Emergency Couple Episode 15

The tone of this episode surprised me a bit as the drama veers more towards the melo end of the spectrum. This is where it gets tough for me; I get frustrated with all the angst and the (sometimes) senseless pain that the characters seem to go through.

We carry on with Chang Min singing at the noraebang, while Jin Hee tears up listening to the sad ballad. Chun Soo has sent Ji Hye home, and she’s cracked open a bottle of red wine, bringing up Jin Hee’s revelation at the meal earlier. He denies caring at all, insisting she’s just an intern. Ji Hye goes on to ask if he’s ever going to contact his own parents, because she feels that he needs closure with them before he can properly love and get married.

Chun Soo’s mother has remarried and is now living in the States, while his father is probably in Kenya dabbling in his photography. Chun Soo has no intentions of looking either one of them up, not even his father, because he obviously has abandonment issues. Ji Hye wants him to be able to accept love and start a family, but all Chun Soo wants to do is to treat patients. He apologises to her for that, and she jokingly calls him a ‘homme fatale’.

The interns leave after the noraebang session, and Chang Min gets into a taxi with Young Kyu, who is rather drunk. In the taxi, Chang Min lets out a long sigh, and Young Kyu surprises him by asking if he’s thinking of ahjumma (Jin Hee). He asks if Chang Min is okay with Jin Hee being a divorcee, and Chang Min tells him he’s also divorced. Young Kyu bolts up at that, but realises that’s why Chang Min quit med school the first time around.

Chun Soo is leaving Ji Hye’s apartment, having turned down her invitation to stay the night (rawr). She takes it like a champ she is, but after he leaves, she thinks about him wistfully, the time she caught him trying on the jacket Jin Hee got him.

The next morning, Jin Hee sees Mummy packing a lot of food, which Mummy has prepared for her colleagues at work. Or more specifically, to impress the chief and boost Jin Hee’s chances of hooking up with him. Aww, Mummy. Jin Hee’s reaction is a lot milder than I expected, haha.

Chang Min goes through his morning routine, but the bathroom and dining table both remind him of the morning that Jin Hee was at his place.

The married intern couple are pregnant, but she’s not taking the news too well, since it means that she won’t be able to complete her internship. She headdesks (literally) in frustration. She tells Jin Hee about her pregnancy, and Jin Hee advises her to tell Chun Soo immediately, because working around radiation might affect the baby.

Jin Hee goes to see Chun Soo in his office to show him some patient updates. He asks if she got home safely last night, and quickly adds on a sentence to include everyone else. She gathers some courage to ask if he was shocked to find out that she is divorced. He’s still in denial-land, but he does imply that divorce is the outcome of not being able to take responsibility for her own actions. She looks crestfallen at his disappointment. He tells her not to make a mistake at work, like she did with her marriage, because people’s lives depend on her here. Before she leaves, she asks if getting pregnant means that the end of the internship, because of radiation and the such. Her question is a general one, but he takes it to mean that she’s pregnant, despite her denial.

We then see Chang Min avoiding sitting with Jin Hee at lunch, and later on they walk past each other at the corridor without acknowledgement. They do turn back to cast a glance at the other person, but timed such that they don’t see each other. The other interns are puzzled at their sudden hostility, while Ah Reum seems to be just a step away from knowing the truth.

She tries to ask Chang Min about it, but Smitten Nurse interrupts them to inform Chang Min that his Mum is here. Mum has arranged for a dinner with Ah Reum’s parents and expects him to attend, but Chang Min refuses. As he turns to leave, she reminds him that it’s his birthday and gives him some seaweed soup she made.

Disaster alert: Jin Hee’s Mummy has come to the hospital with Kwang Soo and baby Guk, bearing the food she prepared earlier that Jin Hee forgot to bring. Jin Hee is busy with a patient, so Mummy asks to see the chief. Chun Soo is polite and ungrumpy, and Mummy asks if he’s single, then beams delightfully when she finds out he is.

Mum overhears the residents mention Jin Hee, so she stomps over to the ER to get confirmation that Jin Hee is still working there. She decides to go to see the chief, obviously wanting to get Jin Hee fired again. Well, we all know where this is headed. The two mums collide head-on, and even Kwang Soo knows trouble when he sees it.

Mummy finds out that Chang Min is also working with Jin Hee, and Chang Min’s Mum calls her in-law by mistake, which Chun Soo catches on. Mummy is not taking this too well. Mum makes things worse by insulting both Jin Hee and her Mummy. Mummy starts shouting at Mum.

Quite belatedly, Chang Min and Jin Hee find out from the ER nurses that their mothers are both in the chief’s office. They both sprint there to do damage control, but the screamfest only gets worse. It’s apparent to Chun Soo what’s going on, and his jaw practically drops to the floor, aww. Ji Hye walks past Chang Min dragging his Mum out, followed by Jin Hee and Kwang Soo dragging Mummy away.

The fight relocates to the lobby, and I love how even Baby Guk seems to be following the fight. Mum accuses Jin Hee for seducing Chang Min once again, which leads him to apologise to Mummy. He gets hit with Mum’s expensive bag for even daring to apologise, but he stops her by carrying her off. Gosh, that was hard to watch.

Mum is mad at Chang Min and his Dad, and Chang Min finds out that Dad has been in contact with Jin Hee. Jin Hee goes to apologise to Chun Soo, and he asks if she was married to Chang Min before. She wanted to tell him sooner, but he cuts her off, saying that there’s no need for her to report to him about this sort of thing.

Poor Young Kyu is having a case of jitters after his mistake in the previous episode, and he panics when he can’t hear a patient’s chest properly. He sits down after, and Ah Reum finds him all sweaty and nervous. She is concerned, offering to go the chief for him, but he insists that he’s fine. He doesn’t want the chief to score him badly because of this.

Jin Hee sees Chang Min with his container of soup and realises that it’s his birthday. He asks if she is okay, and she thinks that they should have told the truth earlier. Chang Min apologises again. She reminds him that this is one of the reasons they can’t be together, then before she leaves the room, utters a “happy…birthday” to him.

Smitten Nurse finds out that Chang Min’s divorced, and is absolutely devastated. Gossip travels fast; even Prof An knows about it. Ji Hye and Chang Min discuss the news, and Chang Min also tells her that Jin Hee is pregnant, which surprises Ji Hye.

The pregnant intern tells Chun Soo about her situation, and we don’t see Chun Soo’s response to the pregnant intern, but hopefully he’d have known that Jin Hee wasn’t the pregnant one. She joins a dejected Young Kyu, who gets an earful from the senior resident for taking time off when the ER is short on staff.

Meanwhile, Jin Hee treats a patient who needs surgery for his gall bladder, while Chang Min’s patient has a bowel obstruction. There’s only one OR available, and they both fight over whose patient needs it more. They go to Chun Soo to decide, and Chun Soo decides that Chang Min’s patient needs surgery more urgently. He explains why, and then comments that they shouldn’t be fighting over things like this.

Jin Hee later apologises to Chang Min for putting her patient first, but Chang Min thinks that it’s because she doesn’t trust him. Chang Min goes to see his uncle, who cashes in his favour from saving Jin Hee for Chang Min attending the dinner with Ah Reum’s family. Chang Min is reluctant, but doesn’t really have a choice. He calls Ah Reum, who tells him that the dinner isn’t exactly on her terms either, but she will turn up anyway out of respect for the elders. She leaves it up to him, and he ponders over it at home.

Mum and Uncle arrive, and she can’t seem to contact Dad, who is also invited. She rings Chang Min, who tells her that he’s on his way, but warns her against doing something like this again. Mum is just desperate not to lose face in front of the minister. Chang Min calls to check on Dad, but he’s still not answering. His assistant tells Chang Min that Dad went out to the farm today, but should have brought his phone. She also tells him about Dad’s recent surgery, which worries Chang Min. He calls Jin Hee to see if she knows anything about Dad’s whereabouts.

Jin Hee doesn’t know anything apart from her most recent encounter with Dad, and Chang Min decides to go to look for Dad’s doctor. Dad’s doctor obviously has no regard for patient confidentiality, because he just tells Chang Min all about Dad’s illness, which cannot be treated with surgery, just medication. Dad’s current condition puts him at risk of a heart attack. Jin Hee goes to Dad’s office to look for him, and finds Dad’s medications. She gets a call about Dad collapse, then quickly calls Chang Min. Chang Min tells Mum, who is already midway through her embarrassing dinner.

Dad gets brought back to his office, having refused to be sent to the hospital. Jin Hee grabs the stethoscope that she gave him (I knew that would come in handy!) to check on his lungs, when Chang Min finally arrives. He checks Dad too, and thinks that Dad is bleeding into his chest. He asks loudly if Dad is okay, but Dad whispers back, saying that he’s not deaf. He’s happy to see them together, but still refuses to go to the hospital, because he doesn’t want to die of MRSA.

Chang Min wants to send him there anyway, but Jin Hee thinks it’s too late to save him if they do. Chang Min won’t just sit back and do nothing, so he begs Dad to let him treat him. Dad asks him to check first before cutting him open. Chang Min draws out some blood from Dad’s chest, which confirms his diagnosis. While they try to figure what to do next, Dad’s breathing becomes worse, and then it stops. Oh no, oh no no no.


This is where I get really upset that the writers have decided to give Dad an illness as well. Not that we didn’t see a foreboding in the previous episodes, but I had’t expect them to use a cheap trick to have him spiral into ill health as a plot device. I wished that he’d take a more proactive role in reuniting the family and bringing Jin Hee back into it in his peaceful zen way.

The Mum showdown in the hospital was the most painful part of the episode to watch, all that screaming and shouting really had me frustrated, and it just further cemented my allergy to Chang Min’s Mum, and also Jin Hee’s Mummy, to a certain extent. It just got too heavy with the makjang stuff and didn’t really focus properly on the main characters and their development, of which there was hardly any in this episode. We got their divorce revealed, but that’s about it. The pace needs to move on a bit more, because at this rate we might not get a fulfilling conclusion to the end.


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