The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 15 – Bang

Reliving Season 1 episodes of The Good Wife might be one of my better choices this weekend. I do admit that I miss the Season 1 Will-Alicia moments, but this episode is one where we meet some key characters in the future. For a drama like The Good Wife which weaves in recurring characters so often, it’s like a bit of a bonus to step back in time and rediscover how we came to love/hate some of them.

Eli makes his appearance with a bang when Peter discovers that someone was spying on his home. Eli steps in and immediately points out that Peter is investigated by federal officers. He also calls Peter a son of a bitch, haha. His straight talking doesn’t change from his first impression at all. He also meets with Alicia, and waits for her while lying on the sofa in her office ‘resting his eyes’. I love that Alicia sees through his intentions almost right away, and that’s enough for Eli.

Eli: You know, you and I are going to be the best of friends Mrs Florrick, and do you know why?
Alicia: I have no idea.
Eli: Because you’re cautious. So am I. Your husband isn’t. Nice meeting you.

This is also the episode where we are introduced to Kurt McVeigh, who is a ballistics expert. It’s obvious straight away that Diane is attracted to him, and her mockery of him is out of that curiosity that she has towards him. I think that Kurt’s firm ethics in his work is what endeared him to her at first, so even if they have vastly different political views, the chemistry is there. It’s not every day that you see Diane Lockhart laughing like a schoolgirl. Giggling, almost, if you can say that.

And Will. Will didn’t feature much in this episode, except that Alicia confronts him for taking her off a case she had been working on for three months. He did it out of concern for her, as he thought that she’d appreciate a lighter workload with Peter’s return. It was a lovely moment when she told him she wanted to be there. With knowledge of more recent developments, it just brought up more emotions in me, that brief little scene.

Watching this episode also reminded me of how Kalinda used to be so much more awesome. She dishes out advice to Alicia to stand up for herself, and I am yet again reminded of their earlier friendship in the series. I think Kalinda has been severely underused in the show lately, and barely had any decent story written with her in a key role.


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