A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episode 7

Someone is infatuated and someone gets their heart broken. Not hard to guess who is infatuated, as we see Shu Yu promising to write a song for Wei Zhen. Awwww.

Her first reaction is disbelief, and then she tears up, as she has waited for 8 years for a chance. Now she finally gets what seems to be a break, if and when it happens. Shu Yu tells her that he sees some potential in her, and I think he does genuinely think so. And heck, he’s really softening up towards her, even offering a hug when he sees her wanting to hug him first but pulling herself back. Double aww.

On the not-so-exciting front, Li Da tries to coax Jia Xin over to the dark side. Jia Xin has her reservations about staying with BS, as she still has an ounce of loyalty to Shu Yu, her first thought is to persuade Shu Yu to come back. She also feels that Shu Yu’s music has always been tailor-made for her. But Li Da whispers doubts into her ear about how Shu Yu would put his musical aspirations before her career, and waves a new contract promising her global exposure, without Shu Yu’s involvement. He then quite creepily confesses his feelings to her, sorta, whatever.

We get a bit more of Shu Yu’s old mates, not the above two, but the keyboard and drummer couple. Drummer boy Mu Qun is an accountant by day and his girlfriend is a piano teacher. Shu Yu’s day is brightened by them, and you can see his yearning for a normal life together with Jia Xin like his friends have. Mu Qun also helps him sort out his finances, by informing him that he is in debt and needs to stop spending money. Oops, I can see some delay in Wei Zhen’s future in music there.

She is sent to find investors in Shu Yu’s new company, but ends up going to Boss Ge’s office. Umm, I thought Shu Yu was mighty clear about not wanting to work with him in the last episode. Anyway, Wei Zhen doesn’t get near to seeing Boss Ge, instead she gets mistaken for a B-box artist. She muddles her way into a recording session with Renee, and leaves an impression on her. Renee is played by a real singer for a change, Mami from Wonfu. I knew I’ve seen her somewhere before, apart from the opening and ending credits of course. Mystery solved!

Poor Shu Yu is a musical genius, but he’s obviously not got a handle on his finances, because the next thing he does is go ring-shopping with Wei Zhen. Wei Zhen is already smitten with him, and for a moment she is misled into thinking that it was meant for her. She recovers quickly though, and helps him pick out a ring to propose to Jia Xin. She even helps him decorate Jia Xin’s place for the big proposal.

And the proposal is a bit of a disaster. Jia Xin has been distancing herself from Shu Yu all episode long, and it’s obviously not a good sign. She seems to be wavering between choosing her career and love, so eventually Shu Yu gets the short end. He smiles bitterly and tells her she made the right choice.

While he wallows in the presence of Wei Zhen, it seems he already had a sense of foreboding about the proposal. He refused to believe that Jia Xin has also changed, but now he can no longer deny it. Both his best friend and girlfriend have chosen their career over him. Tough. He laughs and tells Wei Zhen that he, Jia Xin and Li Da have all been embittered by society, while he is amazed that Wei Zhen is still as pure as she is, despite all she has been through. Yep, and she’s the chicken soup that’s going to heal your soul, the cliche be damned. And for someone that’s in debt, he’s also mighty stupid to throw that expensive diamond ring away. I hope Wei Zhen picks it up and pawns it for money, lol.


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