Emergency Couple Episode 17

Why is it so tiring to watch the death of a fictional character? If the previous episode was sad, this one seems to have sapped out all the energy from me. The tone remains heavy for the remaining first half at least, as the characters deal with their grief and loss.

Chang Min cries out as he tries to shake Dad awake in desperation. Mum clings on to Jin Hee, who is also in tears. Chun Soo calls out time of death. We see Jin Hee walking down the hospital corridor in a daze. She reaches her desk, and remembers what Dad said about having no regrets now that she’s a doctor. She gazes at her white coat and cries even more.

Ah Reum gets a call from Young Kyu as she arrives at the hospital, and minutes later the nurse at the ER receives a call about Young Kyu as well – he’s been involved in a fight and is en route to the ER. Gosh, what the heck is wrong with these interns? Ji Hye is surprised to see him injured as well, and comments that first it is Chang Min losing his father, now even the rest are losing it. Everyone is shocked.

Chang Min is trying to hold back his tears at the funeral parlour and his aunt and uncle console him for his loss. He tells them that it’s harder on Mum than it is for him, and they go over to sit with her. Chun Soo writes up a holiday request on behalf of Chang Min, and Jin Hee enters his office. He tells her to take the day off, too.

Young Kyu comes to, and sees Ah Reum by his bed. He went looking for a fight, because he just wanted to be beaten up. (I don’t understand men sometimes.) He apologises for worrying her with the phone call. She is glad that he rang her, and tells him not to get hurt or disappear again. The married interns come over and chide him for being an idiot. Ah Reum tells them about Chang Min’s father’s funeral.

Jin Hee turns up at the funeral parlour. She sees Chang Min barely holding it together, while Mum is sat behind, expressionless. She looks at the people in the funeral hall and puts down her bag to help out. The other interns come to pay their respects. Chang Min tells them he’s okay, and is concerned about Young Kyu’s face. Ji Hye and Chun Soo also arrive, and they see Jin Hee serving food and cleaning up in the hall, like a member of the family would. The other interns also note this, and Young Kyu remarks that even if their relationship has ended, it hasn’t truly ended.

Mum sees Jin Hee cleaning up, and her sister looks worried, thinking Mum might go ballistic. Jin Hee looks at them sheepishly, and Mum asks why she’s here. There’s no need for her to do these chore now, and she’s just tiring herself and Mum. Jin Hee says that this is all she can do for Dad now. Mum understands, and is surprisingly calm about it (for her standards). Chang Min comes over, asking Jin Hee to go out. When Jin Hee doesn’t move, he grabs her wrist to lead her out.

Jin Hee apologises, but Chang Min tells her there’s nothing to apologise for. They both need to stay strong now, and he doesn’t know how to console her. Jin Hee says she should be the one consoling him, and he asks her not to stay. She’s welcome to come pay her respects as a guest. I feel that he’s not just doing this for her sake, but also to save him from breaking down, because she’s just about the only person he can be vulnerable in front of.

Resident Min Ki asks how Young Kyu is doing, and tells him that he asked permission from Chun Soo to transfer Young Kyu over to radiology, to save him from treating patients with his battered face. Young Kyu is grateful, then is crestfallen as he realises that he won’t see Ah Reum all the time now. That earns him a flick to his head injury, and Ah Reum comes to his rescue. Cute.

Jin Hee helps take some blood from the married lady intern, who hasn’t had time to go to OB to check out her pregnancy. She tells Jin Hee about her fear of having a baby, but Jin Hee tells her she doesn’t really have a choice.

Chun Soo spots Jin Hee sitting down and joins her. He asks if she’s okay, and she tells him that even though he’s her ex-father-in-law on paper, in reality he’s much more than that to her. He’s the reason she managed to become a doctor. Chun Soo advises her to stop resisting and try to accept things instead. Jin Hee goes home that night and rings her Mummy.

Chang Min’s uncle asks if he knows why Dad stopped being a doctor. Dad used to work with Uncle, and Dad lost a patient in surgery. Dad did his best, but the patient had not allowed Dad to inform the patient’s family beforehand, so they found out too late. They blamed him for the loss, and Dad blamed himself, even though he did not do anything wrong. Chang Min sighs that he’s never heard about this from Dad before. Uncle tells Chang Min that as a doctor, yesterday was a difficult day for him; it will get worse in future, but he hopes that Chang Min won’t give up like his Dad did. Chang Min breaks down in tears at his newfound knowledge about Dad, which just makes him more sad.

Meanwhile, Aunt is trying to persuade Mum to eat anything, but all Mum would touch is the soju. She remembers Dad’s advice to her, and how he asked her family to take care of her. She sobs heartbreakingly. Mummy and Jin Hee come to pay their respects, and for two people who last met and created a great scene, the two mothers are surprisingly civil. Mummy empathises over their loss, telling Mum she knows how she feels, as she lost her husband too. Mum thanks her, and before Jin Hee turns away, Mum thanks her too. Is this their cheap way of selling us Mum’s acceptance of Jin Hee? Sigh.

Chang Min goes over to Dad’s place, and finds Dad’s calendar marking Chang Min’s birthday, and also new fishing equipment for Chang Min to go fishing with him. Awww, this is heartbreaking. Was that going to be his birthday present? Chang Min breaks down in tears again.

Ji Hye is on the phone with her ex, asking him to run some blood tests, but he thinks she’s asking him for alimony, so they argue and he hangs up on her. When she turns around she sees Chun Soo stood behind her. She asks when did he come in, and he answers ‘now’. Lol. His face is dark as he asks what kind of a bastard her ex is. Ji Hye tells him that although he’s not related to her anymore, he’s still Ji Min’s father, so she asks Chun Soo not to speak of her ex like that.

Chun Soo is told by the ER boss that he’s suspended for 2 weeks for the incident with Prof An. They wanted to fire him, but the boss said that they’d have to run the ER if Chun Soo is gone, so they settled for the suspension and docking his salary. Chun Soo goes to confront Prof An, who wonders if Chun Soo is here to thank him for not getting fired. Chun Soo agrees sarcastically that he’s thankful for that, and tells Prof An he’s free to head up the ER if he so wishes. Prof An falls silent at that. Chun Soo apologises for hitting him, but reminds him not to insult female colleagues in future, and like last year’s sexual harassment incident, he hopes things like that will not happen again. Oh yeah. Prof An 0, Chun Soo 2.

Ji Hye does an ultrasound scan on the married female intern, but can’t see anything. She asks if she’s disappointed, and says that her scan is about 90% accurate, but she might still be wrong. She should still go get checked out at OB. Her husband isn’t as happy about it as she is, and storms off as she pumps her fist.

Ji Hye is annoyed that Chun Soo is getting suspended, and he asks her to take good care of the ER while he’s away. He then wonders why she needs blood tests from his ex, last he heard her daughter was doing okay. Ji Hye needs it just in case anything happens in future, and tells him that her ex is with someone else now. He curses at her ex again, and she reminds him not to, with a smile. He feels sorry for her daughter, but she says that she’ll go back after a year here. Chun Soo wonders if she doesn’t want to stay longer, and their eyes meet. Ji Hye says that it’s easier to raise a child in the States, and Chun Soo looks just a teeny bit disappointed as he goes back to packing his stuff. She sees the Polaroid photo of them among his books, and wants to throw it away for him. He grumps at her to stop.

Jin Hee finds out about Chun Soo’s suspension, but Ji Hye tells her not to blame herself for it. Jin Hee asks where Chun Soo has gone to. We then see Chun Soo in his own swanky bachelor pad (and why would you spend all your nights in the bloody hospital on-call room if your own place is this nice?!) making a bowl of instant ramyun.

His place is a mess, and it looks like he’s not bothered to even comb his hair. Lol. He comes across the Polaroid again as he reads, and looks at it for a moment. Then Ji Hye rings to check on him, and tells him that everything is alright at ER. She also tells him that it’s Jin Hee’s day off, and she told Jin Hee his address. She hangs up quickly before he has time to grump at her.

We see Jin Hee on her way to his damn freaking villa, and she calls him because she can’t find the house. Chun Soo rushes off to get himself ready, grumping all the way as he even shaves off his signature stubble and combs his hair. He meets her outside, then invites her in. She marvels at the mess, saying that he’s like a university student. She brings him some food made by her Mummy. He clears out a space on his sofa for her, and they sit down to an awkward silence.

Jin Hee asks if he’s just shaved, and points out a cut on his face. Haha, what a dork. He mumbles that he was in a hurry, then quickly changes the topic, asking her what she’s here for. She feels bad that he’s suspended and is losing pay because of her.

Meanwhile, we see Chang Min lying in bed, coughing. He answers a call from Young Kyu, sounding weak and hoarse. He tells Young Kyu he’s fine, just tired. But no bit of him looks fine. Young Kyu reports his findings back to Ah Reum, noting her worry.

Jin Hee tells Chun Soo how she wants to console Chang Min, but doesn’t know how to. She hasn’t accepted the reality that Dad is gone yet, so Chang Min probably has yet to. Chun Soo tells her that she and Chang Min remind him of his own parents, who are also divorced. Jin Hee realises that this is why Chun Soo thinks that people who are divorced are irresponsible. Chun Soo says that perhaps everyone has their own reasons, because there are no right answers in life – you won’t know if you’ll be happy until after you are married. Jin Hee listens to him with a smile, realising that what he said came from the book he lent her. Hahaha is that where he gets his philosophical takes in life?

Jin Hee reads off the rest of the lines from the book, which says that there are no right or wrong answers in life, it’s a journey towards making your choices the right choices. Her stomach then growls audibly, and Chun Soo prepares a barbecue for them. He leaves Jin Hee for a bit to go prepare the sauce, and Jin Hee decides to light up the barbecue. She ends up screaming for help, because she’s set her own jacket on fire. Chun Soo puts it out with a jug of water, and wipes off some soot from Jin Hee’s face.

It’s dark already when the food is ready (gosh, I would have died of hunger if I were Jin Hee), and Chun Soo seems to be resisting the urge to break into a huge grin. Jin Hee feels bad for eating such a hearty meal, but Chun Soo tells her that you can’t starve yourself. Guess she is thinking about Chang Min after all. Jin Hee compliments Chun Soo’s house, and asks why he’s not married. Chun Soo stammers s bit, before saying that he’s not confident in starting a family. Jin Hee wonders if it’s to do with his own parents.

Jin Hee is being dropped off by Chun Soo, and apologises again for getting him into this trouble. She didn’t think that her divorce would cause problems to other people, but Chun Soo says that if he saw her as just ‘other people’ then he wouldn’t have hit Prof An. Lately he’s been amazed by how he’s been feeling, and he understands now why Chang Min acted childishly before. Chang Min’s Dad’s passing has made him reassess both Chang Min and Jin Hee. He feels that she still has a connection with Chang Min, and she agrees on that.

Before he can continue, Jin Hee gets a phone call from Ah Reum, who is outside Chang Min’s place, but he doesn’t answer the door nor his phone. Jin Hee is concerned, and tells Chun Soo that something might have happened to Chang Min. Jin Hee goes over and gets the security guard to open the door for her, saying that she’s his wife, and she’s been overseas all this time. Smooth one, missus.

She rushes in to find him unconscious. She wipes off his sweat and rings for an ambulance. He holds her arm to tell her not to, and she asks him where his fever medicine is. She had a feeling he might be unwell, and says that she should have come over sooner. She tells him she’s sorry for being afraid. She then makes him some porridge, and notes that his fever has gone. He thanks her, then asks her to leave again.

The doorbell rings, and Jin Hee says it must be Ah Reum. She tells him that she came over because of Ah Reum’s call. She lets Ah Reum in, and Ah Reum is relieved to hear he’s okay, but doesn’t go to see Chang Min. Jin Hee goes to pour a glass of water, and notices her wedding ring in a jar. Chang Min comes out of the room, and Jin Hee shows him the ring she found on the dining table.


While the progress in the last episode was painfully slow, this episode the progress was just…painful. We got back some laughs this episode, but overall it was still full of pain and grief. I think that Jin Hee genuinely can’t decide who she wants to stick with, Chang Min or Chun Soo. I really do. Her last conversation with Chun Soo, where he almost confessed to her, said loads about how she felt about both men. She was quite ready to agree with Chun Soo that she still has a connection with Chang Min, but does that mean that the connection will lead to them rekindling their relationship? Just as Chun Soo has his own baggage (his parents) to deal with, Jin Hee’s baggage is Chang Min. And unless they both deal with their baggage, they cannot move forward in any other relationship.

I still think that the show means for Chang Min-Jin Hee to be the endgame, while Chun Soo will hopefully try to keep Ji Hye. Why else give Chun Soo all the meaningful glances at Ji Hye and the Polaroids otherwise? I know their relationship is complicated, but for Ji Hye it’s startlingly simple: if Chun Soo would come to his senses, she would definitely stay.

For Chang Min and Jin Hee, at least things are getting better. Mum is no longer the tigress she used to be, and this is why the writer chose to kill off Dad for, mainly. To mellow out Mum and remind Jin Hee that some connections never die. Cheap and easy. I believe that Chang Min has played his card ages ago – we all knew from about Episode 4 onwards that he only wants Jin Hee and no one else. It’s just left to Jin Hee to decide what she wants. And I hope she doesn’t waffle too long and leave it to the last episode.


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