The Queen of SOP Episode 33

We continue with Tang Jun reflecting on the person he was when he first met Xiao Jie and how he is a better person now, because of her. He’s never been so happy before. Awww. Is this going to end in a proposal?

Tears well up in Xiao Jie’s eyes as she recalls their first encounter in London. (Gotta give Qiao En credit for her crying.) She thanks him for showing her what it means to love someone. She hopes that they can spend their future together. Tang Jun wipes the tears away and signals for Uncle Zhou to bring something in. It’s a little scroll served up on a platter. Tang Jun tells her that he’s also been working on a secret little project while away in London.

He is planning to set up a Peter Rabbit museum in Huang Hai Phase 2, which is the surprise he’s been trying to keep from her. This is where I don’t really get if he’s officially proposing or if it’s just a grand gesture, but she embraces him with tears of joy. To be honest, I’m not really that bothered if they get married or not. All I care is that they know how much they mean to each other and that they can overcome everything together.

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The Queen of SOP Episode 32

We continue the lead up to the final episode with Xiao Jie showing around some potential fashion designers she is trying to woo for Huang Hai 2.0. They are impressed with Xiao Jie’s plans for the Phase 2 project, and ask when they could sign the contract. Xiao Jie holds them off signing the contract for now, saying that she needs to refine someĀ of the details in the contract to suit their personal needs better.

Back at her hotel, she has multiple photos of Tang Jun spread out on her bed, and she holds up a pepper spray, no doubt all sent by Tang Jun. Cheeky boy calls her, and they banter a bit about his silly gifts.

Tang Jun asks her to prepare for a whirlwind of action tomorrow, because their plan will take off. Xiao Jie has been intentionally holding off signing the contracts with the designers to buy Tang Jun some time for his takeover plan. Well played. They both bask in the joy of meeting each other again soon, and Tang Jun sings her a lullaby to get her to sleep over the phone. Awwww. We then get another Mr Tom moment as they show Tang Jun holding Xiao Jie as she falls asleep.

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The Queen of SOP Episode 31

Zi Qi refreshes our memories and Xiao Jie’s of their happier times, and he expresses his regrets for not holding on to Xiao Jie when he had the chance to. Or, you could have not treated her like a spare in the first place? He vows to stay by her side now to protect her and just to be there when she needs him.

Xiao Jie doesn’t really need that, because she now has Tang Jun. Zi Qi has a mildly devastated expression on his face (and possible the best piece of acting he has shown in the entire series so far), and says, “I know that.” He tells her the only reason why he’s in Shanghai is to win her back. He hopes that one day, if Tang Jun hurts her like Zi Qi did before and she leaves Tang Jun, then he would be there for her, waiting for her return.

Xiao Jie doesn’t respond to that, but just turns towards the sunrise and sighs at how beautiful it is. Zi Qi agrees, but laments that it passes too quickly. He takes her hands, saying that he won’t let go of her so easily this time.

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