A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episode 10

There are some high points, and there will be obstacles. All I’m glad for is that Wei Zhen has her endless supply of optimism to dish out, and that Shu Yu is by her side to hold her up when cracks show in her facade.

So I’m a leeeetle bit disappointed that they didn’t come up with an original song for Wei Zhen’s first single. Shu Yu decides to record her singing Kuai Le Kuai Le instead, the song her father wrote. He thinks that no one else can express the true emotions of the song as well as Wei Zhen could, and she’s thrilled that her dream has come true. She hugs him, asking him to let her cry for a moment, because all these years she only allowed herself to smile, not cry. The look on his face as he tells her it’s alright to cry is so swoon-worthy. In the studio, he trains her in emoting through her singing, which brings out some great tension between them. His tutoring session is witnessed by his mate Mu Qun, who tells him that he’s in lurvee.

Although Shu Yu dismisses it, he does start to realise that he sees Wei Zhen in a different light. Once the single is recorded, the A-team rack their brains on how to shift 50,001 copies in a month. They turn to Shu Yu, who despite working at BS for 8 years, has no clue how to promote a single. He’s always the one in the studio recording the single, not the one selling it. His best attempt was to come up with a mini-van decked out with Wei Zhen’s face, and the A-team embark on a tour around Taiwan to sell the single. It’s quite cool in an indie sort of way, but they struggle to gain attention, singing at all sorts of places – by the beach, at the market, at the park and in a community centre. They make their first sale in the community centre, but not without entertaining the crowd with all their demands, including a kiss between Wei Zhen and Shu Yu. Okay, that was a bit of a cheap shot but shenanigans are shenanigans.

What do you think of this outfit? Diva enough for you?

There is a drunken moment between them as well after they celebrate their first sale. Tipsy Shu Yu cannot even make eye contact with Wei Zhen without feeling the chills, and has to look away while speaking to her. So cute! Wei Zhen goes all red at his compliments, and makes him pinky promise to get her to an even bigger stage. He scoffs at pinky promises, because secret bro handshakes are way cooler. He demonstrates to her, except it involves a chest bump at the end. Suddenly they are both very sober and return to their rooms awkwardly, both realising how hot and bothered they both were by that incident. Awww.

Other not-so-important elements, which I shall now list in point form because the points don’t matter:

  • Boss Ge rears his head again, this time following Qian Rui around and telling her not to play with her new friends. She insists on doing what she wants, that sassy little girl. Love her.
  • Li Da finds out that Bai Hui Lan is Shu Yu’s mum, thanks to a slip of tongue by Wei Zhen’s mother. He doesn’t do anything with the information yet, but he gets the press to write an article dissing Shu Yu for going on tour with Wei Zhen.

Now that he’s said that she’s given him some inspiration for a new song, I fully expect a new song next week. Don’t let Shu Yu break his promise!


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