A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episode 1

Just a quickie review of the relatively new Taiwanese drama A咖的路, aka Rock N’ Road. I really like its Chinese name, and I think the English title does it no favours at all, simply because it’s one of those things that gets lost in translation.

It seems like a pretty standard Taiwanese drama fare from the first episode. We have our male lead, Zhou Shu Yu (played by Chris Wu), who is a successful producer and director of his own entertainment company. We start with his band’s (Winner, which is funny play on Taiwanese pronunciation) humble beginnings as second fiddle to child star Lin Wei Zhen (Kimi Hsia) during a New Year’s Eve performance, where they stole the show from her when she was late.

We then jump to 8 years later, where Shu Yu is a A咖 (A-lister), and wildly sought after by artists despite his reputation of being temperamental. The bass player in the band, Li Da, is now his deputy in the company, and effectively his manager, as he seems to be the one with the people skills. The lead vocalist in the band, Jia Xin, is now a successful solo artist under their company, which is named BS Entertainment (lol). All her songs and albums so far have been produced by Shu Yu, but she wants to include her own work on her latest album, which causes some friction between her and Shu Yu.

Shu Yu and Jia Xin are lovers, but their relationship is kept a secret from the media, like a lot celebrities do. Shu Yu abhors the media, and so doesn’t do tv interviews, but Li Da has coerced him into one. The host asks questions about his rumoured girlfriend, which annoys Shu Yu. He then goes a bit loco and embarrasses the host in a rather extreme manner by forcing a kiss on him.

Wei Zhen suffers the fate of most child stars; her fame has diminished and she has been forgotten by the public, despite her trying to cling on to her past. She maintains a sunny disposition and is polite and cheerful. She joins an open audition held by BS and runs into Shu Yu in the lift. He later stands up for her when some other contestants insult her, but isn’t nice enough to sign her on. He’s righteous, but not foolish.

Wei Zhen then performs her Dad’s song in her friend Ni’s bar, where Jia Xin and Li Da overhear her. The song has no lyrics, but the melody is beautiful. Jia Xin records it and passes it off as her own song in front of Shu Yu, desperate to impress him after her first attempt was dismissed. I don’t think she intended to plagiarise outright, but when the moment came where she should have admitted it wasn’t hers, she didn’t.

The first episode was really breezy stuff, nothing too spectacular plot-wise. The music is solid stuff, because you can’t go wrong if Mayday is on the soundtrack. The acting is left to the actors and the singing is left to the singers in this one (Shu Yu’s singing voice is AShin and Jia Xin’s is JiaJia), so we are in good hands in this respect. I will probably stick around and see what’s more to come.

Opening theme for the show:


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