Big Bang – Fantastic Baby

This is one of those things that you have to see to believe. No matter how hard I try to sell it, if you don’t like it, you don’t. If you like it, it will probably one of most crack-tastic things you will hear this year.

For me, it is obviously the latter. I don’t know why, but the first time I heard the song was when I watched this performance. I was immediately hooked. It wasn’t the catchy na-na-na-na-na bit, or the boom-shakalaka bit or Daesung’s awesome high notes. It’s that hand-shaking, hip-swinging dance throughout the song. I’m sure it’s meant to be cool, but it’s so hard to keep a straight face watching that dance and not burst into laughter.

I thought it was just a first-time thing, but I went on to watch the performance on their Alive tour and I still found it goofy. Well, everyone has their own reason to like something.


Kpop Drama

Nope, it’s not the title of a new series I’m following. It’s probably an ongoing soap since forever, like Eastenders. What I’m really talking about is the Kpop scene – why does it have to be so drama?

Lately, there is a lot of scandals and issues surrounding idol group members, which includes people leaving and people fighting. I am not a huge fan of Wondergirls or Super Junior, so I was just surprised when their news dropped, but when something like this happened to 2PM, it was really quite disheartening. I’ve actually grew to like 2PM after listening to Again and Again, and watching some of the goofy variety shows they’ve been on.

So I can imagine girls (and maybe boys) a million times more fanatic than me (it’s not that difficult) to be heartbroken. But I didn’t think too much about it at that time, because I thought it was just people over-reacting some statements which I didn’t find offensive. I thought maybe because I wasn’t Korean, so I didn’t get why people were angry at Jay. Then Jay leaves Korea, which I presume was to avoid the drama and to let it blow over. It would only be a matter of time till his company brings him back into the group, or so I thought.

And yesterday, as I was browsing through Kpop news, I read about the bombshell. His management releases a statement saying that they’ve terminated his contract. Due to some other serious mistake that Jay has committed. His company also says that the other 6 members have agreed that 2PM can no longer continue activities with Jay.

Now there are two things very wrong with this:

One, people make mistakes all the time. Even if you are an idol. I think the majority of Koreans have forgiven Jay for his past comments, which were overblown by the media. My thoughts are that JYPE as his company did not try to protect him enough. They sent him away when his first mistake was revealed. Now that they actually do know that he made another mistake (unlike the myspace scandal which just exploded in their faces), they could be better prepared for it – by trying to reverse the mistake or do some smart cover ups (they should be pretty good at this, they work in showbiz!). Instead they’re giving up Jay as an artist, which is really odd because it shows that there’s more to it. Like maybe Jay did something to piss off his company, and that’s the real reason he’s being dropped.

Two, dragging in the other members into the equation will not make fans less angry. It will only create more suspicion on yourself as the management. Hello? Common sense here says that the 6 remaining members are just puppets in this case – it’s general knowledge that idol artists are never asked for their opinions. Why would the 6 guys have any say in whether they want Jay in or out? It makes no sense. Also, it’s true that most of what the boys say in front of the media are things that their company asks them to say. Even if they hold a press conference with all 6 members saying that they didn’t want Jay back, it doesn’t necessarily reflect what they truly want, no? I don’t know what those 6 boys are thinking, I cannot imagine what they are going through. But I do believe that they are having a hard time. I do sympathise with them, because with all of JYPE’s actions it seems like the boys are just being treated as the faces of JYPE’s money-making machines, nothing more.

Arrgghh my head hurts now trying to make sense of the situation and get around all the drama. But the facts remain clear and I doubt that the public (including me) will ever know the truth. Only the people in charge at JYPE will know what went down, and Jaebeom. I doubt the other 6 members know the whole truth either, but that’s too much speculation for me to go into.

The sad fact that is the clearest to me is that there is no way Jaebeom will ever be back in 2PM again. His contract is already terminated, meaning he’s no longer contracted to JYPE, and being in 2PM requires him to be under JYPE, which he isn’t.

Implications for me is that…I can’t accept 2PM without Jay. The major reason is that they sound so different. Without Jay’s voice, they all sound so rough and angry, and Junsu’s soothing voice alone cannot balance out all the angst. They need Jay. I didn’t like any of the songs in 1:59PM, to be honest. I can’t say it was all due to Jay’s absence, because I liked the zombie concept, but I just didn’t like the song. As a group of 6, they sound different, they look smaller, and they lack the liveliness they used to have.

All I can do is heave a sigh and get back to real life. There has to be a time when you stop watching a drama and move on.

Shining Shiny Bugs

Credits: CodeMonmonSeason2 @ youtube

Their stylist must have suddenly developed an interest for entomology. I did a double take when I saw the bug on Onew, but then I looked closer and realised that all of them had some form of bug on their clothes. Taemin has a butterfly and Minho’s looked like a caterpillar rofl. Now no one can take them seriously at all, despite all the cool dancing which does not fit with the buggy clothes theme.

And apparently, bugs chew on clothes too, because there’s a huge rip in the back of Minho’s shirt (if you can even call what he’s wearing a shirt), and Key’s sleeves were abducted by aliens. The hair looked like…some Greek sculpture, which amazing does go well with the barely there outfit, if he’s planning to go for a toga party, that is. Gosh. And Taemin’s hair makes him look like an ahjumma. =( He’s supposed to be a cute little smiley boy. =( =( Jonghyun and Onew manage to look almost normal beside these three.

I can tolerate them being dressed in different bright colours, or even in elven green and red (like when they were in Taiwan over Xmas), but this is just…sad. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against these boys, but this fashion concept on them, just seem all wrong. Maybe their stylist went to fashion/design school with G-Dragon’s pals.