About This Blog

I am just a regular person who enjoys watching the television and sometimes, movies. This blog is where I post my silly thoughts on the things that I watch. These thoughts are intended for fun only, and are never meant to be taken seriously. I could write disclaimers up to 5 pages long but the main point of the blog is for me to channel my thoughts on the things I watch. If you follow me closely enough, you’ll see that I mainly watch US and HK dramas. I used to watch more Taiwanese idol dramas, but because of the length of the episodes I find them too dreary to finish watching them, and will probably only follow one or two closely, depending on who’s acting in it.

I also love Japanese dramas, which I find has great diversity and also script power compared to Korean and Taiwanese and HK series. They’re usually shorter in length too, almost always less than 20 episodes. It’s just more difficult for me to get my hands on jdoramas where I am, but I do catch some odd ones now and then. I watch more kdrama of late, because I’ve finally caught on with the hallyu wave.

I always welcome discussion or comments regarding the series that I watch, which can be found in the right column, or on anything that I write about.

Contacting me

The best way to do so is by leaving a comment on my blog. I will read all comments, unless they’re spam, which will be filtered. I won’t disclose my email here to prevent my already cluttered account from being swamped with mails from online pharmacies or people who want to leave me their fortunes. If you have any queries regarding the things that I write about or anything in particular, just ask nicely and I’ll try to help you the best I can. =)


5 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Hi Zany… we pretty have much in common… I was looking for a blog to read out of boredom and I found yours… Nice reading your blog.. I also read your ‘2004″ post.. I kinda relate to the “MVP Valentines and Meteor Garden” thing,,…..

    Happy Blogging!!

  2. Hiya! If you check the box to notify you of follow-up comments via email then you should be ok. I think that’s how it works but I’m not 100% sure!

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