Burning Flame 3 Episode 5

Episode 5 is practically all in flashbacks, and the main theme of all the flashbacks is courtship. Aww.

We find out how Rex met Ying first. Yes, Rex got to know her first, but she somehow didn’t seem all that interested in getting to know him better.

Things were not too amicable at first...note how she's glaring at him?

They met at a music store, he broke the figurine that she was holding, and tried to help her get it fixed. She wasn’t all that interested in accepting his help even, but he followed her into her stepmother’s (not aunt btw, my mistake) dessert shop. He later on bought a brand new figurine for Ying’s brother, and then only did she seem to like him enough to call him.

Rexanova hatching a plan

Ying and Chung Sir’s meeting came later on, in a whole knight-in-shining-armour fashion too. She was going around to the farming area where Chung Sir’s father had his veggie farm (and other farmers too of course) to promote organic fertilisers. She encountered a dog which frightened her, and Chung Sir very kindly chased it away.

And so they met.

We also learn that Ying graduated with a degree in the sort of agricultural field, and she’s not employed yet. Promoting organic fertilisers is just volunteer work, for the better of humankind I suppose.

And she even meets Daddy early on, before they were a couple. Talk about quick development.

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Burning Flame 3 Episode 4

Episode 4 was well, not really central to any particular character. Instead it explores the relationship of Rex and Chung Sir. In flashbacks though, because as we have seen in the present, those two aren’t really on speaking terms with each other. For what reason remains unknown.

Since their relationship is sort of the central of the series, the flashbacks prove to be quite interesting, showing where these two come from. It starts off in the present day, where Rex and Chung Sir are disagreeing over something. No, arguing, more like.

See how Chung Sir has his hands behind his back? Like he's resisting the urge to swing his fist at Rex lol.

Staring daggers at each other

Then as Chung Sir walks away, no longer able to control his temptation, Rex throws another scathing comment at him, saying that he has greater seniority than Chung Sir (not in terms of age of course). And that he was under him or something like that. Which definitely raised my eyebrows.

Hey! Call me Uncle okay!

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Burning Flame 3 Episode 3

Myolie finally appears in this episode, literally in the first scene.

Myolie’s character is Ko Wai Ying, and she works in the Kowloon Station with Chung Sir and Rex. She holds a desk job there, somewhat like a clerk who does all the filing and admin stuff I guess. We see her staring off into space while she helps mind a fruit stall (which initially had me thinking: she sells fruits? No wonder Chung Sir likes her….his father plants veggies) Lol. Anyway, the first male character we see with Ying is…Bosco.

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