Running Man Episode 75

Running Man is my guilty pleasure. Something I turn to when I feel like I need the comfort. Something I can always rely on being there whenever I feel bored (because I don’t watch it weekly). Something I don’t have to be committed to. Sounds pretty much like an affair.

I’ve started watching Running Man about middle of last year, and I was determined to watch right from the beginning (as not to miss out any juice). So I did, and till now, I’m still plodding on my list of unwatched episodes, not quite up to date with what’s airing. But at least I know how the Monday couple came about. And why Spartakooks is Spartakooks. And I managed to enjoy the episodes with Song Joong-ki in it.

Anyway, when I found out that Minho from Shinee (along with some other Hallyu idols) was going to guest star in the latest episode of Running Man, I just had to watch this episode. Like right now. As soon as it came out. I never had such an urge to watch a new episode of Running Man before. Because Minho is the most unashamedly competitive idol I have ever seen. It’s always a joy to watch him compete in sports-themed variety, such as Dream Team. Sports is his forte and he goes all out. He was the sole reason I watched Dream Team every week, even when the tasks got repetitive. So yes, I could not wait to watch it.

I’m not even an idol-shipper, but I know of idols and some who’s-who in the K-pop idol world because I read allkpop sometimes and I used to watch more K-variety. I know of Siwon and I quite like him, so he’s an added bonus. The added added bonus is that both Minho and Siwon are on Ji-hyo’s team. I feel excited at the mere thought of that. Jong-kook and Jae-suk are strangely on the same team with Sohee from the Wondergirls. Haha and Gary with f(x)’s Sulli, and Sistar’s Hyorin with Suk-jin and Kwang-soo. Hyorin bemoans her fate of being stuck with the Easy brothers, while Sohee is just overwhelmed by all the nagging and bickering between the two alphas. (Oh wait, did I just call Yoo Jae-suk an alpha? I take that back.)

Not too familiar with the personalities of the other idols, but Sulli seems cheerful and easygoing. I have not heard of Hyorin’s group but she seems a bit wacky, in a lovable way. Plus, how can you not sympathise with her being stuck in that group? Β Even if she didn’t say so herself. Sohee is a bit overhyped by the editing, but to her credit she is quite focused on the tasks so maybe she’s just quiet.

Minho didn’t let me down – he was the first out of the racing blocks on the first task – albeit on the wrong direction. He and his team did pick up on the mistake though and Minho rushed to the right place in second position. Siwon said to Ji-hyo to leave all the running to Minho, which is only the right thing to do. Gosh. Minho even takes down Spartakooks in the last task, wrestling him down and letting everyone take their pick off the capable one, which is probably a first in Running Man history!

I love that he was so very competitive right to the very end, zooming about looking for the task items and never really stopping. And his reaction at the end of the episode was so typically him. I like how he is so unashamed of wanting to be the best, and he pushes himself so hard to achieve that (as opposed to playing dirty or taking the easy way out). I felt like his screentime was too little (and Siwon too) but with 5 idols on the show it’s hard to edit down to fair amounts of screentime for everyone anyway. I wish he’d go on the show again as a spy or something, if not I would have to resist the urge of re-watching some old episodes of Dream Team with him in.



We Got Married 100619

More disaster for the Adam couple this week! The lease for their house is over, and they’re forced to move out. Awww. And where to move to but to…2AM’s dorm. The place where Ga-in had some less than happy memories. LOL.

I personally felt that the producers did this on purpose – it’s not that they haven’t scouted out a potential new house for the couple, but this is a nice opportunity to subject them to more disaster. (And because we’re such sadists who enjoy watching them go through some hardships first before being happy.)

I love how Changmin initially was not too happy at having Ga-in camping there, but when she mentioned her friends saying how handsome he was, he became so happy! Lol. See how far flattery can get you in life. Seulong was easy to impress too, and it was hilarious to see him and Jinwoon in the couple hoodie singing We Fell in Love. XD

All the 2AM + Ga-in interaction in the episode was great, and they desperately tried to hold them back when they wanted to leave, lol. I could not stop laughing throughout the episode – it’s a good way to cap off the weekend! πŸ˜€ And…in the next episode Nichkhun and Victoria of f(x) are joining as a new couple! I’m really excited to see how that goes.

The vid links in my previous posts are no longer available on youtube, but other links are available on youtube and tudou if you search hard enough. πŸ™‚ I know they’re out there.

We Got Married 100612

It’s out already in Mandarin subs. Gotta love the subbers – they’re so efficient!

Links to watch: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

I didn’t plan on doing a weekly post of the programme, but they’re just sooo cute! Kwon wanted to give Ga-in the couple ring in the cinema but they both ended up falling asleep…so fail, but hilarious. It’s moments like this that enforce the realness of the show (even if it’s made up), that nothing in the world is perfect. You can plan for ages how you want something to turn out, and eventually nothing does goes according to plan. But he should have angled for a kiss right after she got the ring, guess he was too excited too.

Just a little note here, Kwonnie looks a bit weird when he’s driving lol. And he probably doesn’t drive often enough to have polished his parking skills too, but he did try. πŸ™‚ Next, they go bungee jumping – how cool is that?!

Ga-in was nervous, she even asked if there was alcohol sold nearby and she insisted the place wasn’t open lol. Kwon was scared too but I think his fear was toned down a bit in the face of Ga-in and her nerves. So sweet! It was hilarious though, later on as his fear became more and more apparent. It was such a sweet episode of them filled with Adam-couple flavour. Perfect for the weekend πŸ˜‰