Cyrano Dating Agency Episodes 7-8

This last week has been really busy, which is why I had no time for all my mid-week drama-watching. Thank god for the weekend.

This drama has been a real easy watch – the breezy feel is carried on so well, yet you get a sense of the slowly unravelling backstory of the Master and Byung Hun. It’s a good fluffy rom-com.

Last week’s cliffhanger was when Master confessed to Min Young, but he cops out and turns it into a bit of a joke when she hesitates. It becomes obvious that his confession was staged for Byung Hun to overhear. But throughout the two episodes Seung Pyo himself doesn’t seem so sure if his interest in Min Young is purely to make Byung Hun miserable or if he actually has niggling feelings for Min Young.

Min Young and Byung Hun themselves are feeling the little flutters, although they are still in the stage of denial. On Byung Hun’s end, it’s of course a wee bit more complicated. You know, Yi Seul and the mystery of what happened to Do Il.

While helping out Min Young with cooking, Seung Pyo does allude to having a hyung when Min Young mentions her family. He seems envious of Min Young’s happy family, which says a lot about his mean streak. There were a lot of cute moments in this week’s episodes, not just from our main characters.

Mi Jin’s scandal with the other chef is revealed to be the reason for her man-hating. Byung Hun hilariously tests his theory by sending Moo Jin to test her reaction to him. Her pulse rate soars when Moo Jin approaches her and declares his interest in her cooking (with a lot of coaching by Byung Hun lol), much to Dal In’s worry, “Why must you send a flower boy?!” Byung Hun tells him he’s lucky that he didn’t go himself. Hahaha.

Byung Hun then stages an incident in Dal In’s bakery, sending the loan sharks in to cause a scene. As they pick on the hapless waitress, Mi Jin stands up to the loan sharks. They don’t give in, which is when Dal In steps in. He exerts some brute force and authority, and they scramble to apologise to the ladies.

This leaves a good impression of Dal In on Mi Jin, which plays into Byung Hun’s master plan of turning Dal In into Mi Jin’s airbag. A protector figure. It works, as Mi Jin not only mentions Dal In in her conversations with Min Young, she also offers to help him with his baking and agrees to appear as a guest on his cooking show to repay him for the bakery incident.

Despite my earlier misgivings about Min Young’s bumbling ways, she does redeem herself a lot this time around. She strikes up a genuine connection with Mi Jin, who seems to like her sincerity enough to overlook her lack of competence in the kitchen. Some of her training with Seung Pyo seems to have paid off, although she had to ask him for help to prepare stock.

This leads to some shenanigans when Byung Hun steps into the kitchen to warn them of Mi Jin’s impending arrival. Moo Jin quite rightly points out that he could have just called, but Byung Hun just had to physically interfere. Hah. He runs into them in an awkward moment. Before they know it, Mi Jin enters the kitchen and the boys have to hide. Min Young tries to convince Mi Jin to come back tomorrow because it’s a mess, but the boys knock something over and the loud clang makes Mi Jin turn back.

Byung Hun reveals himself as Min Young’s boyfriend. Mi Jin is a bit taken aback, but leaves them to it, with a warning to keep the place clean. Haha. Later, Min Young wonders why Byung Hun told Mi Jin he was her boyfriend, when in the previous case he was her brother. He doesn’t let her get ahead of him, saying that it was the most reasonable explanation for a man snooping around at night. Lol. She asks if he likes him, but that ends up in a childish bout of slapping and hitting. Love the banter and the pettiness between these two.

Arang’s investigation into Mi Jin’s ex (who’s a real prick) shows that he keeps the recipe for his secret sauce behind locked doors. The scandal that Mi Jin was involved in reportedly had her stealing his recipe and subsequently sacked. Moo Jin and Arang break into the locked room and discover that Mi Jin’s recipe notebook and couple photos of her and the ex. Ah, so he stole her recipe then accused her of doing it. That explains why Mi Jin is wary of men.

With the truth now known, Byung Hun plans to use Dal In’s cooking show for their final step. He gets Dal In to invite the ex on to the show, which he agrees to, being the prick that he is. Min Young invites Seung Pyo along to the filming as well, and the minions also tag along. Min Young’s cute conversation with the Master seems to make Byung Hun just that wee bit jealous, as he turns to her to whisper an insult. Hah, so petty.

The cooking show is a live broadcast, which makes things awkward when Mi Jin’s ex makes his appearance. She gets up to leave, but Dal In holds her back, telling her to trust him. With a few carefully coached lines from Byung Hun, Dal In stirs up suspicion to the source of the ex’s crab recipes. Mi Jin is no shrinking violet, declaring that the famous crab recipe was originally hers, and she can whip it up right now. Dal In reproduces the recipe notebook, and with a few interjections from the Cyrano team and company in the audience, the ex is forced to acknowledge the truth. Very well played, so satisfying.

The look that she gives him in that moment is so sweet, and Dal In vows to be her airbag from now on. Awwww. Everyone is thrilled, especially Min Young. She thanks Master for also speaking up for Mi Jin earlier on, then she turns to Byung Hun to give him a high-five. Grumpypants is a bit annoyed with her and Master so he just looks at her and ignores her. Awww, at least Arang can be depended upon to return her high five.

As Dal In and Mi Jin close off the show by tasting the cake that they made, he gets some cream on his mouth. Mi Jin says something about not being content with just that bit of cake, and then turns around and kisses him. Now that’s a happy ending for you.

Not sure if Dal In is going to come out unscathed from that.

We get a bit more continuation for our Moo Jin’s budding love with Hye Ri, as he comes to a conclusion in his typical robotic way, that he does feel differently with her. Arang tells him that it’s not just about ideal types; when you like someone it’s like a flame flickers in your heart.

As a bit of a lead in to next week’s episodes, we find out that their next client is possibly this eerie girl with half her face covered by her hair. Also, we see Byung Hun having a dream about himself drowning. It might be a flashback to his past and how Do Il died. Anyway, Byung Hun wakes up from his nightmare to find that his bad luck streak has started again. Moo Jin explains that Byung Hun gets 3 weeks of bad luck every 432 days and Byung Hun demonstrates by going outside with Min Young and getting drenched by sprinklers.

The two of them spy on the scary lady who is at Master’s cafe, and Byung Hun says that they mustn’t take her in as a client, you know, with his bad luck streak and all, he doesn’t need all her dark energy around him too. He plans to stay at home for the 21 days till his bad luck streak runs out. Yeah, something tells me that’s not going to happen. They sense a wave of dark energy as they step back into the agency, and Byung Hun goes to stop the eerie client from coming in. Min Young tries to stop him, but they end up falling onto the sofa.

They just stare at each other, neither moving. Byung Hun looks up when he hears footsteps, and it’s Yi Seul. Min Young turns to look up and sees her too. Awkward glances all around.


If there’s one thing I like about TvN dramas, it’s that the editing is spot on. They always manage to create a bit of a suspense before the next episode, and even the ad-breaks seem well thought of. This is a rom-com, so admittedly the cliffhangers aren’t really all that exciting, but nonetheless it does create a good feeling of anticipation toward the next episode (and having Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi as our next cameo guests doesn’t hurt either).

I’m not head-over-heels in love with our OTP as yet, but I do find them cute and enjoy their banter. Their romantic interactions are sometimes hit-and-miss, but I generally have a better feeling for them than Min Young with the Master. Until I can figure out what the Master’s true intentions are, I find it difficult to root for him as a character, because he can be warm one minute, and icy cold the next.


Cyrano Dating Agency Episode 6

Min Young waits in her car as Byung Hun goes off to look for Yi Seul. She doesn’t know why, but her chest feels a bit tight watching him. Awww. These people in a dating agency, not knowing they like someone when they do. Seems to be a common denominator between all of them.

Byung Hun shows Yi Seul the pendant she gave him when they were young and asks if she remembers what she said to him then. He deflates a bit when she doesn’t. She’d asked him then if he knew what the meaning was behind that gift. She laughs in wonder in her wide-eyed innocence back then. So did he come all the way just to ask her that? Haha, this didn’t go as he expected at all, did it? He quickly retracts and covers up by saying that he’s here to buy something to commemorate the reopening of her workshop.

When he gets back into the car, Min Young demands to know what he went in for. He gives her a necklace (probably the one he just bought, haha) in exchange for her silence. She guesses that he didn’t get to say what he went in to say. Nail, meet head. As they drive away, Yi Seul watches them from her door. Mumbling to herself, she calls him an idiot, and that he should have asked the question a long time ago.

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Cyrano Dating Agency Episode 5

I’m absolutely shattered from the past few days, which leaves me slightly late with drama watching. Episode 5 was quite memorable, but I’m probably going to breeze past it and focus on my favourite bits.

Our idol case is wrapped up neatly with a bow, although it does leave our Arang with a broken heart. Arang’s kiss with Se Kyung came as a bit of a surprise to the team, except for Byung Hun, who plays it cool and to his advantage. Of course, this does mean a lot of cute moments between Arang and Min Young as he tries to get her to keep the kiss a secret from Byung Hun (that didn’t last), and she tries to dig around for information about Yi Seul from Arang.

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