A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episode 9

Wei Zhen forges ahead, but more obstacles come in the way of her musical dreams. I wished that Wei Zhen was less Candy and more spunk, because her optimism takes a hit with Li Da’s new schemes.

Wei Zhen appears on the variety singing programme in high spirits. She is told at the recording that she is expected to go up against Jia Xin in a sing-off. It throws them a bit, but Jia Xin shows some mercy and picks the song she stole from Wei Zhen’s father. It’s something Wei Zhen is familiar with at least, and when the background music fails she troops on to perform a piano version of it. It actually sounded good, and even Shu Yu is cheering her on from his home with cute fist pumps.

As the show goes on it is apparent that Li Da has meticulously planned to embarrass Wei Zhen. Shu Yu rushes to the rescue, declaring on the programme that he plans to create a diva out of Wei Zhen. Attention seeking, indeed. Jia Xin does seem to be very affected by all this, as she did not play a part in Li Da’s scheme and was at least a little horrified at his tricks. She tries to persuade Shu Yu not to work with Wei Zhen (as his ex-girlfriend *rolls eyes*), but he firmly sticks to his guns on this. Jia Xin takes another bullet to her chest, or so she thinks, the way she is acting. She runs to Li Da and forces many kisses on him, pleading with him to help her forget Shu Yu. This is the first time a WTF moment in the show did not involve Wei Zhen at all! He at least has the decency to push her away, because gender equality is important, yo. And he obviously has this manly thing going on about having to actually win her heart over first.

Speaking of manly, have you had a look at Li Da’s arms? Because we sure get to see it this episode. His next trick is to use Wei Zhen’s employment contract with BS to keep her from releasing an album with Shu Yu. It’s a 3-year contract, too, damn. Wei Zhen can only bemoan her own naiveté for signing the contract without reading it thoroughly, but Shu Yu is determined to help her solve this. He doesn’t have the money to buy it out, and Wei Zhen refuses to let her mum sell off their family home to pay it off either. So he goes to the CEO lady to negotiate.

She makes him wait outside her office for 20 minutes, that spiteful old woman. But Shu Yu is obviously a seasoned pro when it comes to dealing with her. He threatens to go public with a statement about Wei Zhen’s contract with BS, and if they hold her back from releasing an album it would be like a slap to their own faces. Li Da warns CEO lady that it’s merely a threat, but CEO lady offers to exchange Wei Zhen’s contract with a contract for Shu Yu. She cuts him a deal – he needs to produce an album for Wei Zhen with his own resources within a month and they have to sell 50,001 copies of it.

Wei Zhen and co are daunted by the prospects of it, but she soon brightens up. And the mid-drama heroine makeover is also complete, as Wei Zhen no longer sports that horrible fringe. It’s now swept to the side, which suits her so much more. Hopefully we’ll get a few songs out of them by the next episode.


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