Emergency Couple Episode 16

Amidst his grief, Chang Min manages to close up the wound and stops Dad’s bleeding. None of it makes sense at all. Chun Soo gets a call from Chang Min and preps the ER for Dad’s arrival. Chang Min and Jin Hee arrive with Dad and they all muck in to help save Dad. I don’t get any of the faux-medical procedures, but I do know that Chun Soo is a freaking superstar.

Mum turns up at the hospital too with her brother, and this must be the first time she sees Jin Hee without going crazy. It’s obviously due to shock, but Chun Soo updates her on Dad’s condition. She’s even more shocked to learn that Dad’s suffered with illness for a while now, and asks if he’s going to die. Chang Min’s uncle tries to calm her down a little by pulling her out of the room.

Chun Soo asks if Chang Min didn’t know about his Dad’s illness all this while, and Chang Min’s non-answer says it all. Mum regains her composure slightly outside, and berates Chang Min for not knowing about Dad’s condition earlier, despite him being a doctor too. I know Mum has an inferiority complex being the only person in the family who’s not a doctor, but blaming Chang Min over a secret that Dad chose to keep is pointless.

Uncle tries to soften a blow by commending Chang Min on his good work mending Dad up before he reached the ER. Chang Min tells them it was Jin Hee who told him about Dad’s emergency, which comes as a surprise to them. Mum of course goes ballistic at the fact that Chang Min was running around with Jin Hee instead of attending her so-important dinner with Ah Reum’s family. Chang Min matches her ugly words for uglier ones, telling her that if it weren’t to repay the favour to Uncle, he wouldn’t even have agreed to go. Not new information for Mum, but it angers her nonetheless.

Chang Min goes back to stay at Dad’s bedside, where he finds Jin Hee. He asks her to go home and rest, but she tells him she’s alright. He isn’t alright with her there, so she agrees to leave. I suppose it’s understandable where he’s coming from, since she did ask him to not come close to her. He does thank her, and she just says sadly what about his birthday?

Jin Ae finds out about the confrontation between the mothers, and goes to Mummy to confirm it. Mummy glares at Kwang Soo for tattling, while Jin Ae stews that she won’t let Jin Hee be bullied by Chang Min’s Mum again. The whole scene seems rather pointless, but we do get a really cute moment of Baby Guk. Silver lining!

Ji Hye finds out about Chang Min’s Dad’s admission, and is surprised to learn that Dad is the famous Professor Oh Tae Seok. She’s even more surprised that his father left his condition for that long. Meanwhile, Ah Reum overhears the married interns discuss Chang Min and Jin Hee’s divorced status, and also about Chang Min’s Dad.

Chun Soo and Ji Hye insert a chest tube into Dad, and while we get more of superstar Chun Soo, Chang Min can’t bear to watch and averts his eyes. Poor guy. Jin Hee notices it, and I wish they’d take this opportunity for us to see some actual action on her behalf to comfort Chang Min, but we don’t. How are we going to root for them if you don’t throw us a freaking bone?! Unless that’s what you wanted all along.

Ji Hye tells Chun Soo that there are lots of consultants and specialists lining up to treat Chang Min’s Dad, and the ER head comes in to ask why Chun Soo didn’t get in touch with a specialist. Chun Soo said he contacted cardio several times, but they kept avoiding his calls. Their boss tells him that he should have said who the patient was, but this riles Chun Soo up, saying that it shouldn’t matter, the condition was serious enough to need a consult. Ji Hye steps in as well to defend Chun Soo, saying that they shouldn’t have double standards in the ER. I’m firmly on Team Superstar, but their boss just doesn’t want to see Chun Soo in trouble because of this.

Ah Reum rushes to the ER to see Chang Min’s Dad, and Chang Min just apologises for not turning up for dinner. Chun Soo runs into Prof An, who sinisterly implies that Chun Soo refused to ask for help so he can take the credit for saving Chang Min’s Dad. Chun Soo’s Superstar reply is that he’s not as talented as Prof An in that respect (kissing ass). Prof An seems to be bearing a grudge towards Chun Soo for pointing out mistakes in his research papers. You petty jerk.

Meanwhile, rumours are rife in the ER about Jin Hee’s past marital status and how she’s trying to seduce Chun Soo. Prof An overhears the gossip, and when Jin Hee runs into him, he takes a pop at her. He even has the gall to say that he’s attacking her because she’s divorced, can’t she tell? Chang Min watches the exchange and clenches his fist, marching towards Prof An. But Chun Soo beats him to it, delivering a swift right hook to Prof An. He so deserves it, but this means that Chun Soo will get in trouble.

Dad finally comes to, and Mum chides him for not taking care of himself. Chang Min asks her not to stress him out with his current condition, but Dad’s used to it now. I feel a bit sorry for Mum, but mostly sorry for Dad, who still has to put up with her despite lying in a hospital bed.

Jin Hee is watching Chun Soo treat a patient, by what seems like cutting off dead skin from a big toe. She asks tentatively if she can try, and he lets her, then tells her she did well. This exchange is watched curiously by the Smitten Nurse, and it’s like confirmation for her that there’s some hanky-panky going on between them.

Jin Hee asks if Chun Soo was a bit hard on Prof An earlier, but Chun Soo insists that he deserved it after insulting her for being a divorcee. Jin Hee apologises to him for getting him into trouble. Chun Soo tells her that Prof An has a bone to pick with him anyway, so it’s not her fault. It’s more likely that Prof An picked on her because of him. She says that she’s expected this anyway, since her divorce became known to everyone. Unexpectedly, Chun Soo says that it’s become more tiring for him since he knew she was divorced. Jin Hee is disappointed.

Chun Soo ponders over it later in his office, and thinks back to Ji Hye’s advice to get in touch with his parents. He takes his phone up, but doesn’t make the call. He gets up to leave instead, walking by Smitten Nurse and another nurse gossiping about Jin Hee’s two men. He asks Jin Hee to come see him in the  office.

Jin Hee asks if she’s done something wrong again. He tells her that he seems to have hurt her earlier, but she says she’s okay. He moves closer to her, and gently pushes her hair to the side. He tells her he’s sorry, it’s all because of him, then moves in to kiss her.

And…it’s a fakeout. Jin Hee knocks on his office door, breaking him out of his daydream. Drat, why do you have to tease us so? Just kiss for real, or don’t dream-kiss at all! She asks if something is wrong, but he tells her he doesn’t care. She’s puzzled, but he continues to say that he doesn’t care that she is divorced, so she shouldn’t care either. He leaves the room with that.

Dad gets transferred to a normal ward now, and Mum asks if his condition is still serious. Chun Soo tells her the even a little stress can aggravate Dad’s condition, and she gets an I-told-you-so from both Chang Min and Dad. Dad commends Chang Min on doing a good job as well, but his Aunt laments that dinner with the minister didn’t go well. Boo-freaking-hoo.

Ah Reum runs into Jin Hee, and tells her she’s heard about Chang Min and Jin Hee. Jin Hee says it’s all in the past, and Ah Reum isn’t one to care about Chang Min’s divorce anyway. Ah Reum wonders why they split up, and Jin Hee just says that they weren’t compatible. Ah Reum wonders why they didn’t have children, because it would change how things are now. She thinks that Chang Min still has feelings for Jin Hee. Jin Hee advises Ah Reum to try and understand Chang Min more if she really does like him.

Ah Reum finds the married interns mid-squabble, and asks if they’ve seen Young Kyu. The senior resident who was tearing into Young Kyu in the previous episodes tells them to look for him, while Min Ki gives him grief.

Dad tells Chang Min and Jin Hee how happy he is to see Chang Min and Jin Hee together. Jin Hee tells him to get well soon, but he is happier to see Jin Hee as a doctor now. Jin Hee leaves, and Dad asks Chang Min if there’s no chance of them getting back together. Chang Min wants to, but Jin Hee seems to have preoccupations.Chang Min wonders if he’s the one stopping her from meeting other people. If she does meet someone she likes, does it mean that he has to let go? For once, he seems to actually be thinking of Jin Hee, as opposed to himself, even if he still sees her as a bit of a possession.

Dad doesn’t believe in letting go of someone if you love them, but should rather treasure the happy times together. Except, Jin Hee and Chang Min are way past happy times. Chang Min asks why he left home, then, and Dad replies defensively, which puts a smile to Chang Min’s face at last.

Ah Reum returns to her desk and looks longing at the potted plant from Young Kyu. She starts to get worried about Young Kyu and tries calling him. She thinks of where he could possibly be, and remembers him asking her to watch an indie band perform, on the night she was at dinner with Chang Min’s family.

She goes to the club, and funds Young Kyu there, slumped on a table. He tells her that he’s lost confidence in himself, and might not be able to carry on with the internship. She says that its only temporary, patting his arm to comfort him. Awww.

Mum gets a moment alone with Dad, and his stats suddenly plummet. She goes out to cry for help, and Jin Hee see her there. She goes straight in to see to Dad, while Mum keeps calling her Jin Hee-ah, asking her to save him. Chun Soo hears of the distress call, but Ji Hye stops him, saying that Dad is not their patient now that he’s transferred out of the ER. He pushes away Ji Hye’s hand and goes off anyway.

Dad is rushed off for emergency surgery, and they all wait anxiously outside. Chang Min goes over to Jin Hee, and says that he doesn’t want to see her anxious and upset, too. She doesn’t want to leave, but he reminds her that they are strangers now. She knows, but she can’t leave. Chang Min pulls her in for a hug, telling her that it’s going to be okay.

Dad makes it through surgery fine, but needs to make it through the night, which is a critical time for him. Chang Min asks Jin Hee to go home and rest, once again. Jin Hee tells him about how Dad was so supportive after her divorce with Chang Min, like her own father would be. So she asks Chang Min to let her stay by Dad’s side tonight.

Ji Hye and Chun Soo find Mum sitting on an ER bed in a daze. She asks if Dad is doing fine, and Chun Soo spares no love for her as he tells her that he might not make it through the night. Mum insists that he’s stronger than her, that there no way he’ll die first, then finally breaks down in tears.

Chang Min leaves Mum to have a private moment again with Dad, after she refuses to go home to rest. Mum holds Dad’s hand, and we get some pitiful flashbacks to the time they had together. Chang Min joins Jin Hee, who is sitting outside the room. She falls asleep on his shoulder after a while, but he remains awake in almost a zombie-like state.

Mum is jolted awake the next morning by the beeping of the monitors, and before she knows what’s going on, medical staff surround the bed, including Chang Min. They are told that Dad’s heart is too weak to carry on, and Dad flatlines. Chang Min cries out in grief as he does CPR. Mum grabs Jin Hee again and asks her to think of something to save Dad. Chun Soo calls out the time of death, while Jin Hee and Chang Min and Mum are all in tears.


While it upsets me that the show decided to resort to a cheap trick by taking away Dad, I’m more disappointed in the lack of progress with Jin Hee. I know it wasn’t her turn to shine with the spotlight on Chang Min and his issues, but it doesn’t look like they want her to reunite with Chang Min at all. With her encouraging Ah Reum to pursue her feelings for Chang Min and her response at Chun Soo’s acceptance of her divorce, she was more reactive than proactive. While we definitely know that she dislikes how everyone is prejudiced towards divorcees, she didn’t get a chance to defend herself with Prof An, instead the writers let the two men come to her rescue. Puh-lease. She’s got more than enough spunk to defend herself, thank you very much.

I see some great improvements in Chang Min. While I’m still not his biggest fan, his grief and pain seemed real, and I understood why it was hard for him to have Jin Hee by his and Dad’s side. His heart still seems firmly with Jin Hee, but he also has come to terms with the fact that Jin Hee’s might not be with him. And he’s being quite adult about it, which is great.


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