A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episodes 3-4

The good news is that Wei Zhen isn’t a dimwit and Shu Yu isn’t a rock. The bad news is that Jia Xin is ambitious, Li Da is ambitious and desperate.

Wei Zhen is offered money as compensation for Jia Xin stealing her father’s song, but she turns it down. She does agree to work as a personal assistant in BS Entertainment, which leaves her to run around with Jia Xin, protecting her from pervy assistant directors. It somehow ends up with her wearing a panda suit while nursing a sprained ankle. Shu Yu steps in to take her place, quite surprisingly.

Despite the drunken Wei Zhen scene, I don’t feel much tension or chemistry between Shu Yu and Wei Zhen yet. Mostly because he detests her, and this has gradually simmered down to a grudging acceptance. It will eventually become more, I hope, because Jia Xin is undeserving of Shu Yu’s affection. While she is a bit of a diva due to her celebrity status, she doesn’t seem to consider Shu Yu’s feelings much. She definitely is a career woman, as she puts her public image above all else. When she gets caught by the paparazzi, she makes Wei Zhen the scapegoat instead.

This brings Wei Zhen and Shu Yu in close proximity, since he saves her from the paparazzi and angry fangirls and takes her in. This brings out Jia Xin’s jealous side, as she doesn’t understand why a private person like Shu Yu would let a perpetual stranger into his house. Of course, he’s doing this out of human decency and also because to make up for Jia Xin’s behaviour once again.

While Wei Zhen is busy being a damsel, we finally get to see a more vulnerable side to her, beyond her bubbly persona. (And thank god she toned down on her shrill bubbly girl voice in Ep 4, because it was grating on me.) Shu Yu realises that she isn’t naive, but pure. He also shows some vulnerability to her when she makes him a simple egg and rice dish that her mum usually does. Shu Yu’s mum died (and he doesn’t have a dad, according to what he said in Ep 2) and he was raised by his grandfather. So that explains his tough exterior. She also manages to catch him crying while watching tv (how mortifying) and concludes that he’s not a stone-cold bastard after all.

He’s more alike with Wei Zhen than he realises – they both put on a front to mask their true selves. He wants to be able to be with Jia Xin out in the open, but she won’t sacrifice her public image and the possible harm it could do to her career scares her. He might be okay with that in the past, but I think he might be tired of hiding now.

Shu Yu’s conflict with Li Da was also interesting, partly because I didn’t think either of them were wrong, so to say. Shu Yu stuck to his guns and defended his friend’s pride and talent, Li Da might have misconstrued his intentions but in his desperation to pay off his loans he failed to see past it. He knows that he’s played second fiddle to Shu Yu all these years, and that resentment just built up in him. And it just blew up in both their faces, catalysed by that horrible horrible bigshot guy with a lot of money. (A cameo appearance by Chris, who by virtue of just appearing on the screen made me LOL)

I understand where Li Da is coming from, and I can’t imagine him being too happy when he finds out about Shu Yu sending money to his mother. I just hope there is some hope for their friendship, because that bromance would be a great addition to the show. Plus, angry Li Da constantly has his jaw sticking out, which is more funny than scary.

I’m sorry if this post seems incoherent – I’m nursing a headache today (boohoo). After 4 episodes, I think I can be sure that I jumped on the wagon for Kimi Hsia and Mayday, but I’m staying on for Chris Wu. He’s definitely elevating this show past its average-ness.


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