A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episode 8

There’s some nice fluffy moments this episode, as Wei Zhen takes Shu Yu to her home for some healing time. *chuckles*

There are some little shenanigans when Mama Lin is involved, but I love that actress dearly and she’s so delightfully funny. Mama Lin completely sees through Wei Zhen’s infatuation for Shu Yu, and tries to get her daughter to admit to it. Only when she does, Shu Yu walks in on them. Haha. Mama Lin does connect with Shu Yu when she discovers that his mother is Bai Hui Lan, who was once a singer. Ivy’s latest album is named after his mum, which makes me think that Shu Yu’s animosity with Boss Ge may extend beyond his distaste for businessmen making a buck from music.

Anyhow, Mama Lin is a great fan of Shu Yu’s mum, and even has photos from her trip to prove it. She also has a photo of his mum with baby Shu Yu, which brings Shu Yu to tears. Mama Lin notes the strings of destiny is strange, as Wei Zhen’s father wanted to write a song for Shu Yu’s mum but never got to do it. Only for Shu Yu to pen the lyrics to one of his songs, and now he wants to write for Wei Zhen. Awww. Then Mama Lin gets drunk (after what was maybe her first can of beer), and proceeds to act exactly like drunk Wei Zhen. Lol.

On the unhappier end, Jia Xin is upset after rejecting Shu Yu’s proposal. She knows she’s hurt him, yet she knows that she’s just like Li Da – ambitious and hungry for fame. It doesn’t mean her conscience doesn’t bug her as she wails over how she doesn’t deserve anyone’s love, but Li Da (with his never changing face) tells her he still loves her. Is it just me who finds him creepy?

Li Da works her to death with unending schedules, and even Guan Guan (Shu Yu’s PA who is now Jia Xin’s PA) tries to negotiate for some breathing space. He bristles at the teeniest mention of how Shu Yu used to do things when he was the boss, and gets more pressure from the dragon lady CEO for having Shu Yu’s face fill the tabloids instead of Jia Xin’s.

Shu Yu is unknowingly thrust back into the limelight as reporters make up flashy headlines about him wanting to produce another diva in Wei Zhen. (Which of course sounds ridiculous knowing what we know about her, but still) Wei Zhen finally gets a (fine, another) friend in Qian Rui/Renee, who was introduced in the previous episode. Qian Rui has taken up the bubbly and cute quota in this episode, but she’s less annoying somehow. She and Wei Zhen shot a commercial together back when they were kids, and Wei Zhen was really nice to her, so for that she’s always wanted to meet her again. The way she hero-worships Wei Zhen is hilarious, even the usually thick-skinned Wei Zhen is embarrassed.

I think this kind of supportive bff is what Wei Zhen needs. While Shu Yu’s support is important as well, he doesn’t always impart advice or help in the most encouraging way. Qian Rui has no airs about her despite being a better musician than Wei Zhen, as she encourages and even helps Wei Zhen practice to be good enough to get on a variety singing programme.

Shu Yu is against her appearing on the show, because he thinks she isn’t ready. Wei Zhen preps herself and trains with Qian Rui, who even gives her the drama makeover. Gosh, she looks great when her hair’s not that usually mess it is. Shu Yu is shocked that she finally looks the part, and I think (and hope) that he’s going to work on her singing, so that she won’t sound like a complete loon as well.

I feel like it took an awfully long time for us to reach this stage of the show. It was always going to be about the ugly duckling turning into an A-class star, and we finally see that our duckling has got the people and the strength she needs to move into the limelight.

Yep, that’s the way a diva does it

And the BTS for this episode was hilarious, even more so than usual! Lots of derpy Chris Wu just being his dorky self, and Kimi is also really funny. If you don’t believe me, you obviously haven’t seen the picture above.


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