Emergency Couple Episode 19

We continue from last episode’s ending in the cat stairwell. Chang Min hears Jin Hee’s thumping heart, and she asks if he gets what this means. He trolls her for a bit, saying that the stethoscope doesn’t work. She tests it out and refutes him, only for him to try it out again, this time on her boobies. Hahaha I totally was not expecting that.

Chang Min goes back to his desk to find Young Kyu eating one of his fortune cookies. He digs it out of Young Kyu’s mouth (ewww) and the note today reads, “the husband should know that his wife is of his own making”.

Jin Hee is with her cancer patient’s son, who is now a lot calmer. Chang Min and Jin Hee both apologise for the incident again, and Chang Min reminds him to spend more time with his mother, perhaps drawing upon his own experience with Dad. Jin Hee offers to look for other forms of therapy for the patient, and the son tells her that the cost does not matter.

Chang Min gets to troll Jin Hee some more when she asks him if he’s read the fortune cookie message of the day. She says that he’s contributed to who she is today, that it’s his influence that she decided to be a doctor, be it out of hate or jealousy. Chang Min tells her that she would have became a doctor regardless, and that she’s doing well. Their hands touch when they both reach for the same container, and after Chang Min leaves, Jin Hee puts her hand to her face. In a lovelorn manner.

Chang Min helps Ah Reum fend off a harrass-y patient, claiming to be her husband. He throws out the douchebag, much to Ah Reum’s relief. Jin Hee witnesses the altercation, then runs after Chang Min to ask what went on. He tells her that it happens all the time to Ah Reum because she’s pretty, and Jin Hee wouldn’t really have the same problem. He then trolls her some more by giving her a once over and smiling to himself.

Jin Hee is annoyed, and proceeds to show off some sexy poses in front of the mirror in her locker. Ah Reum joins her in the locker room, which cuts short her self-ogling. Jin Hee takes the opportunity to try and take back her words to Ah Reum about Ah Reum needing to spend more time with Chang Min to get to know him. Ah Reum says matter-of-factly that she has to spend the rest of the year with Chang Min doing their intern rotations. But she gets Jin Hee’s point, and is her usual cool self. Jin Hee invites her to have a drink together sometime.

Chang Min checks on Mum, who asks after him and Jin Hee. She wants to meet up with Jin Hee, but Chang Min tells her to take things slowly. Mum is full of guilt and regret, for not treating Dad better when he was alive, for being the reason he fell sick. She made him hate her, because all she did was complain that he wasn’t good enough for her. Too little, too late, Mum.

Jin Hee is in lovelorn mood again, as she has every woman’s dilemma of not having anything to wear. Meanwhile, Chang Min treats a particularly fussy patient, who gets ranty when he wants to listen to her chest. He leans in to look at her ear as she requests, but he brushes against her thighs. She goes a bit ballistic and shoves Chang Min into another bed. Chang Min offers to get her a female doctor but shoves Sang Hyuk away in annoyance.

Jin Hee is treating another patient (it’s Beummie from You From Another Star lol), who is clutching his groin in agony. Chang Min joins her, and his eyes widen as Beummie drops his trousers. Jin Hee sneaks a peek from behind the curtains, as Beummie explains that his wife threw hot water on him for cheating. Chang Min thinks that he’s got second degree burns, but the initial handling was good. Beummie explains that he looked on the internet (wow). Chang Min redirects Jin Hee to his female patient, and takes over with Beummie. Turns out the two of them are husband and wife, that little pocket dynamite.

Jin Hee sees Chun Soo back at work, and is thrilled to see him back. She asks about a more effective treatment for the halmoni with cancer. There is another option, but it’s very expensive. Most of the time patient’s children won’t pay for their parents’ treatment, but would rather spend money on their own offspring. Chun Soo looks rather deflated, and tells her that he didn’t enjoy his time off. He asks her if she only has a year to live, would she carry on being a doctor or would she give up her job to possibly live a little longer? (Oh god please don’t have a terminal illness.) Jin Hee doesn’t want to give up being a doctor, but she thinks that she’ll have to find a way to live first.


Chun Soo thinks that taking two weeks off work was really difficult for him, but Jin Hee says that he should date then. Most people look forward to days off when they are dating, because they have something to do in their down time. Boy, is she sending mixed messages or what? Even I am confused.

Chun Soo and Ji Hye are treating a patient who urgently needs to be intubated, but the procedure is risky because her throat is inflamed. Chun Soo intubates successfully but there’s some bleeding, and Min Ki tells them that she’s an opera singer. This upsets both Ji Hye and Chun Soo, because they know that the patient will feel so hopeless when she wakes up. (In this context I feel that the conversation Chun Soo had with Jin Hee earlier should have come after they had treated this patient, not before. It makes much more sense why he was in such a horrible mood.)

Chang Min gets in his car after work, and almost runs over Jin Hee, who has a stalk of rose in her mouth. It’s a bit ridiculous, her trying to seduce her way back to Chang Min. It’s more hilarious than temptress, as she even changes her tone of voice. Chang Min thinks she’s acting weird, but agrees to have a meal with her. She flirts with him shamelessly throughout the meal, and afterwards they take a walk along the same route Chang Min piggybacked her in their flashback.

Jin Hee tells him that she fears that one day he’ll leave the hospital without telling her, and she won’t see him ever again. Chang Min thinks they shouldn’t be in a rush to get back together, because what if they hurt each other again? They might not be able to recover from that, so they should take it slow.

Chun Soo is drinking alone at a pojangmacha as he thinks back about Jin Hee’s words about him needing to date. We are treated to more flashbacks of Chun Soo’s many encounters with Jin Hee. He turns up drunk on Ji Hye’s doorstep. She puts a blanket over him on the couch, and he grabs her arm. She pours him a glass of water, asking him why he drank so much. Chun Soo just says that he’s in a bad mood, and she said she would have drank with him if he asked. He comments about what she means to him, with her presents and taking care of him. He asks if it’s difficult for her. Her face falls, but she just remarks that he really seems to be drunk today.

She lets him lie on her lap, saying that she knows who made him drink this much. Does he really want to keep showing her his vulnerable side? He apologises, and Ji Hye’s visibly upset. She pours water over his, telling him that he’s gone overboard by turning up at hers like this. If he likes Jin Hee, he should go after Jin Hee instead of showing her his pain. She wonders how long she has to look after him and wait for him.

Except, it’s another fakeout. Gosh. I really hate this. Ji Hye ends up not saying what she really wants to say, and keeps her emotions bottled up as she looks longingly at Chun Soo. I guess this is their way of showing us Ji Hye’s true feelings for Chun Soo, because we’d never guess otherwise.

Jin Hee runs into two of them the next morning, and overhears part of their conversation alluding their night spent together. She drops her phone in shock, which startles everyone. Chun Soo turns back to look at her, but doesn’t say anything. When they wait for the lift, Ji Hye worries that Jin Hee might have heard their conversation. Jin Hee avoids getting into the same lift as them. Later, she goes to see Chun Soo, but hesitates briefly before going into his office.

He asks what she is doing in the hospital on her day off. She brings him the results of halmoni’s tests, and he asks her if she’s aware that this treatment will cost 10 million won a month. Wow. It’s going to cost a bomb, and if it works, it will have to carry on long term. She asks if there are any other options, and she will discuss it with halmoni’s family. Before she leaves, he tells her to go home and go on a date or something.

Chang Min’s doorbell rings, and for a minute I thought it was Jin Hee. But it turns out to be Jin Ae with Baby Guk in tow. She begs him to take care of Guk while she goes for an audition, as Mummy is off with her friends and her husband is now at work. Jin Hee gets a call from a desperate Chang Min, who is hapless at handling a crying baby. They both try to stop Baby Guk from crying, and poor Aunt Jin Hee is rather hopeless herself. She doesn’t know how often he needs milk or how much milk he drinks, and they resort to the good ‘ol internet for that.

We get lot of cutie baby Guk time as they both spend time with him, awww. They even give him a bath, right in the middle of the living room. Poor Gukie is puzzled as to why, especially when the adults engage in a water fight. They are both exhausted by the time Guk is asleep.


Chang Min’s doorbell rings, and this time it’s Young Kyu. Chang Min tells him that someone is asleep, which surprises Young Kyu, since he brought chicken and everything. Jin Hee comes to the door too, and Young Kyu actually gasps in surprise to see Jin Hee in Chang Min’s shirt. Kwang Soo turns up and also clocks Jin Hee’s outfit to signs of naughty times.

They all drink beer while having chicken, and both boys look curiously at Jin Hee and Chang Min. Chang Min asks if Young Kyu came over to tell him something. Young Kyu confesses that he is thinking of quitting. Chang Min asks if he has anything else planned, and Young Kyu wants to go into music. Chang Min takes the opportunity to introduce Kwang Soo to him, and they agree to go out for a drink. Jin Hee tells him it’s not too late to try and do what he likes.

They are interrupted by Baby Guk crying, and that’s the cue for the boys to leave. Jin Hee wants to leave with Kwang Soo, who points out that she needs to change and quickly runs off with Young Kyu. Jin Hee carries on drinking, asking why they never had kids when they were married. Turns out they kept fighting when it was the best time to conceive, and they apologise to each other. They also confess about their respective health problems that they kept from each other while married.

Jin Hee ends up asleep on the dining table, and Chang Min carries her into his room. She pulls him down, telling him in a drunken slur that she wants to start over. He tucks her in, and the next thing we know, Jin Hee awakes to find a very naked Chang Min slept next to a very naked her. She shouts out in shock, much like her previous reaction, and so does Chang Min.


Now if you were going all out to seduce your ex-husband anyway, why the dramatic reaction when you realise you had sex with him? And Kdrama heroes should learn that it’s not okay to have sex with a drunk woman, even more so when you are drunk yourself. Ok, lecture over.

I’m happy that the tone of the drama has gone back into rom-com, because there’s only that much moping around that I can take. I am glad to see our OTP making more choices to consciously be together yet not jump into marriage again. While Chang Min turned down Jin Hee’s offer to start over, at least we see that he’s not completely opposed to the idea. Taking things slow is exactly what they need.

It has been painfully obvious (to me at least) that Ji Hye is still harbouring feelings for Chun Soo. Despite her playful exterior, she still hurts to see him pining for Jin Hee. I hope Chun Soo realises that the person he relies on the most is who he actually needs, preferably before the end of the drama.


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