Cinderella’s Sister Episode 7

After last episode’s cliffhanger, we’re left with Daesung who has just overheard the bombshell that was Eunjo and her mother’s conversation. Poor Daddy, he quickly retreats from the room to leave. Eunjo notices the door shutting and realises that someone was at the door, so she leaves to go after him, leaving Mummy to talk to herself.

Daddy’s footsteps are rather heavy, you could see that he was affected by what he heard. When Eunjo catches up to him, he just waves her off nicely. But when she continues following him, he relents and admits that despite knowing it all along, it was still difficult when he heard her say it out loud. Daddy is surprised at Eunjo’s shock, apparently Eunjo had underestimated him. Eunjo seemed more sad than shocked really, but Daesung asks her not to tell Mummy about him overhearing their conversation, so that she doesn’t have to worry. (i.e. she doesn’t have to put on another fake dramatic meltdown.) As he walks away, Daesung stumbles a bit, and Eunjo looks very concerned indeed.

Then we see Kihoon and Hyosun in the car, after Hyosun ran away from her Dad and ordered Kihoon to take her home. She’s telling Kihoon her sob stor to win his sympathy, about how she longs for Eunjo’s approval but Eunjo just comes and takes everything from her. *wailwailwail* Kihoon, who looks oddly serious for a change, asks her to stop crying. I think he actually rolled his eyes, because he sounded really sick of her at that point.

He then launches into a tirade against Hyosun, saying that she never worked to protect what she has, how can she whine about losing when she did nothing to earn what she has? Hyosun looks at him with her crying pouty face, but he just goes “What are you looking at me like that for? Are you mad that I’m not taking your side? I’m not yours!” She still cries anyway, but he says he’ll ignore her. (Yeah, that’s exactly what you should do to 5-year-olds when they throw a tantrum in public) Even when she goes up and hugs him, he pushes her away.

Then comes his earnest advice – Eunjo is not her enemy. She needs to do something on her own, and then protect that something, so that no one can take it away from her. He asks her not to depend on him, and begs her to grow up quickly. He looked very conflicted at the end of the tirade, and didn’t care less when Hyosun refused to go back with him. He just abandoned her in the middle of nowhere? Albeit, a very nice looking middle-of-nowhere.

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Cinderella’s Sister Episode 6

After watching this episode, I am in total agreement with Eunjo’s intentions to run away from home. Or better still, for her to run away with Kihoon! (I hope that does eventually materialise though, it’s too early to say now, they’re not even speaking on civil terms!)

We relive the end of the previous episode at the beginning of this episode, but instead we see it from Hyosun’s point of view. (Looks like she wasn’t all that drunk after all.) Then, we go back to the “Eunjo-ya” moment, which at the very least brings tears to Eunjo. At this point I don’t know who Eunjo is more angry at: herself or Kihoon.

Hyosun hears their exchange, and when she walks back into the house and sees Daddy Daesung comforting a crying Junsu after his nightmare, she reflects that everyone’s changed/moved on, except for her. Well, I can’t blame her for being ignorant here, because she is quite a bimbo. Eunjo and Kihoon have moved on with their lives and careers, but emotions-wise, I think they’re still pretty much at their high school state.

The next day, Daesung tells Eunjo that she’s free to leave if those were her wishes. He didn’t think that her staying there was out of debt, but since she thought she was, he decides to let her go. She says okay, I know – Daesung interjects, saying she doesn’t. If she knew better she’d know that all Daesung wanted was to raise her well, find her a good husband and see her live a good life, like what a father wants for his daughter. He asks her to write a proposal for him, for her plans after leaving the family.

Mummy overhears this conversation, and jumps to the (melodramatic) conclusion that Daesung is kicking both her and Eunjo out. She then acts out a very dramatic breakdown and begs Daesung not to.

While we turn away from Mummy’s OTT groaning, Hyosun is busy making her proposal to Kihoon. Yes, a proposal. For marriage. He seems slightly amused and says okay, in a slightly dismissive manner, imo. I don’t know how he can always take her so lightly, even if she’s a bimbo she still has bimbotic feelings!

Anyway, Mummy’s breakdown has her all passed out, and Daesung even has the doctor over to check on her. Eunjo remains by her side, and when Mummy wakes up, she asks where everyone is. Eunjo seems genuinely concerned for her mum (doesn’t she know better?!), and Mummy wakes up and smacks her a few times, after establishing that there’s no one in the house to witness her sudden recovery.

Mummy reprimands Eunjo for being so stupid. She cannot believe why Eunjo would want to leave – she’s in such a good position to take over the company, and be in control of all the moolah that Daesung has. Does Eunjo not think for Mummy at all? Eunjo is in quite a state of disbelief, she mutters to herself that she should have died/ran away when she had the chance to.

Then, Hyosun comes over to see Mummy after hearing of her state. Mummy quickly leaps back into bed and puts on her weak-but-holding-it-in face. She then lies in with Hyosun.

Poor Eunjo, having witnessed all that, she leaves and goes off to the beach, with Jungwoo stalking/following her. It’s a bit more annoying than creepy for now, but creepy could be later. He also turns her shoes around for her, and stands behind her while she’s deep in thought at the beach. When he tries to sit next to her (all giddy and happy at the thought of sharing a moment with her), she stands up and walks away. She asks him basically what he was doing there, and eventually I think he just answers yes to one of her questions so that he won’t have to admit that he’s a stalker.

As she walks away, he calls “Noona!” after her, but she ignores him. He’s then prevented from further annoying her when evil uncle honks at him to call him over. Evil uncle asks if he told anyone about their excursion in the previous episode, which Jungwoo says no. Evil uncle then tosses him an envelope full of money, which isn’t Jungwoo’s salary. O_O Jungwoo may be simple-minded, but he’s not a dunce to the extent of not knowing that he’s being paid off after doing something illegal/bad. Uh-oh.

Back at home, Mummy and Hyosun are sleeping together. More lke only Hyosun is sleeping, with her arm placed on Mummy, who wants to leave but can’t. Junsu comes in, demanding for Mummy’s attention, which Mummy swiftly gives, to get away from Hyosun. But turns out Hyosun was only pretending to sleep, and she’s a bit disheartened that Mummy cares more for Junsu than her. Okay, so you’re not the centre of the universe anymore. Accept it.

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Cinderella’s Sister Episode 5

It’s all a lie! I’d rather we stayed at 8 years ago, because if you thought the series was dark and melodramatic when they were young girls, brace yourselves because 8 years later it becomes a blackhole. And yes, it will suck you in and make you go on watching because there’s no escaping it!

The bombshell that Hyosun dropped at the end of the previous episode? Was it a true bombshell or was it just for dramatic effect? I think it remains to be seen as Kihoon makes his appearance later in the episode, and the answer will be obvious enough.

But if you observe and listen to Hyosun’s childish monologues with herself (and with Eunjo, because most of the time she spends talking to Eunjo is a monologue anyway), you’ll see that Hyosun hasn’t changed one bit from her old self. Eunjo looks more mature (as mature as baby-faced Moon Geun Young can get anyway) with her shorter hair, skinny jeans and killer style, but in essence her state of mind is still dark and twisty.

Hyosun wonders why Eunjo isn’t curious about her dating Kihoon oppa, because Eunjo would rather pretend to sleep than to listen to her rambles. She asks Eunjo to help her put a good word in with Daddy because she’s gone over her credit limit (again!) buying designer bags. She claims that they’re not just for herself – it’s for Eunjo and Mummy too! Yeah, right, like that’s going to earn you points with Eunjo. 8 years and she still doesn’t learn?

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