The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 1 – The Line

I’m so pleased to welcome The Good Wife back into my weekly watching routine. Good thing for us, the show picks up right where it left off last season, with Eli’s lightbulb moment. Let get straight back to it.

The Good

  • Cary getting arrested. The entire scene is something picked out of a crime thriller I recently read. I have a feeling that the arrest might drag on a little, seeing how they practically drip-fed us information about the how/why/what of the situation. No one knows he’s arrested, but at least he was smart enough to get the message to Kalinda.

  • Finn (looking yummy) being the ASA on Cary’s case, and the look of excitement on Alicia’s face when she finds out. She almost pleased to be spending time with him. Their legal sparring and in-between banter excites me. The good thing is that it doesn’t feel like they’re trying to shoehorn in a romance between the two, but are building upon an organic bond they developed from last season.
  • Every scene with Alicia and Diane. I knew Diane would come to the rescue somehow.
  • Eli’s daughter, Marissa, and her running commentary in his office.
  • Eli’s continued struggle with Peter’s intern is hilarious. It is so funny watching him try to prevent the intern from getting close to Peter, and failing spectacularly when said intern would like to do whatever she wants, like not wearing underwear.
  • Eli’s plan backfiring on him when Castro and Peter duke it out in Peter’s office. Oh, I’d love to have seen some bitchslapping going on.

The Bad

  • Another one of Kalinda’s friends being used as a plot point/device. There are that many of them that they’re all blurred into one. Move on.
  • Lemond Bishop. Doubt he’s on anyone’s Christmas list, but he’s really effective at giving you the chills, that’s for sure.
  • Peter trying to stop Eli from persuading Alicia to run. Bet he’ll change his mind by the end of the episode, pfftttt. (And he does.)
  • Topless Cary in jail, which included many other topless inmates (urgh). But he did look quite beaten down and pathetic after a night in jail, so I did feel sorry for him.
  • David Lee whispering over Canning’s shoulder as they plot to take over the firm and all of Diane’s clients, like the vultures they are. It’s almost funny, except Canning is too effectively hateful.

The Good Wife Season 1 Episode 15 – Bang

Reliving Season 1 episodes of The Good Wife might be one of my better choices this weekend. I do admit that I miss the Season 1 Will-Alicia moments, but this episode is one where we meet some key characters in the future. For a drama like The Good Wife which weaves in recurring characters so often, it’s like a bit of a bonus to step back in time and rediscover how we came to love/hate some of them.

Eli makes his appearance with a bang when Peter discovers that someone was spying on his home. Eli steps in and immediately points out that Peter is investigated by federal officers. He also calls Peter a son of a bitch, haha. His straight talking doesn’t change from his first impression at all. He also meets with Alicia, and waits for her while lying on the sofa in her office ‘resting his eyes’. I love that Alicia sees through his intentions almost right away, and that’s enough for Eli.

Eli: You know, you and I are going to be the best of friends Mrs Florrick, and do you know why?
Alicia: I have no idea.
Eli: Because you’re cautious. So am I. Your husband isn’t. Nice meeting you.

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Is what I have been waiting for, all season.

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About time, Hart of Dixie. You have however many episodes till the end of the season to right your wrong from the previous one, thank you.