A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episode 11

This episode is stuff that is made of dreams. Faced with an almost impossible deadline to sell the 50,001 copies of her single, Wei Zhen and her A-team are starting to feel the strain.

Wei Zhen reaches a breaking point after one of Shu Yu’s most loyal fans renounces her own idol for his endorsement for Wei Zhen. It’s an emotional day for Shu Yu, having lost one of his earliest fangirls. Wei Zhen also realises how tough things are for Qian Rui and Ah Ni for the first time. Although coping with his own issues, Shu Yu reminds Wei Zhen that all three of them are here with her for their own reasons too; it’s their battle as much as it is hers. Having heard that, Wei Zhen still decides to run away.

The A-team searches for her, and finally Shu Yu gets her back by playing the song he wrote for her at the bus station. She is moved by his continued belief in her, and agrees to perform one last time. After she finishes her first song, which is strangely shown on a huge LED screen in the city, people swarm in to the venue to see her. She is surprised, but performs the song Shu Yu wrote her, 春天里. The public seems to be increasingly taken by Wei Zhen’s down-to-earth charm, as even Shu Yu’s fangirl from earlier comes back to apologise to him and buys Wei Zhen’s single.

Wei Zhen gets another opportunity to promote her single when the TV host from Episode 1 contacts Shu Yu to invite them onto his show. Li Da makes an appearance, which signifies meddling. So it’s not surprise that the host brings out 10 men and challenges Shu Yu to kiss each one of them. In return for each guy he smooches, smarmy host will buy 100 of Wei Zhen’s singles. Wei Zhen is horrified when Shu Yu actually agrees. She refuses to let him put his dignity on the line for her, and walks out of the studio. What, did they suddenly switch personalities?

We’re starting to see Shu Yu make more sacrifices to his public image for the sake of Wei Zhen, which I would like to say is character growth, even if it is outrageous. It also gives him the chance to tell Wei Zhen how much he’s changed since she barged into his life. He then kisses her very passionately, unaware that smarmy host has brought his cameraman to broadcast his confession and the subsequent kiss live. Mama Lin watches it like a drama, for Jia Xin it’s a tragedy. Smarmy host then interrupts Shu Yu and Wei Zhen mid-kiss to tell them that they are only hundreds of singles away from the target – they have 3 minutes left, and he suggests that they carry on kissing. They comply, but only because they want to. And it’s no chaste k-drama type peck, they both go right at it.

And the final sales figures is 50,002 copies sold. My only minor rant is how passive Wei Zhen is in the aftermath. She looks like she’s in shock, and even when Mama Lin and the rest of the gang pull them both together for interrogation, she barely speaks, only to express her disbelief. I suppose she doesn’t say no, which Shu Yu takes to mean yes. He then quite rightly tells the rest to mind their own business. I’m quite happy at the turnout of the events, because I wasn’t expecting a fairytale-type ending in this battle for Wei Zhen at all, but I suppose could be proved wrong. We can deal with the fallout in the next episode, leave this one nice and pretty as it is.

This is the original singer of 春天里 performing the song – a very different version, but still a beautiful song. I first heard it performed on one of the singing competitions, which led me to this vid:


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