Emergency Couple Episode 18

In this episode, Jin Hee finally decides what she wants, only for her wishes to be thwarted. Chun Soo and Chang Min both take a step back towards maturity, but teeter slightly into noble idiocy as they stop short of shoving Jin Hee at each other.

Jin Hee shows Chang Min her wedding ring, wondering why he has it. He tells her he found it, and turns the question back on her: why has she kept hold of it all these years? She thinks that their connection has yet to come to an end, like what Chun Soo said. I’m happy that she’s come to the conclusion that she wants to be with Chang Min, but I wished that there was a more logical path to her finding what her heart desires.

Chang Min is taken aback by her response. Jin Hee tells him she was worried that she’ll fall hard for him like she once did, and he takes that to mean that falling for him has made life difficult for her. Things have been even more difficult on her since she met him again after the divorce. He asks her to leave again, dismissing her current feelings as an emotional response after Dad’s death. I don’t blame the guy, since she does have a tendency to overindulge in her emotions.

She agrees to give him some space now, but asks him not to try and take everything on himself, to ring her if he needs support. She rings him on the way home, and he doesn’t answer on the first call. She tries again, and he answers, a bit hesitantly. After all his effort chasing her around, I can’t believe he’s actually pushing her away now. This drama is really fond of jerking us around.

Chun Soo is thinking back to his conversation with Jin Hee the previous night, which was interrupted by Ah Reum’s distress call about Chang Min. Jin Hee’s actions says more than her words, really, as she leaves Chun Soo, jumping on the bus to go to Chang Min.

Jin Hee’s patient of the day is an elderly lady with a chest problem. Her son is too busy to come with her, so Jin Hee explains about her condition, how the cancer in her lung is spreading. The halmoni is puzzled, then distressed when she hears the word cancer, because she’s not aware that she has cancer. Ji Hye tries to intervene, but halmoni is already on the phone, in tears about her diagnosis. Uh-oh, Jin Hee’s in trouble.

Ji Hye reprimands Jin Hee for not reaching the patient’s file properly, as it states clearly that the patient is not to find out about her having cancer. Ouch, that’s harsh. I don’t know how this is allowed in Korea, but unless the patient is mentally incapacitated (which halmoni doesn’t seem to be), the patient has the right to know what’s going on with their body. So I don’t get this bit at all. I feel sorry for halmoni, who is obviously being treated like a child by her family.

Chang Min turns up to work, much to the surprise of everyone. Ah Reum catches him at the lift first, and he thanks her for coming to check on him. She’s plays it off coolly, saying that she was just concerned about the person living a floor below, and he breaks into a little smile. She tells him that she knows she doesn’t have a chance with him, and she’s okay with that. Gotta give it to the girl, she’s got class.

Jin Hee’s patient has wandered off somewhere, which has her worrying. She knocks into Chang Min as she goes looking for her, so they split up to find her. Chang Min finds her at the pharmacy demanding for meds. She collapses suddenly, and Chang Min catches her. Young Kyu spots him and gets a crash cart and gurney for the patient. Chang Min intubates the patient to help with her breathing, then returns her to the ER.

Ji Hye looks at the scans, and there’s a tumour that is affecting the amount of oxygen that gets into the lungs. They have to remove the tumour to help with her breathing. Meanwhile, the patient’s son has turned up and is tearing into Jin Hee for revealing the truth to her. Ji Hye is apologetic, but firmly reminds him that they have a duty to inform the patient as well of their condition. Before the man can go on with his tirade, she updates him about halmoni’s condition: her infection is getting worse, and if the antibiotics don’t work, she might die. Ji Hye tells him that there is a do-not-resuscitate order on halmoni’s file, but the son gets mad again, saying that she’s already in hospital, how can they not save her? Chang Min has to step in to calm him down. Chang Min is determined to find a way to save halmoni. If Dad were to be her doctor, he’d do the same.

Chun Soo is eating the food prepared by Jin Hee’s Mummy, but his expression is serious as he recalls his conversation with Jin Hee about why he isn’t married. He finally takes a leap of faith and writes a simple but heartfelt postcard to his father. He then leaves the mansion, which is only a holiday place (dang).

Chang Min is putting in overtime to find a way to treat halmoni, refusing Jin Hee’s offer of food. Jin Hee thanks him for all the help with finding halmoni, then decides to help him in research. Umm, I thought she was your patient to begin with. Jin Hee ends up falling asleep, and Chang Min’s hand moves towards her face to stroke her, but he stops himself. He powers through and still looks fine the next morning when Jin Hee wakes up.

Chang Min finally gets a breakthrough when he finds a paper about cryotherapy. And what do you know, it’s written by Chun Soo. Chun Soo gets a call from Ji Hye asking for help with the treatment, because he’s the only one in the hospital who is familiar with the technique. It doesn’t take much for Chun Soo to ignore the suspension as we see him rushing back to the hospital. He gets straight to work on halmoni. The interns wheel in some fancy equipment, and Chun Soo works his magic. He removes the tumour obstructing the airways, and halmoni should be able to come off the ventilator the next day.

Prof An confronts Chun Soo about ignoring authority and coming back to work despite his suspension. He doesn’t really care that Chun Soo was needed in an emergency, of course, and Chun Soo is probably in more trouble. Jin Hee brings Chang Min a little pot of custard after a hard day’s work, and runs after Chang Min when he leaves for home.

Chang Min runs into Chun Soo on his way out, and expresses regret that Chun Soo was suspended for hitting Prof An, as it should have been himself who did it. Chun Soo tells him not to feel bad, as Prof An only made those remarks because of Chun Soo. Chang Min thinks that Jin Hee’s feelings for Chun Soo is more than just respect for a mentor. He also apologises for his childish behaviour in the past. It feels like they’re each trying to nudge Jin Hee towards the other person.

Jin Hee also catches Chun Soo on her way out, and he senses that she’s after Chang Min, so he points her towards the right direction. She thanks him for going out of his way to come in to work despite his suspension, and it seems like she’s gone back to treating him like just a mentor. Jin Hee gets on Chang Min’s car, declaring that she didn’t drive to work today. She wants to go for a meal with him, but he asks why she’s acting this way. He tells her not to worry about him, he’ll get better on his own. She ignores his request for her to leave, and pouts when he sends her home straight. He thinks she’s pitying him because of Dad’s death, so he’s refusing to accept her on that basis. Is this another way of being a noble idiot? Or just a plain idiot?

Chang Min rings up to check on Mum, who is on a drip. She is being taken care of by her sister, and doesn’t seem too bad, although she looks a bit frail. Meanwhile, Ji Hye has prepared dinner for Chun Soo, and he looks genuinely happy. He tells her about the postcard he sent to his father. Ji Hye asks why he decided to get in touch with his father, but he says just because, with this silly grin on his face. Awww.

Chang Min finds a box of fortune cookies on his desk, and opens one. The note in it explains the meaning of the word ‘pity’, so it’s quite clear who they are from.

Young Kyu runs into Ah Reum in the cafeteria, and when they both squat down to pick their things up, they come in close contact with each other, complete with special effects glow. They are both aware of the proximity, even Ah Reum isn’t her usual cool self for that one moment. Young Kyu watches her put on lipstick after her meal and smiles (and weirdly the cartoon he’s watching has a girl doing the same). She notices him looking, and also smiles to herself before going over to ask how he’s doing. He’s still unsure that being a doctor is what he wants to do in life, and she encourages him to think about where his true passion is. I think that’s a no-brainer.

All the interns are out playing badminton, with Jin Hee and Chang Min sat aside watching. The married couple is fighting over the wife not really wanting a baby (still?!). Chang Min tries to mediate, telling the guy to take better care of his wife. Wifey wonders how he can be so selfish and see her as just a baby-making machine, and threatens him with divorce. Both Jin Hee and Chang Min’s heads turn, as Jin Hee asks her not to speak of it lightly. And, with that, our obligatory product placement scene is done.

Jin Hee finds out just how much money Jin Ae borrowed from Chang Min, to her dismay. Jin Hee goes over to Chang Min’s to return the money, waiting outside his flat for him to come home. It reminds her of when they were still married, she once waited outside for him too. He finds her asleep when he returns, and asks why she didn’t eat and go to bed first. She doesn’t like to eat alone, and doesn’t like to wait alone in the flat. She doesn’t want to go home, so he placates her by piggybacking her for a short walk. He tells her that he can’t work without worrying about her like this. He tells her that she’ll find something that she likes to do, something that she is good at. She worries that she’s holding him back, but he shushes her and sings to her instead. Aww, that’s sweet.

When he comes back, she returns his money but he refuses to take it. Jin Hee says that after their divorce, she always saw herself as the victim, but she never really saw it from his perspective – how he had to hold it together and shoulder the responsibility of the breadwinner. She was all caught up in her own little world, and didn’t see how hard it was for him. She asks if the cookies she made were not nice, and he just answers yes. She pouts slightly, because she was almost late to work making them.

Chang Min finds another box of fortune cookies on his desk (and I wonder if they all have the same message? Or are they the same batch from yesterday?). Today’s note is an invitation to meet at a coffee shop near the hospital. Jin Hee is waiting for him after work, and rings him to see if he’s coming. He pretends not to know what she’s talking about, but in actual fact he’s right outside, looking at her. She looks up and sees him. She tells him that after some thought, she wants to start over with him. He thinks that she’s just too caught up in her emotions, that her mind will change in time. She needs to find someone she really likes, someone that will make her heart flutter, so that she’ll be happy. Jin Hee can’t believe it, and neither can I.

She keeps stealing glances at Chang Min at work the next day, and when he walks past her, she feels her heart thumping. (Thanks to the sound effects.) She runs after him and up the stairs, while we get a montage of flashbacks. She finds him waiting for a lift, and pulls him into the stairwell. The one with the freaky cats. He’s puzzled, but she puts her stethoscope around him to let him listen to her heart. Well, if you ran that many flight of stairs, it has to be beating pretty hard and fast. At least she’s using some basic scientific knowledge to prove a point.


I guess I finally have my answer now that Jin Hee has made her choice. For me, it was always about what Jin Hee wants. Neither of them had anything else to fulfil them apart from each other the first time around – Jin Hee didn’t have a clue what she wanted to do with her life, Chang Min had to give up what he wanted to do to make ends meet. Now, they have so much more in their lives, and they can make things work if they both wanted to. I believe so, because Chang Min is actually good at being a doctor, and Jin Hee has the passion and good bedside manner. If only they believed that too. But never mind, 3 more episodes for them to find that out.


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