The Good Wife (Korean) Episode 2

We get into the daily grind at the law firm in this episode, as Hye Kyung is handed a case where the client has specifically requested for her, thanks to the publicity from her husband’s scandal.


The client in question is a woman accusing a chaebol man of raping her after they met at a nightclub. The chaebol’s lawyer offers her 6 billion won to settle the case, and Hye Kyung and Joong Won’s first reaction is that he must be guilty. They present the offer to their client, but she rejects it, saying that all she wants is an apology. I think everyone is gobsmacked by that response, since she used to work as an escort on the side to earn money. (I agree with her, as non-consensual is well, non-consensual.)

Hey Kyung does some digging around to investigate the evens surrounding that night, and ends up at the escort agency where the client used to work. Coincidentally, the top star of the agency happens to be the same woman that her husband was caught having sex with. Uh-oh. And the seeds of doubt planted by Tae Joon’s evil successor in the prosecutor’s office play across her mind as she suspects that her husband might have more than one hussy on retainer. I think it kills her a bit every time she sees him in prison, because it is a reminder of his infidelity. And boy, is she angry. Tae Joon is so smug despite being in prison, sitting around trying to ‘help’ Hye Kyung with her case while pursuing his own agenda in the background. I’d want to slap his perfect little face, too.


Her frustration finally spills over when she finds out that her son had been in a fight. She immediately wants to go speak to his teacher (in the middle of the night?! Is teaching a round-the-clock job now?) but she runs into Joong Won at the lift. She has a little breakdown, sobbing into his chest while he offers her some words of comfort. And I see Will, finally. In this episode we finally get a glimpse of some of Joong Won’s true qualities.


I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, even though the case itself was a bit naff. It wasn’t the best case and I am a little disappointed by the lack of personality in the judge presiding the case. The judges’ individual personalities were one of the more interesting qualities of the American version. Dan was entertaining too, as she got into a little bit of trouble while investigating the DNA evidence for the case. She was detained by the police but ultimately got what she needed from them (and also winning the case for them, as always).


I think her being super pretty definitely helps, but she also has the smarts to go about getting what she wants. I’d be curious to see if she can fend for herself physically when necessary. Doing what she does isn’t without risk, especially the risk of pissing someone off. She finds herself an unlikely ally in Do Sub, a prosecutor, who is on Tae Joon’s side. Or it seems so. There is a bigger picture at play here with Tae Joon’s background plotting, but that should unfold as a larger arc later on.

On the law firm front, sadly David Lee hasn’t made a reappearance (yet!), but Hye Kyung finds out from Joon Ho that her job isn’t all that secure after all. The partners had hired them both on a six-month trial, and will only keep one after that. Underneath his smiley exterior, Joon Ho seems very competitive and ready to bare claws to get the job. He might be catching on to Hye Kyung’s special bond with Joong Won, and may even be a bit jealous of it. Or…he could be thinking of how he could use that against her.


Ooh, gloves on. And may the best lawyer win!


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