Emergency Couple Episode 21

Chun Soo watches Chang Min kiss Jin Hee, and he walks away silently. I’m not too sure why he went to the bus stop in the first place, or what he wanted to say to Jin Hee. Back at home, Jin Hee exchanges cutesy text messages with Chang Min (aww), which is when she notices a missed call from Chun Soo.

The next day at work, Jin Hee finds the wifey intern with a divorce letter. She complains about how selfish her husband has been lately, and she can’t take it any longer. Jin Hee asks her to have a word. Meanwhile, the other half of the married interns is having a less attentive ear in Young Kyu, but he sounds tired and fed up too. So am I, of the two of them.

Chun Soo is asked by his boss to send two interns out to Taean to help out for a week. Boss man doesn’t think that any of the interns will volunteer, so Chun Soo should just pick two for the job. I have a feeling I know which two.

Jin Hee shows Chang Min an ultrasound scan of a fetus and they both fawn over it. He teases her, asking if baby Guk is not enough for her, and if she wants her own baby. The nurses overhear their entire conversation from their station. Jin Hee pulls Chang Min away to chide him for saying such things at work, as if no one knows about their relationship. Chun Soo comes out of his office and runs right into them. He tells them about the Taean assignment, and reminds them to focus on work, not dating. Well, you did decide to send them on this working trip together. Jin Hee stays behind to ask why Chun Soo rang her the night before, but he tells her that he didn’t need her help after all.

Their latest patient is a drunk man, who is unconscious but needs surgery. Chun Soo tells the interns to page Prof An for the surgery, then goes off to see to someone else. Later on, Jin Hee goes to Chun Soo, because Prof An has refused to perform the surgery without the patient or his family’s consent. The patient needs the surgery urgently, but is not conscious to consent, and there’s no family here yet. Chun Soo asks Prof An not to delay the surgery, but it’s a high-risk surgery, so Prof An insists on getting the family to consent first. Chun Soo tells Chang Min and Jin Hee to use his own name as the guardian to consent to surgery.

Back in his office, he rings Ji Hye, who has left work early to run some errands to prepare for her family’s arrival. Chun Soo tells her that there’s a big void with her absence. Aww, you miss her.

The patient’s daughter finally arrives at the ER, and she’s not too pleased that her father’s surgery was delayed. His condition has gotten worse because of it, so she goes to Chun Soo to yell at him. Chang Min tells her that Chun Soo signed the consent form for the surgery to go ahead, and the daughter demands to know which doctor refused to do the operation. She goes into a tirade about how her father was overlooked because he wasn’t some VIP and just some retired old man, and how the doctors put off the surgery because they didn’t want to take the responsibility if something went wrong. Everyone in the ER looks at Prof An, who actually looks sheepish for a change. That arrogant bastard.

He later admits to Chun Soo that he can never be like Chun Soo (I guess he means as good a doctor as Chun Soo), and asks Chun Soo not to spread the word about this incident. Chun Soo agrees, but uses this as leverage to get Prof An to let Ji Hye come back to the hospital in future. Well played.

Ji Hye is shopping at the supermarket, and Chun Soo joins her. She offers to make him dinner, asking him what he wants. He’s so adorably dorky at shopping, swapping out the cucumber she picked for a larger one, and getting the milk with a free little pack. While she prepares dinner, he helps her vacuum the house. Aww.

In Taean, Jin Hee cycles past the beach on her way back after a house call. She has lunch with Chang Min, who complains about having to deal with all the ER patients while she was away. He had about 20 patients, and all the senior doctors there are hellish to work with, even the Satan (Chun Soo’s nickname) is an angel by comparison. Of course, he’s a huge softie. Jin Hee agrees that it’s difficult to meet someone like Chun Soo, which makes Chang Min say jealously that he’ll be even better than Chun Soo when he’s that age. Haha.

Chang Min then takes Jin Hee on the back of the bicycle for a ride, and they come across a crowd at the jetty. Someone has collapsed. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, they try to stop the bleeding on his leg. They cannot measure his blood pressure, and Chang Min wants to cut the wound further to stop the bleeding. He makes the cut, then clamps down the blood vessel to stop the bleed. They work together like a well-oiled machine, and the ambulance arrives just after.

Meanwhile, their mothers meet up, and Chang Min’s Mum apologises for her past behaviour. She thanks Mummy for attending the funeral, and repeats what she said to Jin Hee about not coming between her and Chang Min. Everything is strangely civil between the two.

Chang Min and Jin Hee are having dinner, and Jin Hee brings up Ji Hye’s impending departure from the hospital. She tells Chang Min about Ji Hye’s history with Chun Soo, which doesn’t surprise him, since he always thought there was something between them. They both agree that they are way more awesome as a couple than Chun Soo and Ji Hye.

We get a backhug scene with our OTP as well, as Jin Hee wonders if they’ll be happy if they got married again. Chang Min tells her that they don’t have to rush into it, because getting married isn’t the end of the story. She’s worked this hard to get to where she is now, and all he wants for her is to live happily and prettily like she is now. Jin Hee asks teasingly if he wants to marry another woman then, and he kisses her in response.

Ji Hye welcomes her parents and Ji Min at the airport, and Chun Soo turns up to meet them as well. Ji Hye’s parents greet him warmly, and Ji Hye introduces him to Ji Min as her friend from work. He takes her parents in his car while Ji Hye drives back with Ji Min. Ji Min asks why Chun Soo came to the airport too. Ji Hye explains that she used to eat and travel with Chun Soo back then, and he was also close to her parents. Ji Min concludes that they must like each other, then asks if they’ve kissed. Haha, she’s so cute.

Ah Reum brings food to Young Kyu, who is hanging out with Jin Ae and Kwang Soo practicing music. She asks him what time he finishes, because she wants to go on a date with him. I love it, she’s so straightforward when she knows what she wants. Young Kyu looks like he’s just won the lottery.

Jin Hee is stumped by a patient’s case at Taean, so she calls Chun Soo for help. She has a different diagnosis to the attending, and she wants a second opinion. Chun Soo agrees with her diagnosis, so she decides to call the patient back for a CT scan. Before she hangs up, Chun Soo tells her to go to her attending first with her diagnosis, or she’ll get into trouble. Minutes later, he gets a call from Chang Min. He grumbles about there being no senior doctors at Taean at first, but still listens to Chang Min. When he realises that Chang Min is talking about the same patient as Jin Hee, he tells him that he already told Jin Hee what to do. He grumps some more about them calling him all the time, but really, he’s happy.

Ji Hye takes Ji Min out for dinner with Chun Soo, at Ji Min’s request. She asks Chun Soo if her mum is pretty, then asks him to treat her well and not fight with her. Chun Soo pinky promises her. Awww, she so cute.

Ah Reum and Young Kyu go on their date, and she grumbles a bit about how he didn’t eat the food she brought earlier. He said that Kwang Soo really liked it, so he let him have it. Young Kyu asks if she’s mad at him for not eating. She admits to it, since she brought the food especially for him. Young Kyu smiles, saying that he won’t give up the things he really likes, or rather the person he likes. She looks away a bit awkwardly, so he changes the topic and asks what sort of music she listens to recently. They sit there sharing earphones while listening to the song. Young Kyu reaches over to hold her hand, then leans in to kiss her on the cheek. Aw, he could have gone for the lips! Ah Reum smiles and rests her head on his shoulder.

Chang Min texts Jin Hee to ask what she’s doing, but when she doesn’t reply, he goes knocking on her door. He wonders if he’s upset her by teasing her about her weight earlier. Jin Hee opens her drapes, and she’s dressed in a bathrobe. She teases him by opening up the robe to reveal her sexy nightie underneath for about 2 seconds. He demands for more, and she does a sexy dance for him, then closes the drapes again, leaving him banging the window. Much like you, Show, all tease but lacking on the delivery.

Chun Soo and Ji Hye drive out to Taean to meet Chang Min and Jin Hee, for no particular reason at all. Chang Min has prepared dinner, but Chun Soo comments that it’s not as good as Ji Hye’s cooking. The dinner goes on nicely as Chang Min and Jin Hee tell them about the patient at the jetty. Ji Hye asks them what department they want to work in after they finish their internship, and without hesitation they both say the ER. Ji Hye teases Chun Soo for being such an inspiration, and Chun Soo cannot suppress the smile on his face. They really are like the proud parents to the interns.

Ji Hye pulls Chang Min aside, leaving Jin Hee with Chun Soo. Ji Hye asks Chang Min to stay by Chun Soo’s side to help him after she leaves for the States. He and  Jin Hee remind her of the days when she and Chun Soo were both residents (and dating), and she hopes that they remain happy together, even better if they get married. Chang Min smiles and says that they are happy as they are.

The atmosphere is more awkward with Jin Hee and Chun Soo, and she tries to break the tension by making conversation about Ji Hye’s departure from the hospital. Chun Soo interrupts her by thanking her for letting him feel again. That was what he wanted to say to her the night he went to the bus stop to wait for her. Jin Hee has allowed him to open up again to liking other people. He looks mighty relieved now that he’s been forthcoming with Jin Hee about his feelings for her. Jin Hee tells him that she’ll always respect him as a teacher, and it’s the same for Chang Min.

Chang Min and Ji Hye come out of the house and decides to eavesdrop on their conversation. Jin Hee and Chun Soo realise them two sneaking up on them, and says loudly that Chang Min is like a child compared to Chun Soo, while Chun Soo hopes that Ji Hye will meet a good man soon. Aww, it’s nice and cutesy, all four of them.

Jin Hee and Chang Min return to the hospital after their week away, and are welcomed by the nurses, Ah Reum and the married interns. The married interns have shelved their divorce plans for now, and are going to try to make things work. Young Kyu has resigned, and Ah Reum tells them that he plans to study music overseas. Chun Soo receives a postcard from his father, who sounds like he’s proud of his son, yet guilty for leaving him behind. Chun Soo tears up reading it.

Next thing we know, Chun Soo is rushing off to the airport. He spots Ji Hye and her family waiting, and Ji Min runs over to him when she sees him. He wishes Ji Hye a safe journey, but tells her to come back whenever she wants to. She must, in fact. Despite him not saying a whole lot, Ji Hye understands what he means. I like how they left things with these two.

Jin Hee and Chang Min run into each other on the car stairwell, and before they go in the opposite direction, Chang Min sneaks in a kiss. Rawr. Their kiss is shortlived when they get called to the ER for an emergency.

We see them rushing around together, helping out. In a voiceover, they tell us that life isn’t perfect, accidents and mistakes happen, but that’s when you discover new things about yourself. By understanding each other’s pain and suffering, you mature into a better person.


And that’s it. I liked the low-key ending, it tied everything up in a satisfactory way. I like that the writer didn’t shove Chang Min and Jin Hee back into marriage, and taking things slow and just enjoying each other as they are is perfect. And everyone else (including the mothers) being fine with that added the cherry on top. There were still some OTT moments (the lingerie scene, imo was poorly played) but as a whole, I really enjoyed all our OTP scenes and the maturity they displayed in the later episodes. All them kisses and cuddles didn’t hurt. They talked to each other more and came to understand each other better – petty jealousy wasn’t even anywhere to be seen.

We get a good outcome for our second leads as well, much to my surprise. Thankfully we didn’t see any more of Chun Soo pining for Jin Hee, which was my worry after the scene at the bus stop. Things did turn out as Ji Hye wished for, that Chun Soo would open up his heart after falling for Jin Hee. But it’s also great that he fell for Jin Hee, then quickly realised that it’s impossible to be with her, and that his heart belonged with Ji Hye. They get each other, and are pillars of support for each other at work and in life.

As for the supporting characters, I didn’t really care too much for any of them. Ah Reum and Young Kyu were cute together, even if her sudden feelings for him were a little strange. It’s not their show, and I like Ah Reum enough to know that she’s a go-getter, so good for her for scoring Young Kyu. I’m quite upset that Baby Guk didn’t make an appearance in the final episode, but he is just about the cutest baby ever, stealing every single scene he was in, and he deserves a special mention.

The show overall was flawed and the storytelling was poor at times, but they did give us two great female characters in Ji Hye and Jin Hee, both supportive of each other and awesome in their own ways. Chun Soo was amazing as a second lead, and his growth in character and his personality in general were really entertaining to watch. He’s arguably the more compelling male character in the show, given that Chang Min’s struggles were more straightforward. Worth a watch for some light and fluffy show that doesn’t take itself too seriously.


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