A咖的路 Rock N’ Road Episode 12

Shu Yu makes a schoolboy error, but we get to revel in some lovey-dovey fluff. Boss Ge swoops in like a hawk to its prey, as Wei Zhen gets tossed from one devil to another like a rag doll.

Wei Zhen is ever so adorable, fretting over attending Shu Yu’s bandmates’ wedding. Shu Yu is sweetly supportive, and he sends her a pretty frock complete with a personal note. At the wedding he’s super protective of her. The best thing is that he doesn’t need to deal with the blabbermouths himself, today’s guest stars 浩角翔起 knocks them out for Shu Yu with a few verbal blows. Their cameo as the wedding singers/hosts is hilarious with a bit of meta thrown in.

Jia Xin cannot resist a few jibes at Wei Zhen herself, but gah, at this point she’s no more than an annoying fly. She throws herself at Shu Yu yet again. Shu Yu has to peel her off him, and yet again turns her down politely. Atmosphere between the mates becomes even more tense as Li Da witnesses the whole exchange. Mu Qun (who cannot even get a break on his wedding day, bless him) has to mediate the situation with the bros as he probably has done countless times before. He reminds the feuding bros about their fond memories together, but Li Da refuses to join in their toast to friendship. Li Da blames Mu Qun and Shu Yu for abandoning him and Jia Xin. This drags up a whole lot of ugly as a fight almost erupts again.

Shu Yu isn’t surprised as Li Da declares his undying feelings for Jia Xin, because he’s obviously over her. All I can think of is how gorgeous Chris Wu looks even while he wears this pained expression throughout Li Da’s tirade. Li Da eventually calms down enough to come to an understanding that while he no longer wants to fight with his bros, he also realises that they’ve chosen different paths. And so we mourn the loss of their bromance.

Jia Xin stirs up more trouble with the media as she arranges for the paparazzi to snap photos of her ‘rendezvous’ with Shu Yu where she gives him a parting hug. Wei Zhen puts up a strong front as she tries not to be affected by the new scandal, while Shu Yu keeps failing to get the chance to explain himself properly to her.

We do get lots of cute OTP moments though, after all the crap thrown to us in the first half. Shu Yu and Wei Zhen go out on their first date. He tries to fulfil her wishes based on the silly little notebook of hers that he picked up. It was when she jotted down the tips that her mum gave her for a successful first relationship, haha. He takes her to try on a wedding dress, because she wanted to see the look of awe on his face when he sees her looking pretty in a wedding dress. Aww. She does follow her mum’s advice in the end by making the first move to kiss Shu Yu. He kisses her back, and the kiss grows intense just as the show cuts off. Dayyyumm.


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