails, it’s his failure, his life.

Meanwhile, Jin Hee thinks back to after the Big Fight, when Chang Min moved out of their flat. He’s pretty horrible and condescending towards her as he tells her that there’s more to life than just eating and sleeping, so live with a bit of gusto. Jin Hee then has to endure more abuse from Chang Min’s Mum, who intercepts her when she takes the rubbish out. Chang Min pulls her away, but Mum tears into her anyhow. After they leave, Jin Hee just crumples to the ground in tears, having not said a word at all.

She eats dinner alone, and she looks sadly at her mug which has their wedding photo printed on it. It might be the only thing not broken from their Big Fight. Present-day Jin Hee tears up at the memories, as I think it serves as a reminder not to go anywhere near that crazy family. Chang Min’s flashbacks are to more recent events, which reflects in how people just remember what they want to remember.

Kwang Soo gives Jin Hee a ride to work, and he gentle breaches the topic of Jin Hee’s divorce. He’s curious why they split up, since they got along so well when they were drinking together. Jin Hee admits they were too young when they got married, and they never really understood each other. Kwang Soo doesn’t think that getting a divorce is a failure, and uses music as a metaphor to make a point. Like a performance, if you don’t practice enough you will mess up onstage, and there’s no practice in a marriage; it’s like a live broadcast, of course there will be mistakes. She smiles at his encouragement. It’s a great little moment for the two characters.

Jin Hee’s patient of the day is a guy with a head injury. He is transferred from another hospital, and on his notes it states that he has a contagious disease. Prof An sees that it’s Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, and quickly deflects the case to neuro. The interns panic, too when they learn of this, but it seems that Jin Hee is too busy dealing with the patient and doesn’t know yet. Young Kyu tells Chang Min, who rushes into the treatment room to help Jin Hee, despite being held back.

When Jin Hee removes pressure from the head injury, blood spatters onto her, including brain fluid. Chang Min douses her with saline and tells her to go out, because the patient has CJD. Jin Hee is taken aback, but insists that they cannot leave the patient. Chun Soo comes over to see Young Kyu and Sang Hyun standing outside the room, and asks if they are still doctors. If they are scared they should at least make themselves useful and treat other patients.

Yay, Chun Soo to the rescue! He asks both Chang Min and Jin Hee to leave, and when they don’t, he growls at Chang Min to wear a mask at least. (How stupid is it to only have one mask in a treatment room anyway?) Chang Min gets one from Young Kyu, and let’s just forget about masks and goggles being any help, because Chun Soo doesn’t bother with either. Chang Min gets blood spattered on his face too while cleaning the wound, and Chun Soo quickly wipes it off his face for him with great concern, mirroring Chang Min’s own actions earlier. Aww.

He looks a bit like a McDreamy wannabe here, doesn’t he?

They get the blood test results for the patient, which turns out to be negative for CJD. Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Later, Ji Hye wonders why Chun Soo wasn’t afraid at all, since even doctors are afraid of contracting CJD, which is fatal. Chun Soo just says that it is up to fate, like how a performer dies onstage and a soldier dies in battle, a doctor dies treating patients. Haha. He’s surprised at Chang Min’s response to the patient, and thinks that his sudden surge in passion is to do with Jin Hee.

Thanks to the CJD scare, we get a shower scene of Chang Min! Good to know something good came out of it. Strangely enough, during his broody shower scene Chang Min is thinking of Chun  Soo cleaning blood off his face. Is it too much to hope for some bromance here?

Ah Reum asks how the dinner went after she left the other night, in a bit of a futile attempt to strike a conversation with Chang Min. He turns to her, and decides to tell her that he’s a divorced man. Ah Reum doesn’t even bat an eyelid, and just says, “So?” She’s very open-minded, and just sees it as her learning something new about him.

Jin Hee overhears Min Ki talking about someone burning their arm, and might not be able to work again in future. She also unfortunately mishears the person being called ‘chief’ as opposed to ‘chef’, which has her jumping to the conclusion that Chun Soo is injured. She rushes over to check on the chief, only to find Chang Min treating burns on a chef. She’s mollified, and the residents snigger at her. To add to her embarrassment, Chun Soo turns up, having heard someone call for the chief. Haha.

Chang Min grumbles about this to himself later, and Ji Hye overhears this. She guesses that the girl he was talking about previously was Jin Hee, but she thinks that Jin Hee likes Chun Soo. Ji Hye asks him to give up then, but Chang Min won’t, so she sighs that there’ll be a battle ahead. Chang Min is surprised to learn that Chun Soo likes Jin Hee too.

He confesses to Ji Hye about his past history with Jin Hee, and Ji Hye asks him not to tell Chun Soo about this. It will make Jin Hee feel awkward, so until Chang Min knows how Jin Hee truly feels he shouldn’t be the one to tell Chun Soo about it. If Jin Hee is ready to be honest about it, she will tell him herself. Aww, Ji Hye is such a love guru.

Jin Ae contacts Chang Min for help with money, that sly fox. She tells him about Jin Hee’s wedding ring that she pawned, and takes him to get it back. He agrees to lend her money, but she’s not allowed to tell Jin Hee.

Chun Soo wants to assign something to Chang Min, but finds that he’s already gone home. Jin Hee happily takes the assignment instead, which is to go to another hospital to transfer a patient. He asks after her injury, and she tells him that she saw his text, asking him not to worry about her now. She then scurries off grinning like a schoolgirl.

Chang Min rings Jin Hee and agrees to meet her at hospital she’s transferring the patient over to. He signs in, which is when he sees his father’s name on the patient list. Uh oh, I knew there was something wrong with Dad. Dad has had surgery, but has told no one about it. Jin Hee asks him to pay Dad a visit, but Chang Min says that Dad is too stubborn to listen to anyone. He offers to send Jin Hee home, but she insists that she’ll get home on her own, that it’s easier for her this way. He overhears her answering a call from Chun Soo, and looks unhappy, but decides to follow Ji Hye’s advice to leave her be.

Dad is making a list, and we see that he’s marked down Chang Min’s birthday on his calendar. I sure hope that’s not a bucket list. Mum comes in and tells him about Jin Hee being at Chang Min’s, but Dad just asks her to stay out of it.

Meanwhile, Chang Min has a flashback to the day he proposed to Jin Hee as he revisits the place. His proposal featured a magician turning a little doll-sized wedding dress to a human-sized one, which was really sweet.

Ji Hye and Chun Soo go for a drink after work, where they run into Jin Hee. Ji Hye invites her to join them, then asks about her ideal type. Chun Soo is adorably flustered, but that’s never deterred Ji Hye. She asks if Jin Hee prefers someone who makes her heart flutter, or someone she’s familiar with. Chun Soo attempts to change the topic by talking about work, but the girls just laugh at him. Jin Hee asks if there’s anything going on between Chun Soo and Ji Hye, but Ji Hye tells her they are just colleagues. (Which is exactly what Jin Hee said of Chang Min previously, just colleagues.)

Ji Hye tries to play wingman and asks Chun Soo to send Jin Hee home while she gets a taxi herself. Chun Soo tries not to sound too keen as he asks her where she lives. In the taxi, Ji Hye sighs as she looks at photos of her daughter, asking if she’s a fool, but what can she do? Awww.

Jin Hee asks Chun Soo the same question Ji Hye asked earlier, but Chun Soo just says he’s never thought about it. Jin Hee then awkwardly talks about CJD instead, haha. Chun Soo interrupts her to answer the question, saying that he prefers someone who makes his heart flutter. He says that they should talk about CJD tomorrow, perhaps. Jin Hee just smiles at his dorkiness.

Chang Min waits outside Jin Hee’s house, which is a bit stalkerish. We get a quick flash to their wedding day, then Chang Min sees Chun Soo sheltering Jin Hee from the car with his jacket. Oh, no.


I’m glad that we are starting to get some progress between Chun Soo and Jin Hee, because the earlier they happen, the more interesting it should be. Jin Hee’s heart is obviously all aflutter this episode, and while she didn’t answer Ji Hye’s question, I suspect her dilemma will be at the forefront over the next few episodes.


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