Scarlet Heart Ryeo

A.k.a Moon Lovers or whatever the official English title. As a drama lover and fan of the original version, I admit that at the beginning I was a little mad about the drama. Mad as in crazy, then mad as in angry. Although we are only up to Episode 7, the drama has already evoked more emotion in me than some with more episodes. Part of it is due to my overspilling feelings for Bu Bu Jing Xin, which was a beautifully written piece of art.


So when you remake something that was so popular, of course expectations are going to go through the roof. Of course people are going to compare and contrast with the original. In fact, I enjoy thinking back to the original and how the kdrama has adapted it. Some things I liked, some really drove me crazy. (Don’t read on if you don’t want to read BBJX and possible Scarlet Heart Ryeo spoilers.)

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Thoughts on The Good Wife

After a busy few weeks, finally found the time to finish watching The Good Wife. The entire series ended on a heavyweight case involving all our leads, which was built up very well. It did not disappoint; k-dramas are rarely as well rounded as this. I suppose having the original version to draw upon meant that there was plenty of material to explore (even opening up for a possible continuation).


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