Emergency Couple Episode 14

Chang Min watches Chun Soo drop off Jin Hee, and can only fume silently in his own car, possibly heeding Ji Hye’s advice. After she gets a shower, Jin Hee reads the book that she borrowed from Chun Soo earlier. It sounds a lot like a self-help type of book, and the line she reads aloud is about how everyone has their points in life, so eventually they can all be joined up to be a star. Or something like that. (I’m the type of person who drinks chicken soup instead of reading it.)

Chang Min avoids getting into the same lift as Jin Hee the next morning, perhaps trying to avoid another embarrassing encounter? Ji Hye catches him doing that, and remarks that it must be tough for him. He agrees that it’s not easy to sit back and wait. Ji Hye says that even if he wanted to do something for her he’d have to hold himself back. Sounds like she’s speaking from experience, eh?

Jin Hee’s patient of the day is a little boy who’s taken a fall in the playground. He’s injured his shoulder, and possibly fractured his arm and wrist. Chun Soo comes in to check on the boy, and orders some X-rays to be done. Meanwhile, Young Kyu treats an elderly man with a cough. He asks if the man is taking any other medications. The man can’t remember what the name is, but it’s for his blood pressure and he’s been taking it for a while now. Young Kyu asks the man to take the medication he’s prescribing along with that. This just doesn’t feel right, somehow.

While wheeling the boy for his X-ray, Jin Hee tries to make conversation with Chang Min but he’s giving her a bit of a cold shoulder. Hee. The boy stops them, saying that he doesn’t want to go. He tells them that he has no parents, but Chang Min and Jin Hee reassure him that his parents are coming, based on what the ER nurse had said.

Chun Soo and Ji Hye realise that there are no parents coming for the boy, because they can’t get in touch with them. The boy doesn’t know their phone numbers, and even if he did, they wouldn’t come for him. They got divorced when he was 3, and Mum is now in the States, Dad’s whereabouts is unknown. His grandmother took care of him after, but she passed away last year, since then he’s been on his own.

Chun Soo asks him for his name, and it’s Eun Chul. He sets his bones and then tasks Jin Hee to put a cast on the arm. When she starts, Eun Chul cries out in pain. Chang Min rushes over to help out, and sets his position right with a pillow. He helps hold Eun Chul’s arm in position as Jin Hee places the cast, nagging at her as she goes along. Eun Chul snickers at that, calling Chang Min ahjussi. It annoys Chang Min (since he calls Jin Hee noona), but Eun Chul points out that he called himself Ahjussi when he was first treating him. Hah.

Eun Chul teases Jin Hee some more, and when she smooths over the cast, he shouts in pain again. Both of them are concerned, but this time he’s only messing with them. Chang Min pinches his cheeks for being cheeky (hur), and Jin Hee tells him to stop. Ah Reum walks by and notices them having a laugh over it. Young Kyu sees her being upset, and comes to talk to her. He tries to tell her about Chang Min liking Jin Hee, but she stops him, having already picked up the fact herself. She lets out a sigh, saying that even if you like someone, it doesn’t mean they will like you back. Young Kyu agrees forlornly. Ah Reum doesn’t think you can snatch someone’s heart over, you have to slowly try to win them over. Young Kyu brightens up a bit, asking her if she knows what day it is.

It’s White Day, when men buy women gifts. (And that’s different from the other 364 days of the year, how? Haha) The woman half of the married couple tells the husband not to be so extravagant with the flowers/gifts next time, but when Ah Reum sets down her huge gift from Young Kyu, her eyes is practically bulging with envy. Jin Hee looks on happily at the two ladies, and Ah Reum is surprised that Jin Hee hasn’t received anything.

Chun Soo asks Eun Chul if he has any other relatives, and Eun Chul knows it’s because he’s worried about the medical bills. From what we know of Chun Soo, it obviously isn’t. He doesn’t say anything, but Eun Chul tells him that his grandmother had savings, and it would cover the medical expenses, even though there’s not much left. Chun Soo lets out a sigh of relief, then asks if he’s eaten. Eun Chul says he’s not hungry, and we then cut him him almost devouring his bowl of food. Haha.

Chun Soo tells him to eat slowly, but he doesn’t notice Jin Hee sitting down to have her lunch right behind them. He asks Eun Chul to listen to him while eating, then goes off in his monologue. His parents are not coming back, and they might not come back for a long time. It won’t be next year or the year after, so from now on he has to take care of himself. He has to eat well, so if someone offers to buy him a meal he should eat heartily like he is now. When school starts he has to work hard and do well, in secondary school and in university he has to work ever harder.

Eun Chul says he’d rather play, but Chun Soo sternly tells him he can’t afford to play, because he has no mother or father. If he has other talents, he can pursue them, but that usually costs money, and school doesn’t. He tells Eun Chul that he did well in school, and like Eun Chul, he has no parents. He’s a doctor now, and Eun Chul tells him he wants to be a policeman. Chun Soo points out that he has to do well in his studies to be a policeman.

When Jin Hee and Chang Min are checking up on him again later, Eun Chul asks Jin Hee if she did well in her studies. Jin Hee says she didn’t, but she worked really hard to be a doctor. Eun Chul tells them what Chun Soo said, calling him that scary looking ahjussi with a stubble. Jin Hee agrees, quoting the self-help book about how linking all the points in your life creates your own star.

A nurse tells them that Eun Chul’s guardian has arrived, and they go out to meet him. It turns out to be the pastor who married them. They are all surprised to see one another, and the pastor obviously still thinks they are married. They don’t correct him, but Chang Min glances nervously around. The pastor recalls warmly how they turned up at the church on the day of their wedding, saying that they must have loved each other deeply. Chang Min tries to tell him the truth, but Jin Hee stops him. The pastor catches on to the sudden change in atmosphere and wonders if they’ve had a fight. Jin Hee links arms with Chang Min to prove a point, then hurriedly takes him to see Eun Chul.

Chun Soo and Ji Hye also come over to meet the pastor and introduce themselves. The pastor starts to explain how he got to know Jin Hee and Chang Min, and it is fate that they should meet again today. He also comments on how compatible they are, like God has intended to have them work together. Ji Hye sniggers at that, and Chun Soo is puzzled. Chang Min explains that the pastor is also his professor at university, and Jin Hee pulls the pastor away with Chang Min to do some damage control. They ask him to sign some papers for Eun Chul, while Jin Hee nudges Chang Min to figure something out.

The married interns sidle over, bickering about a patient. The pastor comments that they should treat each other with more respect and understanding since they are colleagues, and gestures to Chang Min and Jin Hee as examples, even if they are a match made in heaven. Both of them jump at the comment, and Chang Min grabs on to him adorably, willing him to stop. The married interns tell him that they are married, which surprises him. Chang Min quickly changes the topic to Eun Chul, and signals behind the pastor’s back to the married interns to leave. The pastor rants on about parents like Eun Chul’s who get divorced and abandon their children, leaving Chang Min and Jin Hee to exchange looks of guilt.

Ji Hye brings desserts to have with Chun Soo, and she points out that he’s in a bad mood. Chun Soo says that’s why he hates marriage, because he doesn’t want to be irresponsible (like Eun Chul’s parents). Ji Hye thinks it’s silly, because he’s so responsible it shouldn’t even be a problem. He doesn’t think that marriage should be taken lightly, but Ji Hye thinks that if you realise that are not with the right person, you shouldn’t force yourself to stay with them. Chun Soo thinks that it’s because of adults’ mistakes that children have to get hurt. Ji Hye points out that she falls into that category too then, so Chun Soo must hate her. He backtracks a bit at that, saying that she didn’t exactly get divorced, which leads me to think that his parents must have (as opposed to them being dead). Ji Hye says that he came this far without his parents, perhaps it’s because he didn’t have them that he’s managed to do so well, but he cuts her off mid-sentence. He just can’t forgive people who get married easily and then get divorced. Oh, he’ll be disappointed then.

Chun Soo goes over to Jin Hee after work and asks to speak to her. Chang Min sees them going off together. Chun Soo and Jin Hee go to the place they went to the previous time, and the lady boss has given Jin Hee extra portions this time (haha). She comments on how good they look together, and Chun Soo awkwardly diverts her attention to other customers. Jin Hee asks him what he wanted to speak to her about, but he tells her it’s nothing, he just wanted to have a meal with her. He tells her that he’s in a bad mood today, so he thought eating with her would make him feel better. Aww. That’s almost like a confession, by Chun Soo’s standards.

Chang Min appears and plonks himself between them. The two men engage in a pissing contest with each other, as Chang Min asks if Chun Soo is on a date with Jin Hee. Jin Hee has had enough, and tries to pull him out of the restaurant. Chang Min presses on, asking if Chun Soo likes Jin Hee, he should say it now. Chun Soo says “yes, you punk, is there any reason I can’t like her? If you like her, does it mean I can’t like her?” Chang Min retorts with a childish “she’s my woman”. Gosh, I feel like slapping Chang Min now.

Chun Soo breaks up the glare-off, and tells Jin Hee to take Chang Min away. She apologises to Chun Soo, who just breaks my heart the way he just gives up. Jin Hee slaps Chang Min once they are out of the restaurant. Ooh. She is furious, asking him if he remembers why they got divorced and how horrible he was to her then? Why does he want to start over, to repeat all his mistakes from before? She reminds him that they didn’t break things off on a good note, but in the most terrible way, saying things that shouldn’t have been said. Can they forget all of that? They have both been driven to the edge, how is it possible to start over? Chang Min tries to move closer to her, but she takes a step back, asking him not to come closer, literally and metaphorically.

Chang Min is drinking alone at a pojangmacha, and he is joined by Chun Soo. They drink wordlessly for a bit, then Chun Soo talks about getting a cold away from home for a year. It doesn’t get better, not even with medicine, and there’s nothing wrong with the lungs. So he’ll just have to live with having a cold, and just as he’s gotten used to the running nose and the cough, he got better. He didn’t even realise he got rid of the cold, since he was so used to the symptoms already. Chun Soo doesn’t know how long Chang Min has known Jin Hee, but he thinks that Jin Hee is just like a cold to Chang Min, so he doesn’t think he’s stepping in between them. He just likes Jin Hee as a person.

Chang Min tells him that there’s something he’s dying to say, but he won’t, because Jin Hee wouldn’t want him to. Chun Soo brings up the cold metaphor again, asking Chang Min to fight the cold and fever he’s having now. (It’s not a really good metaphor, is it? I wouldn’t want to be a cold, if I were a disease I’d be something like ebola lol)

It’s family time at Jin Hee’s house, and Mummy is fawning over baby Guk as usual. Jin Hee asks if Jin Ae and Kwang Soo got divorced, who would look after Guk? Kwang Soo and Jin Ae bicker adorably over who gets to keep Guk, so it looks like baby Guk is stuck with at least one of them for life. Mummy scolds Jin Hee for bringing the topic, and wonders why Jin Hee is leaving early since her shift is in the afternoon. Jin Hee says vaguely that she has somewhere to go.

Chang Min’s Mum goes to her brother to ask for help matching him up with Ah Reum, reminding him that marrying the minister’s daughter will benefit his hospital as well. Uncle is reluctant, but agrees to persuade Chang Min to attend a meal with Ah Reum’s family, because Chang Min owes him a favour. Mum wonders if it’s the secret he refused to tell the other time, and she’s chuffed that something is finally going her way. Pah, I’ve watched long enough to know that if she’s happy, I’m not happy.

Jin Hee pays a visit to Chang Min’s Dad, asking after his health after his surgery. Dad is surprised that she found out, but dismisses it just something to do with his diabetes. After he sends Jin Hee off, Dad clutches his chest and doubles over in pain.

We see an old man being escorted off an ambulance coughing up blood, and it’s the old man that Young Kyu was treating earlier. Chang Min comes to help with the patient, and asks for his chart. He also asks about his other medication, and asks the man what time he usually takes it. The man tells him he takes it about eight at night, and Young Kyu’s eye dart open wide as he wonders if it’s warfarin that the man is taking. Chang Min asks if the man took his medications at the right time, and he tells Chang Min that since Young Kyu said that he had to take all his meds together, he took all the ones that he forgot before at the same time too. Gosh.

Poor Young Kyu gets shouted at for his prescribing error as Chun Soo and Ji Hye rush the patient away for treatment. He’s in shock and walks about in a daze, and Chang Min consoles him. Ji Hye tells Chun Soo that prescribing errors are common even in the States, while he just huffs that mistakes like this shouldn’t happen. She thinks that the interns will learn from it and get better, and Chun Soo admits that Chang Min handled the situation really well. Ji Hye thinks they should take the interns out for a meal, and he grumps that they didn’t do anything deserving of a treat.

They get their meal out anyway, because he’s an old softie with no one else to spend his money on, haha. Chun Soo uses the tongs to move a vent aside to glare at Young Kyu, asking if he knows what he did wrong. Sang Hyun defends Young Kyu, saying that all of them get muddled with things like that, too. Chun Soo asks them all to do their jobs properly then, and they all respond. Chun Soo moves the vent again to ask why Young Kyu didn’t answer, and he says quietly that he will. Ji Hye grabs the tongs off him like a mum putting a stop to the scolding, heh.

Half of the married intern couple brings up some gossip about two doctors who are getting divorced. She wonders how they can both still work together, since everyone in the hospital now knows. Even though they work in separate departments, she thinks one of them should leave for another hospital. This riles up Jin Hee, who remarks that even if everyone knows it doesn’t mean that someone has to leave; divorce isn’t a crime. When asked why she’s so sensitive about the topic, she says that she’s divorced, too. Everyone except for Ji Hye and Chang Min are surprised.

Jin Hee goes on to say that everyone makes mistakes, and a divorce isn’t a failure in life, and doesn’t deserve to be the butt of insults. Ji Hye tells her that’s enough, and Jin Hee leaves the table. Chang Min follows, and on the balcony, he says, “Jin Hee-ah, I can understand now how you feel now. I won’t hold on to you any longer.”

Back at the table, Ah Reum seems to be putting two and two together, and might have figured out the truth herself. Chun Soo goes off to look for Jin Hee, and spots Chang Min standing behind her on the balcony. Then, he decides to leave.

Chang Min continues telling Jin Hee that whether it was before or now, he always only thought of things from his own perspective, and he apologises. Jin Hee just thanks him for looking after her. The interns decide to go for a second round at the noraebang, while Ji Hye drives Chun Soo home since he’s drank tonight. She can tell he’s in a bad mood because of Jin Hee’s revelation.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere is not much better at the noraebang, with only the intern couple having a good time. Ah Reum nudges Chang Min to sing, and the married interns join in too. Chang Min goes onstage and sings Should I Say I Love You Again. (Gah, it really reminds me of Answer Me 1994 now.) Jin Hee tears up.


It’s really frustrating to watch Chang Min take one step forward and then two steps backwards with Jin Hee. I think he tried to stay away from Jin Hee like what Ji Hye said at first, but couldn’t hold on long enough to let her be. I think Chun Soo is slow enough in making progress with Jin Hee that he’s no real threat at all to Chang Min, but Chang Min is really his own worst enemy.

That said, I still love Jin Hee, despite her very obvious flaws. I’m happy that she outed herself as a divorcee before anyone else could, and there really isn’t anything to be ashamed of. I’m happier that she’s finally exploded at Chang Min (he totally deserved to be slapped, the way he was acting), and that she’s asserting herself for once. Whether she sticks to it or not, remains to be seen. She’s already softened up after the reveal, and her tears at the noraebang might be that she’s wavered again.


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