Movie: Mirror Mirror

There are two modern remakes of the Snow White fairy tale this year, one of them being Mirror Mirror. The other one is Snow White and the Huntsman, starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron.

Mirror Mirror stars Lily Collins as Snow White and Julia Roberts as the evil stepmother. I watched both the trailers of the remake and they are both made in vastly different styles. The Huntsman is going for the epic battle storyline, while Mirror Mirror follows a comedic, tongue-in-cheek adaptation of the classic. The only similarity between the movies should be the story it is based on.

Mirror Mirror is a modern twist on the fairy tale of Snow White. The Queen is not just vain, she also has financial troubles which result in her lusting for Snow White’s Prince Charming, because he is rich. The Queen gets rid of Snow White in order to marry the Prince, but the Prince has already met Snow and fallen in love with her. Here’s where it annoys me a little, but I let it pass, because of the dwarves.

The Queen’s minion was ordered to kill Snow, but just leaves her to die in the forest. She is of course saved by the seven dwarves. In this modern take the dwarves are culturally diverse people. They changed the names of the dwarves to better reflect their character in the movie, as with the original story, because in the movie the dwarves are seven kickass dudes. (Can’t imagine Sleepy whooping a palace guard’s ass, can you?)

Strangely, coming out of the movie the characters who stuck to me the most were the dwarves – Grimm, Butcher, Grub, Half-pint, Chuckles, Wolf and Napoleon. The dwarves take care of Snow or rather, she takes care of them while they teach her basic survival skills. Snow then chances upon the Prince, who is under the influence of a love potion. He is smitten with the Queen, but Snow manages to break the spell, in another reversal of roles from the fairy tale.

I liked how they adapted the storyline to fit with modern issues. At the end there is an interesting dance sequence which is no doubt credit to the director’s influences, but still really funny. My verdict is that Mirror Mirror is not a masterpiece, but nevertheless has great entertainment value. I might end up enjoying this more than Snow White and the Huntsman – we’ll see how that goes.


Movie: One For The Money

One for the Money turned out to be a bundle of surprises for me. I saw the trailer while watching New Year’s Eve and I knew I wanted to watch it when it was out. Never mind that New Year’s Eve also had Katherine Heigl but turned out to be a massive letdown.

I like Katherine Heigl, not just since her days on Grey’s Anatomy, but since I first watched Roswell. Basically I’ve watched most of her rom-coms of late and liked most of them. One for the Money is based on a novel and Katherine Heigl is the main character, Stephanie Plum. I’m not going to delve into the plot at all, because it doesn’t take much to summarise it and give it all away anyway.

She’s got dark hair here! I always thought she looked pretty as a blonde but she is smoking hot with dark hair. I am allowed to like her and the movie just because she has dark hair, right?

The hidden gem of the movie is Daniel Sunjata, who is Ranger, Stephanie Plum’s mentor/Obi-wan. Don’t know who Daniel Sunjata is? Have you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy? Remember that smoking hot nurse that Bailey had a fling with then dumped?

Oh yes, he’s so badass here. I think this sort of role really fits him well. I felt going away from the cinema that the only thing I remember about the movie was Ranger and his badassery. I think he should get his own spinoff movie. I’d watch that. It’s just a coincidence (probably?) that the two of them had been in Grey’s but my inner geek is just squealing in joy over it.

I’m ready for a Stephanie Plum sequel, as long as I’m promised lots and lots of Ranger scenes. Bring it on!