A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episodes 5-6

The bromance is dead. I mourn the loss of what could have been an amazing bromance, but it’s okay. Better things will come. Shu Yu finally decides to break free from the shackles that are holding him back musically, as he realises that he is alone (almost) on his path to create awesome music.

It’s the age old story of friendships growing apart, people changing. The truth is that, people don’t change. They are always who they are. But the things that they want, the things they desire, they change all the time. Desires are what drives people to follow the path they are on. From these two episodes, it is finally clear to Shu Yu that his friends no longer want the same things as he does. Li Da is driven by his need to succeed on his own name and his greed for money, while Jia Xin is consumed by her celebrity status. It’s a devastating world, showbiz.

Wei Zhen is starting to grow on me a little. Now that she’s past the overly bubbly stage and I get that her optimism is part of her coping mechanism with her multiple failures, I feel better about her. I guess it’s rare (but not in dramaland) in real life to meet someone like Wei Zhen, and I think I identify more with Shu Yu’s snarkiness. Because most of the time I’d respond to Wei Zhen exactly like he does, lol. She’s starting to fall for him as his cold, snarky exterior gets hacked away slowly.

Shu Yu gets ousted as the producer of Jia Xin’s next album, as he refuses to comply with the CEO lady’s demands for him to release it within 3 months. Obviously good music cannot be rushed, and Shu Yu refuses to compromise quality just for the sake of getting ahead of Jia Xin’s rival, Ivy. Li Da doesn’t back him up this time, and gets the other lackeys to outvote him.

Shocked by the betrayal, Shu Yu takes his frustrations out to the streets, which he calls a musician’s KTV. Wei Zhen tags along, and his impromptu street performances draw a crowd and make the headlines. It also reminds him of his passion for music and he’s upset that his friends have all changed. He breaks down in tears at the end of the day, in another display of vulnerability. Wei Zhen comforts him, but he recovers quickly from that.

Shu Yu decides to up and leave BS Entertainment. None of the other staff, not even his PA who seems to actually care about him sincerely, leave with him, because Li Da offered them all a raise. Wei Zhen eventually follows him, but afterwards meekly admits that she did so because she was inspired by his rousing speech, and didn’t really think it through. I love how she said in a tiny tiny voice that she’ll have to look for a job soon, and then proceeds to turn down his offer to pay her (for doing what work?).

Shu Yu’s departure does catch the attention of Boss Ge, the old man who met him and Jia Xin in the first episode. He’s a pompous man who wants to take on Shu Yu to ‘tame the beast’. Jia Xin’s rival Ivy is his artist, but Shu Yu just turns him down flatly. Boss Ge is insulted that his promises to Shu Yu is looked down upon, but Shu Yu is clear that he does not want his work to be dictated by some rich executive, he’d rather be in control of his own music, thankyouverymuch.

The highlight for me was Wei Zhen realising that her first encounter with Shu Yu was in 2005 when his band stole her stage time but she was mesmerised by their performance. Shu Yu is amazed at the coincidence, but for the first time is thankful that Wei Zhen persevered, otherwise he would not have had the chance to meet her again. Aww. We also get an interesting tidbit about Shu Yu’s mum, who was his inspiration and also a singer.

I’m really starting to like this, and Chris Wu is hitting it out of the ballpark with his acting. He comes across so differently in the BTS footage where he’s a huge dork, and it’s hilarious the things he does. (Most recently, he tried to show a little boy how to wink at girls.) Kimi Hsia has toned down slightly and I’m also loving her character more now. I really hope that the story continues to be good and that they don’t go crazy with some birth secret storyline or spend too much time on Boss Ge and the CEO lady’s impending conflict.

Here’s a dorky Chris to brighten your day:


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