Emergency Couple Episode 20

This is a bit overdue, but I have just only watched the final two episodes of Emergency Couple. Finally! For all it was worth, the series went off on a good note, leaving us with happy, squeeworthy moments of our OTP.

While I think the pace and excitement of the drama climaxed (for me) with the story arc of Dad’s passing, everything that happened after was diminshed, and there was no real doubt that anything else was going to get in the way of Chang Min and Jin Hee.

Picking up from Episode 19, we see Chang Min and Jin Hee the morning after. Chang Min takes a shower, asking Jin Hee to hand him a towel. This prompts a flashback by Jin Hee to back when they were married, a similar request by Chang Min resulted in more sexy times in the bathroom. Her flashback is cut short when Chang Min tells her he’s found a towel already. Chang Min then makes her breakfast, and there is teasing and banter all the way to work.

Chun Soo asks for Ji Hye’s consult for the halmoni with cancer, since she used to work at a cancer centre in the States, he wonders if she can get the halmoni into a clinical trial. She marvels at his after-care service.

Chun Soo’s opera singer patient is readmitted into the ER having attempted suicide by overdosing. Chun Soo orders the interns to have the patient’s stomach pumped. Jin Hee asks Chang Min the question that Chun Soo asked her before – if he was ill, would he carry on with working as doctor if he only had a month to live or would he quit his job to possibly live longer? Chang Min jokes that he wants to carry on being a doctor and live a long life with her.

Young Kyu chats with Ah Reum about possibly giving up life as a doctor for music. Ah Reum encourages him, saying that he will be happier doing what he’s passionate about. It brightens him up, and she goes one better by asking him out on a date during the weekend. Aww. He’s a little dumbstruck, and before he gets to answer a passing nurse knocks into him, spilling his drink onto Ah Reum. He wipes off the drink with his hand, and belatedly realises that he’s touched her chest. Cue awkward moment!

Chun Soo’s suicide patient wakes up agitated, shoving Chang Min aside and grabbing a pair of scissors off Jin Hee to slit his wrist. Chun Soo, Ji Hye and the other residents rush over to intervene. The patient demands to see the doctor who did this to his voice, saying that it’s no different from dying. Chun Soo admits to it, but tells him that he did it to save his life.

Later, Chun Soo berates himself for destroying someone’s dreams, even if it’s inevitable. Ji Hye agrees that it’s not uncommon to find this in the ER. Chun Soo wonders if he’s saving people or leaving them without hope. Their little philosophical discussion brings a smile to Chun Soo’s face, as he is glad that he has someone to talk to like Ji Hye, even if he won’t admit it outright to her.

The married interns are having a little spat, and the senior resident chides them for bringing their personal problems to work. He tells them to just get a divorce, and Min Ki’s attempt to calm him down earns him more grief.

Jin Hee shows the material from the clinical trial to the halmoni’s son, who tells her that Prof An has already recommended a treatment for his mother. Jin Hee mulls over this with Chang Min, who reasons that Ji Hye’s clinical trial seems like the better choice for halmoni. He goes to sit in on Prof An’s consult with halmoni’s son, and after that, he explains about Ji Hye’s clinical trial to him. The halmoni’s son is pleased with Ji Hye’s clinical trial. Later on, a pissed off Prof An storms into Chun Soo’s office, grabbing Chun Soo madly for stealing his clinical trial patient.

Chang Min overhears Jin Hee turning down a blind date over the phone, and Jin Hee is surprised to see him also at his desk. She goes over and asks him to watch a movie with her after work. They exchange some more cute banter about how they each didn’t date in the past 6 years.

Chun Soo catches up to Chang Min before he leaves work, and gives him a nice little pat for getting halmoni on to Ji Hye’s trial. Aww. Jin Hee goes to see Ji Hye to apologise for coming between her and Chun Soo like a dolt she is. Ji Hye is awfully sweet about it as usual, telling her that it’s been 6 years since they were an item.

Jin Hee has to take a raincheck on her movie date with Chang Min, as she gets a phone call from his Mum asking to meet up. Mum sees Jin Hee to tell her that she plans to live her own life and not meddle with Jin Hee and Chang Min any more. Well, amen to that, lady.

Ji Hye and Chun Soo are walking down a hallway as she teases him about not liking her because she has a child. She tells him that her parents and Ji Min are coming over for a visit this weekend. Her parents seem to be familiar with Chun Soo, as she tells him that they keep asking how he’s doing.

Jin Ae asks Jin Hee where she spent the previous night, and asks if she slept with Chang Min. She presses on, but Jin Hee turns the questioning back on Jin Ae, asking where Kwang Soo is. Jin Ae admits that she had a fight with Kwang Soo. Cut to Chang Min receiving a call from Kwang Soo, and they meet up for a drink.

Kwang Soo tells Chang Min the cause of their fight – he lent some money to his friend. Kwang Soo quickly stresses that he isn’t asking to borrow money from Chang Min, because his friend will return his money tomorrow. (Aw, poor innocent Kwang Soo.) Kwang Soo urges Chang Min to speak freely with him, and with some effort, Chang Min does. Chang Min imparts some advice on married life to Kwang Soo. First, consult your wife before taking action. Second, keep to your promises. Kwang Soo alludes to Chang Min breaking his vows with the divorce, but gets silenced with a stare, haha. Third, he has to lose, every time. Men can’t win against women anyway, that’s how they were made.

Jin Hee and Jin Ae are out for a drink at same place, and she gives Jin Ae some advice too. First, to accept him as he is, because he’s never going to change. She asks Jin Ae what she likes best about Kwang Soo. Jin Ae says it’s his looks. Hahaha. At Jin Hee’s reaction (see above), she adds, his optimism. Jin Hee asks her to believe in this and not let anything else get in the way. Jin Ae presses for more, but Jin Hee tells her this is everything she needs because men are simple.

Both Kwang Soo and Jin Ae exclaim aloud after confirming that Jin Hee and Chang Min slept together. Kwang Soo and Chang Min discuss a little bit more about married life, and they overhear Jin Ae complaining loudly about Kwang Soo. Chang Min drags him over. Jin Hee and Chang Min advise them to make up, but are told to sort themselves out first.

Things seem all made up anyway, as Jin Ae and Kwang Soo head off on their own. Jin Hee and Chang Min take a walk home, where she tells him about his mother giving them her blessing. They reach her house, and Jin Hee leaves him with a peck on his cheek.

Chun Soo’s suicide patient is awake but calmer now, and seems to be in a daze. He wonders what he can do now. Chun Soo tells him that he can do anything he wants. He will see things he’s never seen before, notice things that he’s never paid attention to before. The patient can’t see beyond this now, but Chun Soo assures him that when the cut on his wrist heals, things may change.

Jin Hee ponders over what Chun Soo said to the patient and smiles to herself. Chang Min catches her in her own thoughts. She tells him that she thinks her wounds are healing too, and she feels that they’ll see more things together and care for each other more. Chang Min asks teasingly if that’s her confession. Jin Hee answers another call from her Mummy to set her up on a blind date. Chang Min grabs the phone off her, asking Mummy not to set her up, since they are dating. He ends the call with a promise to meet over a meal some time soon, then saunters off like a boss.

Chun Soo gets some backlash from Prof An for stealing halmoni from his clinical trial – Prof An has filed a complaint to the hospital bosses, and as a result Ji Hye is being sent back to the States. Chun Soo immediately goes off to confront Prof An, but Ji Hye rushes after him. It’s enough for her that the patient chose the clinical trial she recommended, she doesn’t mind going back to the States. It matters to Chun Soo, but Ji Hye thinks it’s right timing anyway, since she wants to go back to her daughter.

Chang Min expresses his guilt over his involvement in the clinical trial snafu, after having heard that Ji Hye has to leave. He goes to see Chun Soo about it, but Chun Soo reassures him that he did well. Chang Min says that he should have followed the proper procedures. Chun Soo reminds him that it’s essential that patients get to decide on treatment as soon as possible, as every second counts. Chun Soo hopes that if Chang Min were in his position one day, that he would not encounter these problems. He tells Chang Min not to feel bad about Ji Hye, as he will do everything he can to resolve that matter.

Chang Min grabs Jin Hee as she gets ready to leave work, saying that he’s kidnapping her, and this time he won’t fail. They run through the hospital hand in hand, and this scene is the replica of them running to get married in the first episode. In a voiceover, Jin Hee answers her sister’s question about what she liked about Chang Min – it’s his ability to forge ahead with her, having such a different personality to her own.

They then go to the cinema, where Jin Hee falls asleep during the movie. Chang Min is moved to tears by the movie, and holds Jin Hee’s hand when he notices her sleeping. That was a nice, tender moment. When the movie ends, they are each embarrassed about falling asleep and crying. Haha.

Ji Hye meets Chun Soo for a drink, where he brings up Prof An again. He insists that she stay for the full length of her contract (a year), because it would look bad on her CV. She tells him that she’s had enough, and that she’s accepted the termination. She thought she didn’t care, but she can’t face Chun Soo any more, so it’s better this way. She thinks his concern for her now is out of concern for a colleague, and she cannot accept that. Gosh, Chun Soo, just come out with your true feelings already! Ji Hye thinks that he’s not even started things with Jin Hee, but he’s given up already, like how he did with their relationship 6 years ago. She asks why he keeps repeating this vicious cycle, and he should put himself out there to get hurt, or he wouldn’t know if it’s worth it.

Chang Min and Jin Hee have more cutesy moments as they eat at a food stall, while Chun Soo broods in his on-call room. He takes his phone out to call Jin Hee, but she doesn’t answer. He stares at the red jacket that she got him, then leaves with some determination on his face. He gets off and waits at a bus stop, and a moment later, a bus pulls up. Jin Hee comes out of the bus, along with Chang Min. Chang Min asks her how many more ordinary dates they have to go on. Jin Hee doesn’t get it, and he leans in to kiss her, right in Chun Soo’s line of sight.


Yay for Ji Hye finally speaking up for her own feelings in a take-me-seriously manner. While I am pretty much sure that Chun Soo has lost any real chance with Jin Hee ages ago, it’s still for him to decide to let go of his feelings and move on.

I’m also deeply pleased with all the fanservicey moments in the episode, as filler as they can be. Even though I’m not clamouring to get to the ending, I can be happy watching our OTP being happy, and choosing to be with each other. Even Mum didn’t put any pressure on them reconciling, just putting it down as an option for them to consider, and hopefully not rush into marriage again. And Mum just needs to let her hair down and live a proper life, man. So instead of having to run away from people in suits coming after them, now Chang Min and Jin Hee are just running (as not to miss the movie) together, totally out of choice and not any external pressure.


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